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International and European Tax Moot Court

International and European Tax Moot Court Competition 2019-2020

March 15 - March 20, 2020


"Eloquence, smooth and cutting, is like a razor whetted with oil"

Jonathan Swift, Thoughts.

We invite you to join the club of "orators", who wish to turn pleading and arguing in international and European tax cases into an eloquent art of skillful oration. There are many prestigious Moot Court Competitions in many different fields of law, but there is only one international Moot Court competition in tax law. The globalization of tax issues drives this initiative. Since the fall of the Berlin wall in Europe, the transformation of the Soviet empire and the emergence of economic powerhouses in East and South Asia the tide of globalisation has been rising and with it the importance of effectively resolving cross-border tax disputes under international and European law.

The International & European Tax Moot Court competition, organized by the Institute of Tax Law of KU Leuven and the IBFD in cooperation with Deloitte, is a direct response to this challenge of globalization. Our main goal is to allow students from around the world, specializing in taxation, to sharpen their skills of oral presentation and written argumentation in a competitive international environment. We aim to incorporate this competition as a regular fixture of all major international tax programmes, so that participants obtain academic credit for their achievements in their home universities.

This International & European Tax Moot Court is a unique learning experience. Participants will receive feedback on their memoranda from professors, judges and lawyers with a worldwide reputation in taxation. They will work with judges at the highest courts during the oral pleading sessions. During a week they will participate in an intense sharing of knowledge, experience and a huge variety of human contacts in the hallowed environment of an international academic community. Is this program for you? There is only one way to find out: take the plunge and join the club.

Professor dr. Luc De Broe
Professor of Tax Law KU Leuven
Holder of the Deloitte Chair in International & EU Tax Law