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SOVEREIGNTY IN CHINA and the long legacies of history


Tuesday 19 November 2019

DE VALK-03, room 01.25
Tiensestraat 41, Leuven



Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Wolfgang Ernst (Oxford / Zürich), "Aquilian Liability and the Interruption of the Chain of Causation (D. v. D. 9.2.51). A Digest-Problem and Its History" (Wednesday 19 December 2018)

Dr. Sebastiaan Vandenbogaerde (University of Ghent, Postdoctoral Fellow Research Foundation - Flanders), "Het Belgische privaatrecht tot een ruïne herleid (1914-1940). De gevolgen van de Eerste Wereldoorlog voor het Belgische privaatrecht" (Wednesday 25 April 2018)

Prof. Dr. Gisela Drossbach, "Protection of Women in Papal Letters? Marriage in Church Law in England at the End of the Twelfth Century" (Thursday 9 November 2017)

Prof. dr. Gábor Hamza, "Reception of Roman/Byzantine Law in South-Eastern Europe" (Tuesday 3 October 2017)

Dr. Mariken Lenaerts (Maastricht University), "National Socialist Family Law. The Influence of National Socialism on Marriage and Divorce Law in Germany and the Netherlands" (Thursday 11 May 2017)

Prof. Dr. Gustavo César Machado Cabral (Federal University of Ceará, Brazil), "Canon Law, Moral Theology and Pragmatic Literature in Colonial Brazil (16th-18th Centuries)" (Thursday 19 January 2017)

David L. Dusenbury (KU Leuven - De Wulf-Mansion Centre for Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy), "The Judgement of Pontius Pilate: A Critique of Giorgio Agamben" (Thursday 20 October 2016)

Prof. Dr. John Phillip Lomax (Ohio University, USA), "Crusaders as Contractors" (Monday 30 May 2016)

Dr. Kriston Rennie (University of Queensland, Australia), "Making Concessions: Monastic Exemption and the Law of Papal Privileges" (Tuesday 13 October 2015)