"Freedom of contract, mandatory and non-mandatory law in European contract law"

Matthias E. Storme

conference given at the Congress European legal harmony: goals and milestones, 10th anniversary Juridica international, Tartu (Estonia) 6th December 2005


1. The position and function of common European rules in respect of mandatory and non-mandatory rules of contract law

1.1. Two forms of intransparency

1.1.1. Intransparencies due to differences in structure

1.1.2. Intransparencies due to differences in interpretation

1.2. Uniform mandatory rules or a uniform structure of contract law rules in general?

1.3. The importance of non-mandatory model rules

2. Evaluation of legal techniques restricting freedom of contract

2.1. The function of contract law

2.2. Categories of restrictive devices

2.3. Protection of reliance

2.4. Protection of the integrity of consent

2.5. Substantive invalidity

2.6. Imposition of contracts and its impostures

2.6.1. Where a non-discrimination principle is legitimate

2.6.2. ... and where it creates fewer instead of more opportunities

2.6.3. ...and is even contrary to the equal protection of the law

2.6.4. ... and destroying the open society

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The text can be found here: http://www.storme.be/Storme-Juridica.pdf

It has been published in:

- Juridica international 2006, p. 34-44 (see http://www.juridica.ee/international_en.php?document=en/international/2006/1/113244.SUM.php)

- ERPL (European Review of private Law) 2007 nr.2, p. 235-252