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Institute for International Law

COHOM retreat hosted by GGS, 27-9-2023


The Institute for International Law, established in 1999 and directed by Prof. Dr. Jan Wouters, is responsible for legal education and research concerning international law and the law of international organisations at KU Leuven. The starting point for its research is the finding that there is an increasing interdependence between nation states and consequently an erosion of their sovereign competencies. As those processes are complex, the Institute wants to examine the functioning of international law and the legal developments within international organisations in a broader context: attention is thus paid to the political, ethical, social and economic dimension of international regulation and practice.


Institute for International Law - part-time teaching assistant (max. 45%)

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Research and publications

At our research page you can find out more about the our projects and the doctoral projects of the individual members of the Institute. The working papers series will give you an idea of a large part of the current research at the Institute. We also have short opinions of our members, that can keep you up to date about a great part of the ongoing research of the Institute. That research also resulted in several scientific publications that were published as books.

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