The KU Leuven Faculty of Law regularly hosts prominent guest speakers. They share their knowledge and experience with our students during guest lectures or informal events.

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Past Events


Graduation Ceremony - 7 July 2019

2 p.m., Gebouw De Nayer.

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Exhibition Opening: These Works Are Temporarily Removed - 7 May 2019

New exhibition by LUCA School of Arts.

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Bart Somers - 2 May 2019

'Veiligheidsbeleid in Mechelen: van zorgenkind tot nationaal en internationaal voorbeeld'

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Miroslaw Wyrzykowski - 30 April 2019

On April 30, the KU Leuven Faculty of Law has the pleasure of welcoming Miroslaw Wyrzykowski, Professor and former Judge of the Polish Constitutional Court.

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Honorary Doctorate Richard Sparks - 25 April 2019

On 25 April 2019, the KU Leuven Faculty of Law conferred an honorary doctorate on Richard Sparks, Professor of Criminology at the University of Edinburgh.

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TPR-Wisselleerstoel: Jacques du Plessis - 12 March 2019

Inaugural lecture 'Billikheid en Ongeregverdigde Verryking: ‘n Suid-Afrikaanse Privaatregtelike Perspektief' by Prof. Dr. Jacques du Plessis (Stellenbosch University), TPR Chairholder.

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Francqui Chair 2019: Martin A. Hogg - 11 March 2019

On 11 March, Prof. Dr. Martin A. Hogg gave the inaugural lecture of the Francqui Chair 2019: "The law of promise: contract’s poor relation?".

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Dieter Heremans Lectures in Law and Economics: Opening Lecture - 20 February 2019

The 2019 Dieter Heremans Lectures in Law & Economics were given by Professor Chen Ruoying, LL. B in Law from Peking University (1999), M.Juris from University of Oxford (2000) and LL.M. and J.S.D. (2005/2010) both from the University of Chicago.

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New Year's Reception and Inaugural Speeches - 8 January 2018

New Year's reception of the Faculty of Law preceded by the inaugural speeches of professors Wim Decock and Stefaan Voet.

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Guest Lecture Herman Van Rompuy - 17 December 2018

"The State of the Union and of the World".

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Guest Lecture William Schabas - 27 November 2018

William A. Schabas is professor of international law at Middlesex University in London. He is also professor of international human law and human rights at Leiden University distinguished visiting faculty at Sciences Po in Paris and honorary chairman of the Irish Centre for Human Rights.

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Opening of new inner courtyard College De Valk - 22 November 2018

On November 22, the new inner courtyard in College De Valk was festively inaugurated. After a reception, faculty staff and guests visited the exhibition 'De Arenbergs' in Museum M.

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Gues Lecture Marianne Thyssen - 15 November 2018

Marianne Thyssen is the European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labor Mobility and alumnus of the KU Leuven Faculty of Law.

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Guest Lecture Marco Duranti - 14 november 2018

The Invention of the Strasbourg Court: How Conservatism Became a Human Rights Movement.

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Opening 'A Myriad of Images' | Inauguration 'La bibliothèque imaginaire' - 8 November 2018

Opening of the exhibition 'A Myriad of Images' in collaboration with LUCA School of Arts and inauguration of Benoit Van Innis' artwork 'La bibliothèque imaginaire'.

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Guest Lecture Carles Puigdemont - 29 October 2018

Guest lecture by the former President of Catalonia in the Vesalius auditorium.

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Emeritus Celebration Eric Dirix - 26 October 2018

Emeritus celebration of Prof. Dr. Eric Dirix in the Promotion Hall.

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Emeritus Celebration Laurent Waelkens - 19 October 2018

Emeritus celebration of Prof. Dr. Laurent Waelkens in the Promotion Hall.

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Graduation Ceremony - 14 September 2018

Graduation ceremony with commencement speech by Prof. Dr. Rianne Letschert, Maastricht University.

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Graduation Ceremony - 8 July 2018

Graduation ceremony with commencement speech by Prof. Dr. James Whitman, KU Leuven Honorary Doctor.

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Failed States and the Rule of Law - 22 May 2018

Guest lecture by Professor Charles Sampford, Foundation Dean and Professor of Law and Research Professor in Ethics, Griffith University, in the framework of the lecture series 'The Disasters of War: Commemorating 100 Years the End of World War I'.

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The Challenge of Understanding and Dealing with Cyberwarfare - 17 May 2018

Guest lecture by Michael Aendenhof, Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the framework of the lecture series 'The Disasters of War: Commemorating 100 Years the End of World War I'.

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Challenges for NATO in Turbulent Times - 16 May 2018

Guest lecture Ambassador François de Kerchove d’Exaerde, Permanent Representative of Belgium to NATO, in the framework of the lecture series 'The Disasters of War: Commemorating 100 Years the End of World War I'.

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Movie: Paths of Glory - 9 May 2018

Film by Stanley Kubrick (1957, 88 min., starring Kirk Douglas) in the framework of the lecture series 'The Disasters of War: Commemorating 100 Years the End of World War I'.

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De nexus tussen georganiseerde misdaad en terrorisme in de driehoek Mali-Niger-Libië - 8 May 2018

Guest lecture by Floor Janssen (Clingendael Institute) in the framework of the lecture series 'Organised Crime and Terrorism: What Is the Nexus?'

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The Fire of Leuven and Secret Diplomacy to the Holy See in World War I - 2 May 2018

Guest lecture by Johan Ickx, Head of the historical archives of the Section for Relation with States of the Secretary of State, in the framework of the lecture series 'The Disasters of War: Commemorating 100 Years the End of World War I'.

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Autonomous Weapon Systems: Threat or Opportunity? - 26 April 2018

Guest lecture by Professor Marco Sassòli, University of Geneva, in the framework of the lecture series 'The Disasters of War: Commemorating 100 Years the End of World War I'.

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Atrocities and Destruction in Today’s Armed Conflicts: From 9/11 to Mosul - 25 April 2018

Guest lecture by war journalist Rudi Vranckx in the framework of the lecture series 'The Disasters of War: Commemorating 100 Years the End of World War I'.

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Organised Crime and Terrorism in Sweden: Is There any Nexus? - 28 March 2018

Guest lecture by Lars Korsell (Former Secretary to the Swedish National Coordinator to Safeguard Democracy against Violent Extremism) in the framework of the lecture series 'Organised Crime and Terrorism: What Is the Nexus?'

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Law and Literature - The importance of classic literature - 27 March 2018

Guest lecture by Randall Lesaffer (KU Leuven) in the framework of the lecture series 'Law and Literature'.

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Exhibition opening '1975. Een keuze uit de kunstwerken van Stefaan De Clerck en Mine De Jaegere' - 20 March 2018

Exhibition opening at 7 p.m. in College De Valk.

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TPR Chair: Inaugural Lecture - 16 March 2018

Inaugural lecture by TPR Chairholder Bram Akkermans (Maastricht University) in the framework of the Global Law course.

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Detective fiction in Italy: Leonardo Sciascia, a novelist and a legal sociologist - 15 March 2018

Lecture by Koen Lemmens (KU Leuven) in the framework of the lecture series 'Law and Literature'.

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The Seduction of Terrorism for Juvenile Delinquents in Western Europe - 14 March 2018

Guest lecture by Peter Neumann (King's College London) in the framework of the lecture series 'Organised Crime and Terrorism: What Is the Nexus?'

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Validity or Invalidity of Contracts in Some Renaissance Plays - 6 March 2018

Guest lecture by Daniela Carpi (University of Verona) in the framework of the lecture series 'Law and Literature'.

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Revitalizing the Road to Zero: the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons - 5 March 2018

Guest lecture by Daniel Högsta, Coordinator of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) in the framework of the lecture series 'The Disasters of War: Commemorating 100 Years the End of World War I'

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Law and Literature and the Question of Trust in the Rule of Law - 2 March 2018

Guest lecture by Carinne Elion-Valter (Erasmus University) in the framework of the lecture series 'Law and Literature'.

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La perspective d’un avocat romancier - 1 March 2018

Guest lecture by Alain Berenboom (Université Libre de Bruxelles) in the framework of the lecture series 'Law and Literature'.

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The Nexus between Organised Crime and Terrorism in (Northern) Ireland - 28 February 2018

Guest lecture by Tomoya Obokata (Keele University) in the framework of the lecture series 'Organised Crime and Terrorism: What Is the Nexus?'

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Introduction to Law and Literature - 23 February 2018

Guest lecture by Jeanne Gaakeer (Erasmus University) in the framework of the lecture series 'Law and Literature'.

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The Islamic State’s Belgian Affiliation - The Crime-Terror Nexus - 13 February 2018

Guest lecture by Jihad expert Pieter Van Ostaeyen in the framework of the lecture series 'Organised Crime and Terrorism: What Is the Nexus?'

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New Year's Reception - 9 January 2018

New Year's reception of the KU Leuven Faculty of Law, preceded by the inaugural lectures by Prof. Dr. Niels Bammens and Prof. Dr. Anton Vedder, at 4 p.m. in the Promotion Hall.

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Dispute: Save the Elections - 13 December 2017

On Wednesday 13 December 2017, the Faculty of Law organised a dispute with Prof. Dr. Koen Geens, Minister of Justice, and Em. Prof. Dr. Luc Huyse, who is celebrating his 80th birthday this year. The dispute dealt with the recent publication of Professor Huyse, "Save the elections".

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Exhibition Opening 'Visionary History' - 19 October 2017

Exhibiotion in collaboration with LUCA School of Arts

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Guest Lecture Julie Cassidy - 3 October 2017

The Racially Discriminatory Treatment of Indigenous People in Australia

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Inaugural Lecture Francqui Chair Holder Pascale Lecocq - 27 September 2017

Heurs et malheurs de la propriété immobilière : entre constance et mutation.

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Retirement Ceremony Patrick Senaeve - 22 September 2017

Promotion Hall, University Halls

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Graduation Ceremony - 15 September 2017

Commencement speaker: Rafael Correa, former President of Ecuador.

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Graduation Ceremony - 9 July 2017

Commencement speaker: Prof. Dr. Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Honorary Doctor KU Leuven, UCI Law, Georgetown Law.

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Fijnaut Lectures: Dick Schoof - 9 May 2017

Countering Violent Extremism: The Dutch approach and the importance of international cooperation.

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Fijnaut Lectures: Alison Rose - 4 May 2017

The UK Counterrorism Strategy and the consequences of the Brexit for the cooperation between the UK and the EU.

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Fijnaut Lectures: Hans-Jörg Albrecht - 18 April 2017

The German Counterrorism Strategy

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Fijnaut Lectures: Wil van Gemert and Michèle Coninsx - 30 March 2017

The role of Europol and Eurojust in the fight against Islamic terrorism.

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Theater: Het proces - 28 March 2017

On Tuesday 28 March, the Faculty of Law takes 150 students from Leuven, Kortrijk and Brussel out to see a performance of Franz Kafka's 'The Trial' in tghe framework of the city festival OP.RECHT.MECHELEN.

The faculty will pay for most of the ticket price: students only pay 8 euros.

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Exhibition Opening M - Museum Leuven in Law Library, Reopening of Student Restaurant 'Het Academisch Kwartier' and Inauguration of New Lounge De Valk 3 - 16 March 2017

On Thursday, March 16th 'Entre nous quelque chose se passe ...' opens in the Law Library. This exhibition is a collaboration with M - Museum Leuven and focuses on Belgian contemporary art. The exhibited works are on long-term loan by Cera. Subsequently, Rector Rik Torfs will open the renovated student restaurant 'Het Academisch Kwartier' as well as the new lounge area in De Valk 3.

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Dieter Heremans Lecture Series in Law and Economics: Larry A. DiMatteo - 2 March 2017

Closing Lecture: Roles of Neoclassical and Behavioral Economics in the Future Analysis of Contract Law: A Pragmatic Approach.

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Fijnaut Lectures: Wim Dries and Bart Somers - 28 February 2017

The prevention of and approach to radicalization by the local administrative authorities.

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Francqui Chair: Neil Walker, Inaugural Lecture - 27 February 2017

The Experiment of European Union and the Spectre of Disintegration.

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New Year's Reception and Inaugural Speeches - 10 January 2017

Inaugural speeches by Professors Tom Daems and Michele Panzavolta, followed by tributes to Emeriti Professors Roger Blanpain, Raoul Declercq and Jan Peeters.

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Fijnaut Lectures: Jaak Raes - 22 December 2016

European intelligence cooperation.

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Fijnaut Lectures: Pieter Van Ostaeyen - 15 December 2016

The Terrorist Network Islamic State.

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Guest Lecture: Koen Lenaerts on CJEU - 17 November 2016

Prof. Dr. Koen Lenaerts will be giving a guest lecture on the CJEU for the students of EU Law (Public Law II), hosted by Prof. Dr. Elise Muir.

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TPR-Wisselleerstoel: Marius De Waal - 14 November 2016

Oratio by TPR Chair Holder Marius De Waal (University of Stellenbosch) on Monday, November 14th in the Promotion Hall of the University Halls.

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Topica and Utopia: 500 years of Thomas More's Utopia and Nicolaas Everaerts’ Topica - 7 November 2016

Colloquium on Monday 7 November 2016 in the Promotion Hall.

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Fijnaut Lectures: Cyrille Fijnaut en Jan Wouters - 3 November 2016

Islamic Terrorism: Trends and challenges in the domestic and foreign security policy of the European Union.

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Guest Lecture Hans Bonte: De aanpak van radicalisme en radicalisering op lokaal niveau - 21 October 2016

The research program 'Serious and Organised Crime' organizes a guest lecture by Hans Bonte in the framework of the (undergraduate) course 'Introduction to Criminology'. During this lecture, the Mayor of Vilvoorde will share his views on the approach of radicalism and radicalization at the local level.

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Exhibition Opening 'New Academism. A Russian war on beauty' - 6 October 2016

New exhibition in the Law Library with art from Saint-Petersburg. Also the festive opening of the Nelissen Grade and Luca Lounges in College De Valk.

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Graduation Ceremony - 9 September 2016

On Friday 9 September Jaak Raes, Administrator-General of the State Security Belgium, will give the commencement address at the graduation ceremony.

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Graduation Ceremony - 2 July 2016

On Saturday 2 July, Humans Rights Watch Emergencies Director and KU Leuven Honorary Doctor Peter Bouckaert gave the commencement address at the graduation ceremony.

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Honours Programme: Closing Event - 17 May 2016

On 17 May, the interfacultary Honours Programme's closing event was held in the Faculty Club, sponsored by Laga.

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Roger Dillemans Fund Benefit Party - 15 May 2016

Benefit party for the Roger Dillemans Fund on the occasion of the retirement of Prof. Dr. P. Van Orshoven.

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TPR Wisselleerstoel: Liesbeth Enneking - 13 May 2016

Professor Enneking (University of Utrecht) will give an inaugural lecture 'People, Planet, ... Procedure? - Over de zorgplichten van bedrijven in het kader van internationaal maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen'.

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Fijnaut Lectures: Cyrille Fijnaut en Brice De Ruyver - 10 May 2016

De derde weg: naar een evenwichtig Europees cannabisbeleid

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Colloquium 'Which future for the prison?' - 29 April 2016

Two main lectures on our prison system's future in today's society.

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Exhibion Opening YEAR X - 3 May 2016

On 3 May a new exhibition will open in the library of the Law Faculty: artist Orla Barry presents 'YEAR X' in collaboration with M - Museum Leuven.

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Fijnaut Lectures: Frank Paauw - 12 April 2016

De vorming van de Nationale Politie en de politiële samenwerking in de Europese Unie

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Presentation of the research report 'Extending the smoking ban? Legal research, case studies and recommendations' - 7 March 2016

Kom op tegen Kanker asked the Law Faculty to examine to what extent it is possible and desirable from a legal perspective to further expand the smoking ban. For two years, 22 researchers from different domains researched this question.

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Lezing Geert Bourgeois en voorstelling nieuw handboek Grondwettelijk recht Stefan Sottiaux - 7 March 2016

Ter gelegenheid van de lancering van het nieuwe handboek Grondwettelijk recht houdt professor Sottiaux een pleidooi voor een Vlaamse constitutionele cultuur. Vlaams Minister-president Geert Bourgeois besluit met een reflectie over een mogelijke constitutionele agenda voor Vlaanderen.

More information - Interview in 'Terzake' - Pictures

Sophie Styns - Inaugural Lecture Chaire Francqui - 3 March 2016

Professor Styns will give a lecture entitled "Faut-il réformer le Code civil belge? Réponses et méthodologie pour le droit des obligations contractuelles et extracontractuelles".

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Fijnaut Lectures: Wim van de Donk - 3 March 2016

De integriteit van het openbaar bestuur als voorwaarde voor een geloofwaardig en doeltreffend veiligheidsbeleid

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Fijnaut Lectures: Eberhard van der Laan - 26 February 2016

De bestuurlijke aanpak van criminaliteit en onveiligheid in Amsterdam

More information - Interview in Veto


Artefact Exhibition 'Up in the Air' - 23 February 2016

With 'Up in the Air', the Artefact exhibition looks up at the sky. What is the air and what phenomena occur in it? What do the skies mean to us and how have we appropriated them? Free tour for faculty staff.

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Dieter Heremans Lectures in Law & Economics: Closing Lecture - 19 February 2016

The 2016 Dieter Heremans Lectures in Law & Economics are given by Professor Katharina Pistor. She is the Walter E. Meyer Research and Michael I. Sovern Professor of Law at Columbia Law School and directs the law school’s Center on Global Legal Transformation.

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Public Lecture Paul Schoukens Tilburg University - 19 February 2016

On Friday 19 February Prof. Dr. Paul Schoukens, professor of International and European Social Security Law, will accept his position at Tilburg University with a public lecture entitled 'EU socialezekerheidsrecht: het verborgen ‘sociaal’ model'.

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Fijnaut Lectures: Koen Geens & Ard van der Steur - 15 February 2016

  • De visie van Nederland op het veiligheidsbeleid van de Europese Unie
  • Een reactie op de Nederlandse visie vanuit het perspectief van de Benelux-samenwerking

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Beyond Mediation: Building Blocks of Constructive Conflict Management - 8-9 February 2016

The conference is built around three plenary sessions and five rounds of parallel sessions on three tracks of private, institutional and collective/multi-party mediation. Guest of Honour: Prof. Carrie Menkel-Meadow, UC Irvine & Georgetown University, USA, Honorary Doctor KU Leuven

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Public Lecture Carrie Menkel-Meadow - 9 February 2016

Sociologist and legal expert Carrie J. Menkel-Meadow specialises in international conflict management, feminist legal theory, and the ethics of law. She is a renowned mediator and has advised organisations such as the United Nations and the World Bank.  

Invitation - Video 

Inaugural Orations and New Year's Reception - 5 January 2016

Professor Ingrid Boone will give a lecture entitled "Het gedeelde geluk. Fragmentatie van ouderschap in intentionele meeroudergezinnen", followed by professor Stephan Dusil's lecture on "Eduard Meijers en het Ligurische erfrecht in Europa. Geschiedenis(sen) van het privaatrecht".

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Fijnaut Lectures: Cyrille Fijnaut & Jan Wouters - 10 December 2015

The European Union Under Siege: Security Challenges for Europe and the EU’s Ability to Cope With Them.

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The UN at 70: Prof. Dr. John Kirton - 10 December 2015

The UN, Global Economic Governance, and the G20

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The UN at 70: Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Wolfrum - 2 December 2015

The UN and the Governance of the Global Commons. 

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The UN at 70: Sir Richard Jolly - 19 November 2015

The UN and Children: A Humane Approach to Global Governance

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Koen Lenaerts, President of the EU Court of Justice - 6 November 2015

Professor Lenaerts gave a public lecture to the Faculty in general and the second-year bachelor students in particular about the role of the Court of Justice in the judicial protection within the EU.

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Faculty Celebration - 24 October 2015

Emeritus professor Luc Ballon celebrated his 70th birthday with a concert by 'Il Fondamento' in the Promotion Hall.

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Hans Bonte - 16 October 2015

Hans Bonte, Mayor of Vilvoorde, held a lecture on terrorism, radicalization and deradicalisation programs in the course "Introduction to criminology".

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Exhibition 'de stille dimensie' - 8 October 2015

This exhibition, a production of the Sint-Lukas Gallery in cooperation with LUCA School of Arts, can be visited in the library of the Law Faculty until 28 February 2015.



Retirement Ceremony of Prof. Dr. André Alen - 18 September 2015

Professor Alen, President of the Belgian Constitutional Court, Honorary Secretary, Belgian Council of Ministers, Judge ad hoc, European Court of Human Rights, was celebrated by Herman Van Rompuy among others.

Pictures and video


Graduation Ceremony: Kristine Kloeck - 11 September 2015

Kristine Kloeck (Em. Prof. Dr. Kristine Kloeck, Honorary General Director Child Focus, Honorary President of the High Council of Justice) gave the commencement speech during the graduation ceremony on 11 September 2015.

Pictures and videos


Graduation Ceremony: Charles Michel - 5 July 2015

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel gave the commencement speech during the graduation ceremony on 5 July 2015.

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Parliaments in European and Global Governance: Amie Kreppel - 22 May 2015

Prof. Dr. Amie Kreppel (University of Florida): 'Is the EU looking more and more like a state? Parliamentary democracy in the EU after Lisbon'.

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Lecture Series 'Sovereignty Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow?': Pavlos Eleftheriadis - 21 May 2015

Pavlos Eleftheriadis is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law and a Fellow of Mansfield College. He teaches and publishes in the philosophy of law and European Union law. He is also a barrister in England and Wales and practises in EU law.

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Parliaments in European and Global Governance: Anders Johnsson - 12 May 2015

Mr. Anders Johnsson (Former Secretary General of the Inter-Parliamentary Union): 'Parliaments in Global Governance: Lessons learnt at the Inter-Parliamentary Union'.

More information

Parliaments in European and Global Governance: Steven Wheatley - 11 May 2015

Prof. Steven Wheatley (Lancaster University): 'Can Global Parliaments Strengthen the Democratic Legitimacy of International Law?'.

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Movie presentation 'Image' - 5 May 2015

Presentation of the feature film 'Image' with directors Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah.

More information and pictures

Parliaments in European and Global Governance: Andreas Bummel - 5 May 2015

Mr. Andreas Bummel (Global Coordinator for ‘Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly): 'The Case for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly'.

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Lectures Series 'Sovereignty Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow?': Stephen Tierney - 30 April 2015

Stephen Tierney is Professor of Constitutional Theory and Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law. He has held visiting professorships in International Law at Seton Hall Law School, New Jersey (2010 and 2011) and in Political Theory at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona (2010).

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Lectures Series 'Sovereignty Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow?': Andreas Føllesdal - 26 March 2015

Andreas Føllesdal is a political philosopher interested in puzzles of globalization and Europeanization. As Fulbright Fellow at the Philosophy Department of Harvard University, he graduated in 1991 with a PhD dissertation on The Normative Significance of State Borders, advised by philosophers John Rawls and TM Scanlon, and economist, later Nobel Laurate Amartya Sen.

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Parliaments in European and Global Governance: Wolfgang Wagner - 23 March 2015

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wagner (Free University of Amsterdam): 'Which role for parliaments in CFSP? – The new inter-parliamentary conference on CFSP/CSDP'.

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Parliaments in European and Global Governance: Nicola Lupo - 16 March 2015

Dr. Nicola Lupo (LUISS, School of Government, Rome): 'Opportunities and challenges of interparliamentary cooperation in the light of the EU’s "composite" Constitution?'.

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Parliaments in European and Global Governance: Alexandre Stutzmann - 9 March 2015

Dr. Alexandre Stutzmann (Head of AFET Secretariat, European Parliament): 'Which Role for the European Parliament in the EU's External Action?'.

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Alexander De Croo - 11 March 2015

Alexander De Croo is the Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Development Cooperation. The title of his lecture is 'De Beleidsnota Ontwikkelingssamenwerking 2014: Moediger beleid op vlak van mensenrechten'.

More information - Pictures - Video (ROB TV)

Exhibition 'Katoen Natie: Onthutsend' - 6 March 2015

The Faculty of Law and Mr. and Ms. Huts present the exhibition 'Katoen Natie: Onthutsend' with works by Michaël Aerts, Carmen Aldunate, Pierre Alechinsky, Julio Alpuy, Karel Appel, Wim Delvoie, Joaquín Torres García, Hans Hartung, Guillermo Kuitca, Panamarenko, Daniela Rossell and Marcia Schvartz.

More information - Pictures - Video (ROB TV)

Peter Reuter - 3 March 2015

Peter Reuter is Professor in the School of Public Policy and in the Department of Criminology at the University of Maryland. He is Director of the Program on the Economics of Crime and Justice Policy at the University and also Senior Economist at RAND.

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Frans Vanistendael Lectures: Pasquale Pistone - 27 February 2015

Pasquale Pistone is Academic Chairman of IBFD, Jean Monnet ad Personam Professor of European Tax Law and Policy at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business and Associate Professor of Tax Law at the University of Salerno.

ProgramMore information

Honour and the Law - International Conference 25-26 February 2015

On the occasion of the conferral of a doctoratus honoris causa to Prof. Dr. James Whitman (Yale Law School), a two-day international conference will be held on 'Honour and the Law'. For information on the speakers, please consult the program. Fee: 25 euros; registration is mandatory.


James Whitman - 26 February 2015

James Q. Whitman is an exceptional American scholar and Ford Foundation Professor of Comparative and Foreign Law at Yale Law School. His fields are comparative law, criminal law and legal history. He holds a BA and JD at Yale as well as Master of Arts and a PhD. He receives an honorary doctorate in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Dutch speaking Faculty of Law.

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Dieter Heremans Fund Lectures in Law & Economics - 16-19 February 2015

In 2014-15, the Dieter Heremans Fund Lectures in Law & Economics are given by Prof. Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci. He is professor of law & economics at the University of Amsterdam, director of the Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics, fellow of the Tinbergen Institute, and editor of the International Review of Law & Economics.

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Lectures Series 'Sovereignty Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow?': Martin Loughlin - 16 February 2015

Martin Loughlin is Professor of Public Law. He was educated at LSE, the University of Warwick and Harvard Law School and held chairs at the Universities of Glasgow and Manchester before in returning to LSE in 2000. He is also a Fellow of the British Academy.

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Ricardo Ramírez-Hernández - 21 January 2015

Born in Mexico on 17 October 1968, Ricardo Ramírez-Hernández holds the Chair of International Trade Law at the Mexican National University (UNAM) in Mexico City. He was Head of the International Trade Practice for Latin America of an international law firm in Mexico City.

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Inaugural lectures - 6 January 2015

'The Future of Legal Theory and the Future of Law and Legal Education' by Prof. Dr. Arthur Dyevre and 'Besturen zonder grenzen: over grijze zones en blinde vlekken' by Prof. Dr. Steven Lierman.


Autumn Lecture: Pascale Hélène Dubois - 18 December 2014

Mrs. Pascale Hélène Dubois is the Chief Suspension and Debarment Officer of the World Bank, Washington DC.

Sylvain Soleil - 18 December 2014

Professor Sylvain Soleil doceert aan de Université de Rennes.

Autumn Lecture: Gian Luca Burci - 17 December 2014

Prof. Dr. Gian Luca Burci is Legal Counsel for the World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva.

Autumn Lecture: Willy Kiekens - 16 December 2014

Mr. Willy Kiekens is the Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Washington DC.

Autumn Lecture: Antoine Dore - 11 December 2014

Mr. Antoine Dore is the Senior Legal Officer of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Geneva.

Honours Programme: Alberto Alemanno - 2 December 2014

Alberto Alemanno (born April 30, 1975) is a legal scholar and public interest lawyer, known for his work on the European Union, risk regulation and public health prevention. Currently Alemanno is Jean Monnet Professor in EU Law & Risk Regulation at HEC Paris, Global Clinical Professor of Law at New York University School of Law and Founder and CEO of eLabEurope.

Autumn Lecture: Pascal-Thierry Clivaz - 27 November 2014

Mr. Pascal-Thierry Clivaz is the Deputy Director-General of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), Bern.

Mieke Van Hecke - 25 November 2014

Mieke Van Hecke is the former Director General of the Flemish Secretariat for Catholic Education (VSKO).

Autumn Lecture: Annick Vanhoutte - 20 November 2014

Mrs. Annick Vanhoutte is the Senior Legal Officer of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Rome.

Autumn Lecture: Gaetano Librando - 13 November 2014

Mr. Gaetano Librando is the Senior Deputy Director for the Legal Affairs Office of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), London.

Eleanor Sharpston - 7 November 2014

Eleanor V. E. Sharpston, QC (born 1955) is an Advocate General at the Court of Justice of the European Union. Sharpston is a member of the Irish Bar and the Gibraltar Bar. She has published books and articles on EU law.

Autumn Lecture: Olufemi Elias - 6 November 2014

Mr. Olufemi Elias is Legal Counsel for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), The Hague.

Albie Sachs - 4 November 2014

Albert "Albie" Louis Sachs (Johannesburg, 30 January 1935) was an anti-apartheid activist and judge of the Constitutional Court of South Africa. Sachs is known for the injuries he sustained in a bomb attack in Maputo in 1988, but also because of his principled stance as a judge, including the recognition of same-sex marriage in South Africa in 2005.

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Autumn Lecture: Maria Vicien-Milburn - 23 October 2014

Mrs. Maria Vicien-Milburn is General Counsel for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Paris.

Autumn Lecture: Edward Kwakwa - 16 October 2014

Mr. Edward Kwakwa is Legal Counsel for the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Geneva.

Autumn Lecture: Hans Corell - 8 October 2014

Dr. Hans Corell is the former Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs and the Legal Counsel of the United Nations, New York.

Autumn Lecture: Nicola Bonucci - 2 October 2014

Mr. Nicola Bonucci is the Director for Legal Affairs of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Graduation Ceremony with John Vanacker - 12 September 2014

John Vanacker is the former head of the Directorate-General for Penitentiary Institutions and currently the administrator-general of the Openbaar Psychiatrisch Zorgcentrum Rekem.

Piet Hein Donner - 5 July 2014

Piet Hein Donner is Vice-president of the council of State (Raad van State Nederland).

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Graduation Ceremony - 5 July 2014



Pascale Franck - 15 May 2014

Pascale Franck is the Violence and Victim Policy adviser at the Province of Antwerp.


Paul Robrechts - 24 April 2014

Paul Robrechts manages Robrechts and Thienpont Security & Consultancy.


Kristine Kloeck - 20 March 2014

Kristine Kloeck is the Honorary Director of Child Focus and Honorary President of the Belgian High Council of Justice.


Servais Verherstraeten - 25 February 2014

Servais Verherstraeten is the State Secretary for Institutional Reforms and for the Buildings Agency in charge of Sustainable Development.


Flip Voets - 20 February 2014

Flip Voets is the Secretary General of the Belgian Council for Journalism.

Francis Herbert - 19 December 2013

Francis Herbert is the Secretary General of Missing Children Europe.


Jos Vander Velpen - 11 December 2013

Jos Vander Velpen is the head of the Antwerp law firm Advocaten Vander Velpen.


P.J.J. Van Buuren - 3 December 2013

P.J.J. Van Buuren is acting chair at the department of administrative jurisdiction at the Dutch Council of State.


Paul Craig - 26 November 2013

Paul Craig is Professor of English Law at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of St. John's College.

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Mark Bossuyt - 25 November 2013

Mark Bossuyt is the exiting President of the Belgian Constitutional Court.


Koen Geens - 18 November 2013

Koen Geens is the Belgian Minister of Finance.


Max-Peter Ratzel - 6 November 2013

Max-Peter Ratzel is the former Director of Europol, the European Union law enforcement agency that handles criminal intelligence.


F.W.H. Van Den Emster - 5 November 2013

F.W.H. Van Den Emster is the former chairman of the council of jurisdiction in the Netherlands and is senior judge at the Court of Rotterdam.


Jean-Marc Sauvé / Robert Andersen - 15 October 2013

Jean-Marc Sauvé is the vice-president of the Council of State in France. Robert Andersen is the first chairman of the Belgian Council of State. 


Karel De Gucht - 26 September 2013

Karel De Gucht is Trade Commissioner for the European Union.


Septemberpromotie - 13 September 2013



Catherine De Bolle - 13 September 2013

Catherine De Bolle is Commissioner-General of the Belgian federal police.



Jan Peter Balkenende - 6 July 2013

Jan Peter Balkende was the Prime Minister of The Netherlands from 2002 to 2010.



Navi Pillay - 21 May 2013

Navi Pillay is the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

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Franklin Dehousse - 13 May 2013

Frankllin Dehousse is Judge at the General Court of the European Union.



Philippe Couvreur - 2 May 2013

Philippe Couvreur is Registrar at the International Court of Justice.



Hans Van Houtte - 29 April 2013

Hans Van Houtte is President of the Iran-United States Claim Tribunal.



Serge Brammertz - 25 April 2013

Serge Brammertz is Prosecutor at the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.



Paul Lemmens - 18 April 2013

Paul Lemmens is Judge at the European Court of Human Rights and Professor of Human Rights Law at the KU Leuven.


Paul Cliteur - 18 April 2013

Paul Cliteur is a Dutch professor of Jurisprudence at Leiden University and philosopher.



Annemie Turtelboom - 28 March 2013

Annemie Turtelboom is the Minister of Justice of Belgium.




Daniel Fransen - 28 March 2013

Daniel Fransen is a pre-trial judge at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.



Baron Frans Van Daele - 19 March 2013

Frans Van Daele is a Belgian top diplomat and honorary chief of staff of Herman Van Rompuy.



Antônio Augusto Cançado Trindade - 14 March 2013

Antônio Cançado Trindade is Judge at the International Court of Justice and was President of the Inter-American Court of  Human Rights.


Chris Van Den Wyngaert - 4 March 2013

Chris Van Den Wyngaert is Judge at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.


Peter Van den Bossche - 28 February 2013

Peter Van den Bossche is member of the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organisation.



Jacques Rogge - 27 February 2013

Jacques Rogge is President of the International Olympic Committee.

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Philippe Gautier - 21 February 2013

Philippe Gautier is Registrar of the Tribunal for the Laws of the Sea (ITLOS).


Koen Lenaerts - 14 February 2013

Koen Lenaerts is Judge and Vice-President of the European Court of Justice.




Hugh Collins - 18 December 2012

Hugh Collins is Professor of English Law and former Head of the Law Department at the London School of Economics.


Steven Vanackere - 18 December 2012

Steven Vanackere is Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium and Belgian Minister of Finance.



Alain Remue - 11 December 2012

Alain Remue is Head of the Unit for Missing Persons of the federal police in Belgium.


Marc Bossuyt - 29 November 2012

Marc Bossuyt is a Belgian Judge and since 2007 President of the Dutch linguistic group of the Constitutional Court of Belgium.


Benjamin Dalle - 15 October 2012

Benjamin Dalle is chief of staff of Secretary of State Servais Verherstraeten.



Michèle Coninsx - 14 September 2012

Michèle Coninsx is President of Eurojust, an agency of the EU dealing with judicial cooperation in criminal matters.