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OVERZICHTEN [gaiguan],_1929–49)–present)'s_Republic_of_China's_Republic_of_China's_Republic_of_ChinaÉconomieéconomiquesÉcole_de_pensée_économiqueée_économiqueÉconomie_du_bonheurÉconomie_de_la_République_populaire_de_Chineücksforschungômica_da_Chinaória_econômica_da_República_Popular_da_Chinaública_Popular_da_Chinaíaía_ecológicaáticaómicoía_de_la_República_Popular_de_Chinaómica_china
[top 10 countries by GDP (Gross Domestic Product)]

extra: learning about pecunia
[Georg Simmel, Philosophie des Geldes, 1900 (1. Auflage)]
[Georg Simmel, Zur Psychologie des Geldes - Kapitel 1]
[Liza Minnelli & Joel Grey, "money", & related videos]
[Charlie Chaplin, The kid moneymaking scene, & related videos]
[A discourse upon coins by Bernardo Davanzati, anno 1588, translated into English 1696]
[Who wants to be a millionaire]
[Russell Flannery, 2011 China Investment Guide: How to marry a rich Chinese, August 2, 2011]

extra: history
[Adam Smith, An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations, 1776]
[John Stuart Mill, The principles of political economy, 1848]
[John Maynard Keynes, The general theory of employment, interest and money, 1936]
[Chapters 1 through 5 from Samuelson/Nordhaus, Macroeconomics, 17th edition]
[Róbinson Rojas, Basic knowledge on economics (1997)]
[Archive for the history of economic thought, list of authors A - Y]
[Documents for the history of economics (new additions, alphabetical listing of authors A - Z]

extra: learning economics
[Albert Einstein, Why socialism, May 1949]
[Take it to the limits: Milton Friedman on libertarianism, recorded February 18, 1999]
[Greenspan makes Friedman eat his words, October 22, 2008]
[Voodoo economics, by Paul Craig Roberts, Global Economics POctober 31, 2013]
[Voodoo economics 1982]
[Morphine economics, & related videos]
[Robert Lawson, Joshua Hall & G.Dirk Mateer, From ABBA to Zeppelin, Led: A Web Resource for teaching economics through music (2008)]
[Frederick S.Pardee Center for International Futures: Research and Projects, Media, Blog/News, &c.]
[Fiddler on the roof - If I were a rich man (with subtitles]
[Lady Gaga - beautiful, dirty, rich]
[The best Heineken Commercial ever made]
[Boudewijn Bouckaert and Gerrit De Geest, eds., Encyclopedia of Law and Economics; last modified November 28, 2014]

videos [shipin]
[Free Science and Video Lectures Online: economics and economy video lectures, online mba courses]
[Zeitgeist - The movie: Federal Reserve (Part 1 of 5)], &  related videos]
[The Wall Street Journal, video, search (China)]
[Free Vieo Lectures: economics video lectures/tutorials]
[Free Videos Lectures, 1000+ MOOC/Free College Courses Online (Video Turotials]

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INLEIDINGEN & ARTIKELEN [gaiguan & wenzhang]

[Zhongguo jingji wang - Guojia jingji menhu]
[Zhongguo jingji xinxi wang / China Economic Information Network]
[CBW Huashang shijie / Chinese Business World]
[Guojia Fazhan he Gaige Weiyuanhui - Xinwen Zhongxin]
[Guojia Fazhan he Gaige Weiyuanhui (National Development and Reform Commission)]
[Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo Shangwubu (Ministry of Commerce)]
[Tianze Jingji Yanjiusuo / Unirule Institute of Economics]]
[IWEP, Zhongguo Shehui Kexueyuan, Shijie jingji yu zhengzhi jianjiusuo / Institute of World Economics and Politics
Chinese Academyof Social Sciences (CASS)]
[CIECC, Zhongguo Guoji Dianzi Shangwuwang / Chia International Electronic Commerce Network]

[China: markttoegang, wet- en regelgeving, sectorinformatie, handel en statistieken, subsidies em financiering, nieuws]
[Zakendoen: Informatieover zakendoen in China]
[Bedrijfsvormen: Marktbenadering en ondernemingsvormen in China]
[Jan Jonckheere, Succesverhaal Shenzhen 30 jaren oud, Januari 1, 2011]
[John Vandaele, De gsm-makers verdienen een beetje meer, Sociale verandering op zijn Chinees, 23 februari 2010]
[Volksrepubliek China, Algemeen juridisch en reglementair kader.Inhoud: Inleiding, Deel 1: Uitvoer naar de VRC - Douanereglementering bij invoer, vereiste documenten en productiereglementering; Deel II: Zakendoen met de VRC -
Juridisch kader]
[De psyche van de Chinezen: of waarom de Chinezen uitblinken in het ondernemen (2006)]
[Marketing met een Chinees accent (2006)]
[MVO in China:sociale aspecten, Chinese overheid, arbeidsomstandigheden, milieu, ketenverantwoordelijkheid,
samenwerking, maatschappelijk betrokken ondernemen, tips en links]
[Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland]

video [shipin]
[Tegenlicht: De Chinese bubble (uploaded on March 8, 2011)]
[Tegenlicht, De Chinese Wereldorde, uitzending  21/02/2016
(auteur Martin Jacques en Chinese gesprekspartners; Nederlands & Chinees (Nederlandse ondertiteling)]

[informations pays, Le service économique, Liens Pratiques, Focus sur; Bulletin économique Chine]
[CCI Franche Chine: The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China: gemeral information, business
information, connexions magazine, &c.]
[Bulletin économique de Chine: bulletin mensuel présentant les évolutions macroéconomiques et financières de la Chine,
(Analyses, statistiques, graphiques)]
[Économie - Chine (2015)]
[Chine - Politique - Chine&monde - Économie - Société; Dépêches, Opinions]
[dossiers, & Hebdi de l'économie chinoise - tous les numéros]
[Romain Mielcarek, De la China à l'Afrique, le grand remue-ménages des délocalisations, 27 août 2013]
[Françoise Lemoine, La Chine en route vers la prospérité, avril 2012 (plan de l'article)],15535
[Pascal Goudrand, Investissement direct chinois à l’étranger et en France : réalité et perspectives, mai 2011]
[L'émergence de la Chine: impact économique et implications de politique économique, Rapport: Patrick Artus,
Jacques Mistral et Valérie Plagnol; Commentaires: Benoît Cœuré, Jean Pisany-Ferry; Compléments: Patrick Artus,
Constance Boublil, Françoise Lemoine, Pierre Mongrué, Grégoire Postel-Vinay, Deniz Ünal, Bei Xu et Yves Zlotowski (2011)]
[Yves Bouquet, Dynamiques de développement et inégalités régionales em Chine, Espace populations sociétés,
2009/3 | 2009, 375-396.
[Fan Gang, La croissance économique chinoise face aux défis de la mondialisation, Juillet 2008]
[Françoise Hay, Christian Milelli, Yunnan Shi,
Présence et stratégies des firmes chinoises et indiennes en Europe,
Une perspective dynamique et comparative
, Janvier 2008]
[Françoise Lemoine, La Chine, futur géant das l'économie mondiale, Études 6/2005 (Tome 402), p.730-749 (plan de l'article)]
[Thierry Pairault, Introduction á l'économie chinoise. Documents Pairault, 15 novembre 2006]
[Stéphanie Balme (et al.), Entreprendre en Chine: contexte politique, management, réalités sociales, septembre 2006]
[Sénat, Mission effectuée en Chine du 10 au 22 septembre 2005, Rapport d'information n°307; 11 avril 2006]
[Les principaux résultats de la la 1ère enquête économique nationale, décembre 2005]
[Pierre Ballet, Chine, une apocalypse hydraulique (2005)]
[Maurice Catin, Christophe Van Huffel, Ouverture économique et inégalités régionales de développement en Chine:
le rôle des institutions
, avril 2004 (plan de l'article)]
[Qingxi Zang, La fondation pourrie de l’économie chinoise (I), 29 août 2003]
[Qingxi Zang, La fondation pourrie de l’économie Chinoise (II), 29 Août 2003]
[Thierry Pairault, Droit de propriété et réforme du secteur d'État (2001)]
[Thierry Pairault, Les régions chinoises : industrialisation inégale et développements divergents (1996)]
[Le portail de l'Économie et des Finances]
[Ministère du Commerce de la République Populaire de Chine]

[Uwe Jean Heuser, Glück, I love my work. Der Job entscheidet mit über dat Lebensglück, 22. Oktober 2013]
[Wilhelm Schmid, Glück und seine Bedeutung  für die Wirtschaft, Essay Nr/1 ( 2013)]
[Günter Schlucher und Nele Noesselt, Weichenstellung für Systemerhalt: Reformbeschluss der Kommunistischen
Partei Chinas
[China Economic Net: Wirtschaft (2011)]
[Jenni Werner, Die politische Förderung technologischer Innovation in der VR China, China Analysis 81, Juni 2010]
[Andreas Hofem, Zwischen Zielsetzung und Umsetzung: Lokale Akteure und Institutionen im chinesischen
, Februar 2010]
[Ulrike Steinbrenner, Innovationspolitik in der VR China: Der Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park (SHIP), Januar 2010]
[Andreas Hofem, Staatliche Förderung von Umwelttechnologie in der VR China, Mai 2009]
[Carsten A.Holz, Sind alle China-Experten gekauft, 18. November 2008]
[Christian Kolle, China: Nicht alles Gold was glänzt, August 2008]
[Joachim Betz, Weltwirtschaftliche Schwerpuntverschiebung nach Asien (2008)]
[Chinaseite, Leben und Arbeiten in China, Wirtschaft & Politik, Wirtschaft und Recht]
[Ian Buruma, Hallo Drache! Chinas Aufstieg hält die Wirtschaft in Schach und macht sie zum Feind der Demokratie,
Februar 2006]
[Gerhard K.Heilig, Chinas Aufstieg zur wirtschaftlichen und politischen Weltmacht, 7. Dezember 2005]
[China: Wirtschaftsbericht Frühjahr 2005; 15. Juni 2005]
[China: Wirtschaftsbericht Dezember 2004; 22. Dezember 2004]
[China: Wirtschaftsbericht Frühjahr 2003; 6. juni 2003]
[Rajnish Tiwari, Chinesische Wirtschaft und Wirtschaftspolitik: Einflüsse der Globalisierung auf Chinas Außenhandels-
Mai 2004]
[China - Das Fließband läuft, Noch.; 2004]
[China: Wirtschaftsbericht Frühjahr 2003; 6. juni 2003]
[Georg Blume, Uwe Jean Heuser, China hebt ab, 22. Dezember 2003]
[Klassenkämpfe im Wirtschaftswunder; 23. Juni 2002]
[Gregor Paul, Traditionelle Kultur, nationales Wirtschaftssystem und internationales Geschäft – Anmerkungen zum deutsch- chinesischen Mit- und Gegeneinander (2002)]
[Karin Tomala, Wird die Globalisierung China verändern?, 13. Juni 2001]
[Charles Reeve, Der Papiertiger und die Plastikdrachen, April 1998]
[Internationale Bibliothek der communistischen Linken: China auf dem Weg zur imperialistischen Grossmacht, Juni 1979]
[Das Handelsministerium der VRChina]

[Joseph E.Stiglitz, Cómo reformar el equilibrio entre el estado y el mercado en China, 20 Abril 2014
[Xulio Ríos, La cultura estratégica de China, 22 Agosto 2013]
[Noam Chomsky, China y el nuevo orden mundial (I), 05 Septiembre 2010]
[Noam Chomsky, China y el nuevo orden mundial (y II), 10 Octubre 2010]
[Yolanda Fernández Lommen, El balance económico, 26 Septimbre 1999]

[Wayne M.Morrison, China's Economic Rise: history, trens, challenges, and implications for the United States,
June 14, 2015]
[Harry X.Wu, Accounting for the sources of growth in the Chinese economy, Rieti Discussion Paper Series 15-E-048, April 2015]
[The American Chamber of Commerce in South China, "White Paper" on the business environment in China, 2015 -2009]
/Zhongguo yingshang huanjing "Baipishu"]
[China International Electronic Commerce Network: news, statistics, laws & regulations, BizLife, trade shows,
special reports, VIECC, &c.(2015)]
[Guide to doing business in China (2015)]
[China Business News (2015)]
[China's economy, articles 2015]
[Chi Hung Kwan, China in Transition., The "new normal" of the Chinese Economy, October 2014]
[China in Transition. Xi Jinping Regime aims to strengthen China's authoritarian system: Is the strategy of  "a leftward tilt
in  politics and a rightward tilt in the economy" sustainable?, February 2014]
Table 1 High-Ranking officials subject to the corruption investigation in 2013, a) Officials transferred to judicial organs,
b) Officials under internal investigations from the Communist Party
[China. economy overview, last updated June 22, 2014]
[China -Economy 2014: Curremt Economic Profile, Detailed StatisticalTables, Historical Analysis]
[Wayne M.Morrison, China's economic conditions, March 4, 2013]
[Karita Kan, The new "lost generation": Inequality and discontent among Chinese youth (text, references;
full text download), China Perspectives 2013/2, p.63-73]
[Justin Lin, Demystifying the Chinese economy, January 9, 2013]
[Shi Jianxun, Hot money needs cooling, November 22, 2012]
[Jim Jubak, China's economy about to heat up?, July 19, 2012]
[Rana Foroohar, The fall of Bo Xilai and the future of Chinese growth, March 28, 2012]
[Tian Junrong, Is international 'hot money' flowing into China?, March 4, 2012]
[Stanley Lubman,
China's state capitalism: The real world implications, March 1, 2012]
[Zhu Shenshen and Fu Chenghao, Industrial firms to invest more in R & D, March 1, 2012],9171,2101883,00.html
[Vivienne Walt, Feasting on Europe, As the euro-zone crisis deepens, China is angling for the union's most prized
firms, December 19, 2011]
[Chinese companies face innovation change (Ernst & Young report), December 15, 2011]

[Qingqing Chen, Chor-Ching Goh, Bo Sun, Lixin Colin Xu, Market integration in China, Policy Research Working Paper 5630,
The World Bank April 2011]
[Francesco Sisci, Rebels quashed by New Year gift, January 26, 2012]
[Chinascope Analysis Series, Understanding China's economic reform, April 2011]
[China in transition, fellow works  2014 - 2002]
[Project hopes to pen new story on innovation, March 18, 2011; & related reading]
[President Hu stresses significance of sci-tech innovation in global competition; March 16, 2011]
[Sebastian Heilmann, Economic governance: Authoritarian upgrading and innovative potential, August 2010]
[Orville Schell on China Daily, Challenges investors face in US, EU., August 31 2010],9171,2030913,00.html
[Belinda Luscombe, The rise of the sheconomy, November 22, 2010]
[Mainland China's role as the world's factory is under threat; June 9, 2010]
[Jeffrey E.Garten, A trade war nobody wants, March 23, 2010]
[Haruhiko Kuroda, China and the world economy: growth, restructuring, cooperation, March 21, 2010]
[Analysis: Restructuring to make economy a "tiger"; February 16, 2010]
[Dirk Schmidt, Sebastian Heilmann, Dealing with economic crisis in 2008-09: The Chinese government's crisis
management in comparative perspective, China Analysis 77, January 2010]
[Chinese president calls for independent innovation during Shanghai tour; January 18, 2010]
[China: The next twenty years of economic reform, Rose Garnaut, Jane Golley and Ligang Song (eds), 1999,
updated, ANU E-Press edition 2010]
[China expands global reach as U.S. slumbers; October 3, 2009]
[Martin Hala, China through Zhuangzi's third eye, June 3, 2009]
[Premier Wen seeks advice from experts to find correct course for economy; November 26, 2008]
[The People's Daily serial editorials on Hu Jintao's speech; October 31, 2008]
[Lin Jianyang, Unprecedented capital inflows test Chinese regulators, July 1, 2008]
[Albert Keidel, China's economic rise, Fact and fiction, July 2008]
[Fan Gang, China's economic growth in a context of globalization, July 2008]
[From Mao to the mall; February 14, 2008]
[Promoting the better, faster growth of national economy, October 20, 2007]
[Susan Wu, Virtual Goods: the next big business model, June 20, 2007]
[Angus Maddison and Harry X.Wu, China's economic performance: How fast had GDP grown, How big is it compared with the USA?, February 22, 2007],8816,1576831,00.html
[Michael Elliot, China takes on the world, January 11, 2007]
[Barry Naughton, China's economic leadership after the 17th party congress]
[Arthur Kroeber, China's industrial and foreign trade policies: what are they and how succesful have they been?, May 19, 2006]
[What types of foreign investment are allowed in China, updated April 17, 2006]
[Chris Harman, China’s economy and Europe’s crisis, February 2, 2006]
[Gudrun Wacker (ed.), China's rise: The return of geopolitics, February 2006]

[Paul De Grauwe, Language diversity and economic development, (preliminary draft), January 2006]
[Kenichi Imai, Haruka Matsumoto, Mami Yamaguchi, China's dilemma of high economic growth (2006)
[Yoshiki Ogawa, High oil prices and the Asian economy: The impact of skyrocketing oil prices on Asia (2006)]
[George Zhibin Gu, China's insurance explosion, November 8, 2005]
[Wang Feng, Andrew Mason, Demographic dividend and prospects for economic development in China, July 25, 2005]
[Albert Keidel, The economic basis for social unrest in China, May 26, 2005]
[Oded Shenkar, The dawn of the Chinese century, April 22, 2005]
[Loren Brandt, Thomas G.Rawski, Chinese industry after 25 years of reform, revised April 6, 2005
[Jehangir S.Pocha, China's new left, New Perspectives Quarterly vol.22.2, 2005)
[The end of American dominance? A modern China rises; March 2005]
[Aziz Choudry, Corporate conquest, global geopolitics: Intellectual property rights and bilateral investment treaties,
January 28, 2005]
[China - Economy index, revised November 2004]
[China rises and rises: A new force propels the world economies, March 1, 2004]
[Barry Naughton, Hunkering down: The Wen Jiabao administration and macroeconomic control (2004)]
[Barry Naughton, Changing the rules of the game: Macroeconomic recontrol and the struggle for wealth and power (2004)]
[Wang Zhengyi, Understanding transition in China: Domestic tensions, institutional adjustment and international forces (2004)]
[Cheng Li, Cooling Shanghai fever: Macroeconomic control and its geopolitical implications (2004)]
[Achievements in graphics: 2003 review; March 5, 2004]
[Xiaopeng Yin, Regional integration in China: Incentive, pattern, and growth, December 2003]
[Danlin Yu, Yehua Dennis Wei, Analyzing regional inequality in post-Mao China in an GIS evironment (2003, abstract, download)]
[Nicholas R.Lardy, Integrating China into the global economy, April 29, 2002]
[Sylvie Demurger, Jeffrey D. Sachs, (et al.), Geography, economical policy, and regional development in China, October 2001]
[China State Council decree bans protectionism; May/June 2001]
[Ava Chien, Ellen Salem, Building an e-business strategy for Mainland China (2001)]
[China: Capitalist discipline and rising protests (2001)]
[Dan Schiller & Yuezhi Zhao, National and transnational linkages in the construction of digital capitalism: bringing
the Chinese into the picture
, November 2000]
[Wing Thye Woo, The real reasons for China's growth, January 1999]
[1998 Country Report on Economic Policy and Trade Practices: China]
[Elicabeth Ecoomy, The case study of China: Reforms and Resourves: The implications for state capacity in the PRC:
Introduction & Sections I, II, III and IV]
[Angus Maddison, Chinese economic performance in the long run, Published by the OECD Development Centre, Paris, 1998
[C.Goodhart and C.Xu, The rise of China as an economic power, February 1, 1996]
[Ning Datong, An assessment of the economic losses resulting from various forms of environmental degradation
in China
[S.Erik Oppers, Macroeconomic cycles in China, October 1997, IMF Working Paper, WP/97/135, October 1997]
[McDonald's can smell success in China; December 3, 1995)]
[Yigang Pan & Wilfred R.Vanhonacker, Chinese ethnicity: value structure and family orientation, a comparison with
American culture
[Thomas G. Rawski and Lillian M. Li (ed.), Chinese history in economic perspective, Berkeley 1992 (e-book)]
[Chee Keen Pang, Diane Roberts, John Sutton, Doing business in China - the art of war? (1989, abstract & pdf)]
[Ministry of Commerce of the PRC]
[Natonal Development ands Reform Commission (NDRC)]
[Unirule Institute of Economics
[CASS, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of world economics  & politics]
[IWEP, Institute of World Economics and Politics: database, publications, conferences/seminars]
[Bank for International settlements, Central Bank Research Hub - homepage]
[Globalisation and Economic Policy (GEP): GEP in China (2010)]
[Archive of research findings on subjective enjoyment of life]

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TIJDSCHRIFTEN & NIEUWS [ribao, baokan & xinwen]

[Caijing wang: hongquan, zhengquan, jinrong, chanjing, dichan,  zhengqing, haiwai, shenghuo, &c.]
[Zhongguo Shangqing Kuaixun (Business Alert - China)]
[Zhongguo Ribao]
[Nongmin Ribao shuzi bao (Farmer Daily digital newspaper)]
[Zhongguo Nongmin Xinwen wang (China Agricultural News Network)]
[Zhonggong wang, yiwan zhigong de wangshang jiayuan]
[Zhonggongwang - Shizheng]
[Zhonggongwang - Gonghui]
[Zhongguo Laogong Tongxun (China Labour Bulletin)]
[Zhongguo Jingji Daobao (China Economic Herald)]
[Zhongguo Xinwen yu Baodao, 2015 - 2010]
[Zhongguo Jingji Xinwen wang: Zhongguo Jingji Shibao Shuzibao (Chinese Economic Times Digital Newspaper)]
[Guowuwyuan Fazhan Yanjiu Zhongxin Xinxiwang, Guoyanwang]
[Zhonghongwang: Zhonghong Shujuku]

[Chine, monde, eco, culture, dossiers, documents, société, sélection, éditorial, photos, videos]
[la une, les nouvelles, kaléidoscope, &c.]
[Agence de Press, Eco Infos Chine: l'actualité économiquede la Chine]

[Politik, Wirtschaft, Umwelt, Kultur, Photos; Nachrichten, Artikel, Branchen, Geschäftsanbahnung, Messen, Recht, &c.]

[China's Economy]
[Finance & Economy, Business & Industry, Politics & Law, Life & Culture, Society, blog world economists, report]
[Special coverages: Chinese Economy]
[Ecomomy, Policy Watch, China Data, Companies, Markets, Industry, View, Motoring, Tech, Green China]
[China Daily: China,world,  business, sports, life, entertainment, photo, video, opinion, forum, cartoon, language tips]

[Biz China Weekly]
[China - business]
[China: politics, China & world, business, HK/Mo/Taiwan, society, health, Sci & Tech, culture & edu, sports, &c.]
[Macrochina industry database, Macrochina internal reference, Macrochina database, hot links, Reuters-Macrochina, &c.]
[China Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Gazette (issues 2012-2000]
[China Economic Net: news, business: macro-economy, industries, companies, markets, China, world, life, sports, &c.]
[CIECC Electronic Commerce Network: analysis, news,  statistics, laws & regulations, BizLife, trade shows, special reports, &c.]
[CBW Chinese Business World]
[Journal of Chinese Economic and Foreign Trade Studies, site map]
[Business in China: news, & photo, policy briefing, regulations, business news, auto, finance, telecom, foreign trade,
economy of China, foreign investment, decelopment zones, & investment FAQ]
[CFN China Finance Net: news, global biz, money, video, case, conferences, cooperation; useful links]
[China Labour Bulletin: reports, resource centre,workers' voices, labour rights litigation, workers representation and collective contracts, analysis commentary and features, news, CLB' s blogs, press centre, CLB in the news, links]
[CCTV News: CCTVLife Video Programs Schedule; opinion, military, space exploration, crash, politics, festival, &c.]
[Shanghai Flash Issue N° 1 - January 2012, Transforming the exonomic model; Shanghai Flash Archives 2011 - 2000]
[China Busines: China Beijing,Trade China, China Climate, History China; Your Business Guide: province by province, industry surveys, useful info; China Travel: province by province; Specials ]
[China Economic Monitor]
[International Market News: China]
[Business Alert - China, A biweekly newsletter providing up-to-date information on the latest developments In China
trade policy and trade regulations]
[China News and Report, 2015 - 2010]
[China News]
[Weird Asia News]

extra: en wat kost dat?
[Alyson C.Ma, Ari Van Assche, The role of trade costs in global production networks: evidence from China's processing trade regime (download), last updated jFebruary 2, 2012]

blogs [boke]
[China Herald, Weblog with daily updates of the news on a harmonious, socialist society, from the perspective of internet entrepreneur, new media advisor and president of the China Speakers Bureau Fons Tuinstra]
[China: gender, rural development, poverty reduction, &c.]
[China Investment Research, China Epoch Resources, China Market Headlines; China report, digital media, &c.]
[China business blog: China business, China charity, China government, China life, China News, China organisations, &c.]
[China Business Blog: recent poasts, recent comments, archives, categories, blogroll]
[Asian Business Intelligence: China, Banking and Finance Archives 2006 - 2010]
[Stories of China: news, life style, entertainment, opinion]
[events, industries, IPR, on the ground, payment systems, quality control, regulation, supply chain, transport/shipping,
& waimao jingyan]
[experts on topics as SME banking and finance, China trade, quality testing and inspection, risk management,
SME operational issues, &c.]

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GESCHIEDENIS [jingjishi]

inleidingen & artikelen [gaiguan & wenzhang]'s_Republic_of_China's_Republic_of_China
[Kent Deng, Economic History of Premodern China (from 221 BC to c. 1800 AD)]
[The economic history of the People's Republic of China]
[The economic policy of the People's Republic of China]
[The economic struggle of the working class in China]
[The working-class history of the People's Republic of China]
[China on the Brink: Workers Political Revolution or Capitalist Enslavement?, (1997)]
[China in the Red; February 13, 2003; & Beijing Music Scene: Cui JIan's music video "Flying"]
[Voices from modern China (2003)]
[Uwe Böwer, Die Wirtschaftsgeschichte: China - eine Handelsnation? (2000)]
[China in the 1980s; December 29, 1979]
[Thomas G. Rawski and Lillian M. Li, editors, Chinese History in Economic Perspective (1992; e-book free online]
[Zhongguo jingjishi luntan (China Economic History Forum)]

video [shipin]
[Un oeil sur la planète - Chine : L'appetit du dragon]
[Economic Collapse: China could overtake the U.S. by 2025, & related videos]
[1/8 videos (2 hours)]
[Conversations With History: China and the United States; October 23, 2008]
[Conversations With History: Rise of Asia and Decline of West; February 22, 2008]
[China Economy in 2008, 1/2]
[China rising, Episode 1: The dramatic rise]
[China rising, Epidsode 2: Power and people]
[China rising, Episode 3:The fire inside]
[China rising, Episode 4: Made in China]
[China 2015 - Stephen Roach on China's economy (1/3), & related videos]
[Counting the cost - China's impact on the global economy, & related videos]
[Morgan Stanley revises 2009 China growth; & related Bloomberg clips]
[China analytics' Hess interview on China's economy, & related videos]
[Stiglitz interview on China's Economy, & related videos & related stories]
[China rises: A four-part television series and interative website; July 25, 2010]
[Regulators struggle with backdoor-listed companies; July 27, 2011]
[Youtube Edu: videos and channels from our college and university partners]
[ Video: video news, interviews]
[shangwu shipinwang]

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DOCUMENTEN & RAPPORTEN [wenjian & baogao]

inleidingen & artikelen [gaiguan & wenzhang]
[Chinese Economics Monthly, five branch reports]
[China Economics Quarterly, seven branch reports]
[HKTDC Business Alert - China, June 2011]
[Economic Report: China, last update November 2014]
[Economc Report: China, last update June 2013]
[Economic Report: China, last update December 2012]
[Embassy of Switzerland, Beijing: China, Annual economic report; November 2010]
[Embassy of Switzerland, Beijing: China, Annual economic report; June 2010]
[Embassy of Switzerland, Beijing: China, Annual economic report; December 2009]
[Embassy of Switzerland, Beijing: China, Annual economic report; June 2009]
[Embassy of Switzerland, China: Annual economic report, November 2008]
[China expands global reach as U.S. slumbers; October 3, 2009]
[Recent USCBC reports, analysis, and statistics]
[World Institute for Development Economics Research: working papers 2011-2010, research papers 2009-2004, &c.]

[China Human Development Report 2009/10, China and a suitable future: Towards a low carbon economy & society]
[2009/10 Zhongguo Renlei Fazhan Baogao, Mai xiang ditan jingji he shehui de keichi weilai]
[U.N. Development Programme, China: The Human Development 2007/2008: Access for all: Basic public services
for 1.3 bilion people]
[China Human Development Report 2007/08, Access for all: Basic public services for. 1.3. billion people; November 2008]
[Lianheguo Fazhan Jihua, Zhongguo Renlei Fazhan baogao 2007/2008: hui ji 13 yi ren de jiben gonggong fuwu]
[UNDP reports: 2009/2010, 2007/2008, 2005, 2002, 1997, 1999,1997]

Wereldbank [Shijie Yinhang]
[The World Bank Office in China: data, research, learning, news, projects & operations, publications, countries, topics]
[shuju, yanjiu (En), peixun (En), xinwen, xiangmu, chubanwu, zhuanti (En)]
[shijie yinhang jituan]
[Shijie Yinhang zhu Zhongguo Daibiaochu]
[China Quarterly update - April 2011] Quarterly Update&os=0
[China Quarterly Updates 2011-2005]
[China 2030: Building a modern, harmonious, and creative high-income society , & 5 supporting reports - The World Bank, Development Research Center of the State Council, the People's Republic of China, 2012]

[The World Bank and partners launch the 2nd China Development Marketplace, providing a platform for supporting innovations
from CSOs, November 7, 2007]

[China 2006 DEvelopment Marketplace]
[World Bank and partners launched the China Development Marketplace to support civil society organizations (CSOs), innovative
ideas for poverty reduction; June 2, 2005]
[China an evaluation of World Bank Assistance, August 2004]
[Country Assistance Strategy of the World Bank Group for the PRC; January 22, 2003]

AIIB  Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank agreement / Yazhou Jichu sheshi touzi yinhang xieding
[<Yazhou Jichu sheshi touzi yinhang xieding> qianshu yisi zai Beijing juxing>, 2015 nian 6 yue 29 ri
laiyuan Caizhengbu xinwen bangongshi
, 20/06/2015]
[about AIIB, quick links, contact us]

IMF [Guoji Huobi Jijin Zuzhi]
[Pepople's Republic of China and the IMF: items in chronologic order or items by category, updated June 22, 2011]
[John Lipsky, The challenges of economic policy cooperation, June 21, 2011]
[Steve Barnett, Ray Brooks, China: Does government health and education spending boost consumption?, January 2010]
[China: financial position in the fund as of May 31, 2011]
[China: financial position in the fund as of October 31, 2010]
[China: financial position in the fund as of June 30, 2009]
[IMF Members' Financial Data by Country, as of date May 31, 2011]

OECD [Jingji Hezhuo yu Kaifa Zuzhi],3347,en_33873108_36016481_1_1_1_1_1,00.html
[China and the OECD: programme of diaogue and cooperation with China - October 1995],3746,fr_33873108_36016481_38541232_1_1_1_1,00.html
[La Chine et l'OCDE: programme de dialogue et de coopération avec la Chine - octobre 1995]
[China in the 2010s: Rebalancing Growth and Strengthening Social Safety Nets, March 2010]
[OECD Rural Policies Reviews: China 2009; May 5, 2009]
[OECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform China, Defining the boundary between the market and the state; May 5, 2009]
[OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: China, last updated March 3, 2009]
[OECD-Prüfungen im Bereich Innovationspolitiek, China Synthesebericht (2009)],3343,en_2649_34893_41735656_1_1_1_34529562,00.html
[OECD Investment Policy Reviews: China 2008, Encouraging Responsible Business Conduct]
[2008 niandu baogao: Guli fuzeren de shangye xingwei - Jinghe Zuzhi (OECD) touzi zhengce pinggu]
[Martin Schaaper, Measuring China's innovation system, National specificities and international comparison,
January 15, 2009]
[Country statistical profiles 2010: China; November 25, 2010; Data extracted on 27 Jun 2011 11:48 UTC (GMT) from OECD.Stat]
[Country statistical profiles 2009: China; July 11, 2009; Data extracted on 27 Jun 2011 11:48 UTC (GMT) from
[China's governance in transition, Policy Brief; September 2005]
[La Chine dans l'économie mondiale: Les enjeux de politique économique intérieure (2002]
[Main determinants and impacts of direct foreign investment on China's economy; December 2000]
[OECD Observer: China (articles 2010 - 2007)]
[tous les rapports et statistiques de l'OCDE disponibles sur la Chine]
[books, papers, statistics, factbook, glossaries; what's new?]

ADB [Yazhou Kaifa Yinhang]
[PRC and ADB: overview, strategy, projects, regional cooperation, opportunities, contacts; News & Articles: news,
speeches, stories, photo essays, videos; Library: publications, documents, translations]
[ADB Knowledge products and operations experiences on poverty reduction in People's Republic of China, 2011-2001]
[Asian Development Bank & People's Republic of China, Fact Sheet, as of 31 December 2010]
[Asian Development Outlook 2011: People's Republic of China, Economic performance]
[ADB Compliance Review Panel: 2010 Annual Report; ADB 2011 (Message from the chair & Chapters 1 and 2)]
[ADB's Annual Report 2008, East Asia: People's Republic of China, Mongolia]
[ADB Country Partnership Strategy, People's Republic of China 2008 - 2010; February 2008]
[ADB Performance Evaluation Report: PRC Changchun-Harbin Expressway Project; December 2006]
[documents 2011-1968]
[briefs, reports, working papers; books, multimedia, trainning and instruction materials, &c.]
[projects, countries, news & events, publications, economics & statistics, topics, opportunities]
[preview the new (updated 15 June 2011)]

APEC [Ya-Tai Jingji Hezhuo Zuzhi]
[home, groups, topics, projects, publications, meeting papers, events, press, about us; news releases, features, business, analysis]
{APEC, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation]
[China, Taiwan & Hong Kong APEC news (2011)]

[Report, Annex 3-1 People's Republic of China: Developments in regulatory reform; November 2009]
[APEC leaders pledge to make free-trade dream real, November 14, 2010]
[China to show diplomatic clout in coming APEC meeting; November 15, 2006]
[individual action plan update for China for 2005]
[Vyacheslav Amirov, Russia and East Asia: Problems and Prospects for Economic Co-operation. March/April 2001]
[APEC 2001: Leaders statement on counter-terrorism; October 21, 2001]
[Leaders' casual attire for APEC 2001; October 23, 2001]
[APEC 2001 in China: speeches]
[China's participation in APEC's important activities; November 15, 2000]
[Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Agreements Database, & Glossary A-Z (APTIAD)]
[APEC News and latest information]

ASEAN [Dongnan Ya Guojia Lianmeng]
[China's legislature reviews bill ratifying ASEAN protocol; August 24, 2011]
[Third Protocol amending the Treaty of amity and cooperation in Southeast Asia (Hanoi, 23 July 2010)]
Second Protocol Amending the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia, Manila Philippine, 25 July 1998]
[1987 Protocol Amending the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia, Philippines, 15 December 1987]
[Treaty of Amity and cooperation in Southeast Asia, Indonesia,  24 February 1976]
[Joint Statatement of ASEAN-China Commemorative Summit: towards an enhanced ASEAN-China Strategic partnership; October 30, 2006]
[Framework Agreement on comprehensive economic co-operation between the Association of South East Association of South East Asian Nations and the People's Republic of China; November 4, 2002]
[Li Xiaoyu, China-ASEAN cooperation to promote economic growth, prosperity, July 25, 2011]
[Chinese FM says to strenthen contacs with ASEAN, & related links, & videos]
[Jörn Dosch, Managing security in ASEAN-China relations: liberal peace of hegemonic stability (2007)]
[Jing-dong Yuan, China-ASEAN relations: Perspectives, prospects and implications for U.S. interests, October 2006]
[Sophie Boisseau du Rocher, ASEAN and Northeast Asia: stakes and implications for the European Union–ASEAN partnership, May 25, 2006]
[Raul L. Cordenillo, The economic benefits to ASEAN of the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area (ACFTA), January 18, 2005]
[Do busines with China under the ASEAN-China free trade area (ACFTA)]
[ASEAN Projects, Social development sector (2010)]
[ASEAN Annual Reports, 1980/1981 - 2005/2006]
[41 years of ASEAN, & FOCUS Archive 2011-1995];jsessionid=39BC1FA6B9725C4599FDABCDFAAEAF0C
[China-ASEAN Education Information network (2009)]
[The official website of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations: member states, charter, structure, summit, chair, secretariat, relations, entities associated with ASEAN; ASEAN Community]

ASEM [Ya-Ou Huiyi]
[Current and forthcoming events & Past events: Summit 9 (2012) & Summits 1-8 (2010 - 1996]
[ASEM Documents: Summit statements]
[ASEM Documents: all (2011-2004)]
[Modalitites for future ASEM Dialogue, taking the process forward, Brussels July 18, 2001]
[EU involvement in ASEM]

ASEF [Ya-Ou Jijinhui]
[ASEM institution: Asia-Europe Foundation] dublin principles.pdf
[Dublin Agreed Principles of the Asia-Europe Foundation 19 December 1996, amended on 6 October 2994, Hanoi]
[Themes and projects]
[9th informal ASEM Seminar on human right: Human rights in crimina justice system, February 2009, & Documents]
[Gareth Price, Asia and Europe: Engaging for a post-crisis world, January 2011]
[7th Asia-Europe Roundtable workshop: Early warning systems in minority conflicts, A framework for developing regional responses, Singapore 20-21 May 2010
[over 30 programmes offering covering a diverse range of subjects and topics]
[ASEF News]

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inleidingen & artikelen [gaiguan & wenzhang]'s_Republic_of_Chinaómica_Chinaômica_da_China's_Republic_of_Chinaômicas_Especiais_da_China
[Guojia Fazhan he Gaige Weiyuanhui]
[National Development and Reform Ccommission (NDRC), People's Republic of China]
[The NDRC party committee]
[lingshu tongzhi]
[Zhonggong Zhongyang Guojia Jiguan Gongzuo Weiyuanhui]
[Report on the implementation of the 2010 Plan for National Economic and Social Development and on the 2011 Draft Plan for National Economic and Social Development, March 5, 2011]
[Report on the implementation of the 2009 Plan for National Economic and Social Development and on the 2010 Draft Plan for National Economic and Social Development; March 5, 2010]
[Report on the implementation of the 2008 Plan for National Economic and Social Development and on the 2009 Draft Plan for National Economic and Social Development; March 5, 2009]
[Samuel Wade, Bo trial a pivotal moment for economic reform, August 8, 2013]
[Jin Duoyou, China's economic forecast for 2011, updated December 31, 2010]
[Chenxia Shi, Regulatory development of Chinese business associations, July 2010]
[30 years of reform and opening up: The transformation of China, people who mode it happen, opinion & analysis; news, film clips from then and now, photos]
[China's reform and opening up - 30 years on:The changing of China, 30 years of Shenzhen, documents, photo's, &c. ]
[30 years of reform & opening up: years of change, systematic foundation, spark of prairie fire, &c.]
[Yang Yao, The disinterested government: An interpretation of China's economic succes in the reform era, May 2009 (pdf)]
[Wim Naudé, Rushing in where angels fear to tread? The early internationalization of indegenous Chinese firms, April 2009 (pdf)]
[China vows to press forward with economic reforms; December 18, 2008]
[Peter Drysdale, The market, state owned enterprises and Chinese reform, November 18, 2008]
[Lynn Walsh, China’s hybrid economy, No longer a planned economy, but not yet a fully capitalist economy, October 31, 2008]
[Jikun Huang, Yang Jun, Zhigang Xu, Scott Rozelle, Ninghui Li, Agricultural trade liberalization and poverty in China (2007; pdf)]
[Arthur Kroeber, The underestimated party-state, March 5, 2007]
[James F.Paradise, Underestimating China's "resilient authoritarianism"? (2007)]
[James A.Dom, Capitalismo en China, 20 de febrero de 2007]
[Andrew Wedeman, Crossing the river by feeling for stones or carried across by the current? The dynamics of reform
in post-Mao China
, May 19, 2006]
[China's economic miracle: the high price of progress; April 20, 2006]
[Capitalism with Chinese characteristics, April 11, 2006]
[Shaun Breslin, Capitalism with Chinese characteristics: the public, the private and the international, June 2004]
[Wei-Wei Zhang, Political reform: China will change in its own way, Mai 21, 2004],7369,1267467,00.html
[China is obsessed with all things western; July 23, 2004]
[Sconfiggere l'offensiva della controrivoluzione imperialista!; Febbraio 2004]
[Shaun Breslin, Reforming China's embedded socialist compromise: China and the WTO, October 2003]
[Stephen Green, Reforming China's Economy, A rough guide, April 2003]
[John Chan, Le capitalisme à la chinoise: centrale industrielle ou atelier clandestin du monde ?, 31 janvier 2003]
[Yingyi Qian, How reform worked for China, June 2002]
[Wang Hui, La défaite du mouvement social de Tiananmen: Aux origines du néolibéralisme en Chine, Avril 2002]
[Philip Comberg, Rahmengesetzgebungen und Tendenzen in der Restrukturierung der Staatswirtschaft in China, 13. Oktober 2000]
[Henrik Schillinger, Die Politik des Pragmatismus in der post-Mao Ära: Wirtschaftliche Öffnung ohne politische Reform? (2000)]
[Hansjörg Herr, Das chinesische Akkumulationsmodell und die Hilflosigkeit der traditionellen Entwicklungstheorien (2000)]
[Chong-En Bai, David D. Li, Yingyi Qian, Yijiang Wang, Anonymous banking and financial repression: How does China's reform
limit government predation without reducing its revenue?
, May 31, 1999]
[Lawrence J. Lau, Yingyi Qian, Gerard Roland, Reform without losers: An interpretation of China's dual-track approach to transition (1999)]
[Lawrence J. Lau, Yingyi Qian, Gerard Roland, Reform without losers: An interpretation of China's dual-track approach to transition (1997)]
[Thomas Heberer, Vor der Destabilisierung? Die ökonomischen und politischen Auswirkungen der Asienkrise auf China (1999)]
[Hehui Jin, Yingyi Qian, Public vs. private ownership of firms: Evidence from rural China, August 1998]

verantwoord ondernemen [qiye shehui zeren]é_sociale_des_entreprises
[corporate social responsibility]
[CSR: Introduction to Standards, Codes and Guidelines]
[Emerging best practices of Chinese globalizers, The corporate global citizenship Challenge (in collaboration with
The Boston Consulting Group), 2012]
[Elaine Sio-ieng Hui, Corporate social responsibility revisited: Can it address Chinese workers' need in a changing
socio-economic contexts
, October 2011]
[Dan Harris, China corporate law - The basics of China's Company Law, December 14, 2009]
[Hal Bernton, Chinese leaders learn about corporate social responsibility, May 24, 2009]
[Guidelines to the State-owned  Enterprises Directly under the Central Government on fulfilling corporate social responsibilities, 2008]
[Eileen Lübcke, Klaus Ruth, Il-Sop Yim, Corporate social responsibility "Made in China", Eine explorative Studie zur
Bedeutunf arbeitspolitischer Dimensionen für die geselschaftliche Verantwortung deutscher und koreanischer
multinationaler Konzerne in China
[Global corporate social responsibility Forum: China; February 22, 2006]
[Ilias Bantekas, Corporate social responsisbility in international law, 22 B.U.Int'l L.J. Fall 2004 pp.309-347]
[Xiaozu Wang, State-owned enterprise reform and Corporate governance of China (2003)]
[Nick Young, Corporate citizenship: The three "C"s, Civil society, Corporate social responsibility, and China, January/February 2002]
[qiye shehui zeren Zhongguo wang]
[qiye shehui zeren]
[CSR Asia: qiye shehui zeren Yazhou]
[Corporate social responsibility in Asia, Business solutions for global challenges:CSR Asia Summit 2011, CSR Asia Weekly]
[CR Collective Responsibility: services, white papers foundation, blog; issues, toolbox]
[fuwu, baipishu, women jijinhui, boke, deng]
[Zhongguo-Helan qiye shehui zeren xiangmu]
[Sino-Dutch Corporate Social Responsibility Project]
[Corporate Social Responsibility: Back on the EU Agenda?, updated May 19, 2010]

markt & socialistische markteconomie [shichang & shehuizhuyi shichang jingji]
[China International Electronic Commerce Network]
[Zhongguo guoji dianzi shangwuwang]
[HKTDC Research, March 2, 2015]
[Zhonggguo gage kaifang hou jingji lilun de fazhan yu chuangxin, 10/10/2009]
[William McGeveran, Disclosure, endorsement, and identity in social marketing, July 24, 2009]
[Market profile Chinese Mainland; last updated 8 May 2009]
[shehuizhuyi shichang jingji lun: Zhongguo gaige kaifang de zhuyao lilun zhizhu, 19/12/2008]
[Takis Fotopoulos, Is sustainable development compatible with present globalisation? The Chinese Case, October 2008]
[Guo Dingping, The changing nature of Chinese socialism in the context of East Asian hybrid developmental regime, June 2008]
[Symposium Report: The Market Economy in China; May 7, 2008]
[Bai Chong-en, Hsieh Chang-tai, Qian Yingyi, The return to capital in China, December 13, 2006]
[Special Report, Selling in China, October 16, 2006]
[Michele Fabbri, China - "Socialist market economy" or just plain capitalism?, January 20, 2006]
[Business in China: marketing policies; August 30, 2004]
[Macabe Keliher, part 1: The dragon seizes market share, part 2: Replacing US in Asian export market, part 3: Economics overrides anti-Japan sentiment, February 12, 2004]
[On the track of market economy; November 17, 2003]
[Comprehensive Analysis on Marketization of Capital in China; November 7, 2004]
[Party decision to press forward market economy. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) published Tuesday in Beijing a decision on issues regarding the improvement of the socialist market economic system. The 24-page, 12-part decision, approved at the Third Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee, which was held from Oct.11 to 14, outlined the major tasks to further improve the market economy to build a well-off society in the country; October 21, 2003]
[Party decision to press forward market economy, CCP-Cc, October 14, 2003 (outline)]
[Zhonggong Zhongyang guanyu jianli shehuizhuyi shichang jingji tizhi ruogan wenti de jueding, 14/10/1993]
[idem, 1993 nian: Zhonggong Zhongyang guanyu jianli shehuizhuyi shichang jingji tizhi ruogan wenti de jueding, 14/10/1993]
[Zhonggong Zhongyang guanyu wanshan shehuizhuyi shichang jingji tizhi  ruogan wenti de jueding, 14/11/2003]
[idem, guanyu wanshan shehuizhuyi shichang jingji tizhi ruogan wenti de jueding, 14/10/2003]|
[Rigas Arvanitis, Pierre Miège, Zhao Wei, A fresh look at the development of market Economy in China (2003)]'l+L.+7
[Joyce Palomar, Land tenure security as market stimulator in China, January 1, 2002]
[Speedy rectification and standardization of market economic order urged; April 6, 2001]
[Yingyi Qian, Jinglian Wu, China's transition to a market economy: How far across the river?, revised May 2000]
[Yingyi Qian, The process or China's market transition (1978-98): The evolutionary, historical, and comparative perspectives, March 2000]
[Justin Yifu Lin, Fang Cai, Zhou Li, The lessons of China's transition to a market economy (1996)]
[Jean C.Oi, The role of the local state in China's transitional economy, December 1995]
[Yingyi Qian, Chenggang Xu, Why China's economic reforms differ: The M-Form hierarchy and entry/expansion of the non-state sector, June 1993]
[Changing China, The creative industry perspective: A market ananlysis of China's digital and design industries; June 2004]

economische stimuleringsmaatregelen [jingji ciji cuoshi]
[Gady Epstein, China: Boom or Bust?, Foreign pundits have had their say. Two prominent Chinese economists weigh in, November 2, 2010]
[China's 4 trillion yuan stimulus to boost economy, domestic demand; & Special Report: Global Financial Crisis,
& Backgrounder: A timeline of China's recent economic-stimulus measures, & A timeline of China's macro-economic policy shifts over 30 years; November 9, 2008]

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ONTWIKKELINGSGEBIEDEN [kaifaqu, jingji tequ]

economische en technologische ontwikkelingsgebieden [jingji jishu kaifaqu]
[news, CADZ news, China development zones,  statistics; introduction, zone layout & zone guide: ETDZ Economic and Technological Development Zone, HIDZ High-tech Industrial Development Zone, FTZ Free Trade zone, BECZ Border Economic Cooperation Zone, EPZ Export Processing Zone; Other development zones List, Provincial Development Zones List]
[Zhongguo Kaifaquwang: Guojiaji jingji jishu kaifaqu jianjie, Guojiaji jingji jishu kaifaqu dili fenbu shiyitu, Guojiaji jingji jishu kaifaqu touzi zhinan]
[Zhongguo Kaifaquwang: zhengce fagui]
[Guojia Luohe jingji jishu kaifaqu (Luohe Shi Henan)]
[Caizhengbu, Haiguan Zongshu, Guojia Shuiwu Zongju, guanyu shenru shishi xibu da kaifa zhanlüe youguan shuishou zhengce wenti de tongzhi, Caishui [2011] 58 hao, 27/07/2011
[idem, guanyu shenru shishi xibu da kaifa zhanlüe youguan shuishou zhengce wenti de tongzhi, 27/07/2011]
[Zhengfu wenjian: guanyu guanche luoshi <guanyu dang de jiceng zuzhi shixing dangwu gongkai de shishi banfa (shixing)> de tongzhi, Luo kaidang kaiban (2011) 1 hao]
[development zones in the Yangtse Delta Region; November 2003]
[Cheng Li, China's Northeast: from largest rust belt to fourth economic engine? (2004)]
[Jermy Swift, Stephan Baas, Yonggong Liu, Pastoral risk management in Qinghai province, China, December 2005)]
[Tom Miller, Reviving northeast China, September 14, 2005
[Xiaohui Qiu, Le développement de l'Ouest de la Chine,  Une politique régionale de long terme dans une conception globale du développement national, avril 2002]
[China, UN sign training program to aid western development; January 16, 2002]
[Western province talking point special: talking about the development of the western region]
[China's strategy of developing the West and Hong Kong's opportunities; October 2000]
[China Development Zones Network]
[Zhongguo kaifaqu wang]

bijzondere economische gebieden (SEZ) [jingji tequ]'s_Republic_of_China
[China's Ec Success - Special Economic Zones, & related videos]
[Special Economic Zone (SEZ): definition, list, history]
[Douglas Zhihua Zeng, How do special economic zones and industrial clusters drive China's rapid development?, March 1, 2011 (download)]
[Shenzhen Special Economic Zone: 30 years, latedst news, audio, video, a visual look back on Shenzhen's  past 30 years,
30 years of music memories, transformation, Shenzhen changes, &c.]
[China's special economic zones  at 30, Yue-man Yeung, Joanna Lee, and Gordon Kee; Eurasian Geography and Economics,
volume 50, number 2, March-April 2009]]
[Xu Dixin, China's special economic zones, 1981, updated May 26, 2009]
[Shankar Gopalakrishnan, Negative aspects of special economic zones in China, April 28, 2007]
[Zhongguo Dalu guojiaji teshu jingji zhuyao zhonglei / Main categories of national level special zones in Mainland China; June 19, 2006]
[Song Deheng, Special economic zones and economic growth in China, June 5, 2006]
[Guo Wanda, Improve industrial competitiviness based on SEZ advantages: With Shenzhen SEZ as a case study, April 26, 2006]
[Tatsuyuki Ota, The role of special economic zones in China's economic development as compared with Asian export
processing zones: 1979 - 1995
, March 2003]
[Jörn-Karsten Gottwald, Shenzhen als "Special Political Zone"? Wie eine Verwaltungsreorganisation international als
politische Reform vermarktet wird
, Februar 2003]
[Shenzhen: Showcase for China's economic growth, February 4, 2002]
[Chung-Tong Wu, China's Special economic zones: five years after, an introduction, December 1985]
[Kung Kai-sing,James, The origins and performance of China's special economic zones, December 1985]

vrijhandelsgebieden(FTZ) [ziyou maoyi shiyanqu ziyou maoyiqu, zimaoqu]

[Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao free trade parl proposal submitted to State Council, January 8, 2014]

[Shanghai Free Trade Zone, The next Shenzhen?; October 16, 2013]

Shanghai - vrijhandelsgebied [Shanghai ziyou maoyi shiyanqu, Shanghai ziyou maoyiqu, zimaoqu]
[China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone: about SHFTZ, news & unfi, investment, guide, government affairs, Q & A

[Chinsa (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, June 29, 2015]
[HKTDC Research, Shanghai FTA announces new offshore funding rues, March 2, 2015]
[Zhongguo Baojianhui Bangongting guanyu jinyibu jianhua xingzheng shenpi zhichi Zhongguo (Shanghai)
Ziyao Maoyi Shiyanqu fazhan
, 15/05/2014]
[Shanghai Haiguan guanyu zai Zhongguo (Shanghai) Ziyao Maoyi Shiyanqu shishi jingwai ru qu huowu
“xian jinqu, hou baoguan” zuoye moshe de gonggao
, 22/04/22]
]Sub Anchor: Testing ground for economic reforms hits 6-month marrk & video; March 29, 2014]
[Xinhua Insight: Evolving reforms at Shanghai FTZ push financial opening; March 26, 2014]
[Liberalization adds to Shanghai FTXZ diversity; Bak executive; March 20, 2014]
[Govt revamps FTZregulations; China Daily January 10, 2014]
[State Council temporarily adjust relevant rules and measures for Shanghai FTZ, January 10, 2014]
[Shanghai Free Trade Zone: latest news, policy updates, opinion, photos, video]
[Shanghai's New  Free Trade Zone, General Plan and Regulations, China Briefing September 28, 2013]
[China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone]
[Zhongguo (Shanghai) ziyou maoyi shiyanqu: shouye]
[Zhongguo (Shanghai) ziyou maoyi shiyanqu zongti fang'an 30/05/2014 / China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone]
PFTZ FrameworkPlan_Bilingual_290913.pdf

[Guowuyuan guanyu yinfa Zhongguo (Shanghai) ziyou maoyi shiyanqu zongti fang'an, Guofa [2013] 38 hao /
Circular of the State Council on the Framework Plan for the China (Shanghai) Pilot  Free Trade Zone,Guofa [2013] No.38, 18/09/2013 (bilingual)]
[Framework Plan for the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, & Appendix, (download)]
[Christian Geinitz, China macht Schanghai zur Freihandelszone, 4. Dezember 2013]
[Sales of 8.5 million yuan at first free trade zone auction, November 27, 2013\

[AQSIQ lends support to Shanghai free trade zone; November 22, 2013]
[TieCheng Yang, China unveils the blueprint for the China (Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone (download file), October 22,  22, 2013]

Pearl River Delta [Zhujiang Sanjiaozhou, Dazhu Sanjiao]
[HKTDC Research, PRD Economic Profile, February 27, 2015]
[The Greater Pearl River Delta Business Council: Annual reports 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008 & study reports;  last revision 23 February 2011]
[Two weeks, two strikes in the Pearl River Delta; June 8, 2010]
[Yue-man Yeung, The further integration of the Pearl River Delta: A new beginning of reform, Environment and Urbanization ASIA 1(1) 13–26 (2010)]
[Outline of the plan for the Reform and Development of the Pearl River Delta (2008=2020); & Zhongwen; December 2008]
[The development of Western Pearl River Delta Region and its prospects for collaboration with Hong Kong, August 2006]
[planning Frameworks of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Macau, & maps, June 2001]
[huiying <Zhujiang Sanjiaozhou Diqu gaige fazhan guihua gangyao> yanjiu baogao, 2009 nian 9 yue]
[Zhujiang Sanjiaozhou Diqu gaige fazhan guihua gangyao (2008-2020 nian); 2008 nian shi'er yue]

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[Zhonggong Zhongyang, Guowuyuan guanyu jiada tongchou cheng-xiang fazhan lidu jinyibu hangshi nongye nongcun fazhan jichu de ruogan yijian, 31/12/2009]
[idem, guanyu jiada tongchou cheng-xiang fazhan lidu jinyibu hangshi nongye nongcun fazhan jichu de ruogan yijian, 31/12/2009]

[Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on exerting greater efforts in the overall planning of urban and rural development and further solidifying the foundation for agricultural and rural development, December 31, 2009 (bilingual)]
Three Decades of Reform and Opening Up: The Retrospect and Prospects of West China Development; July 23, 2009]
[Guowuyuan guanyu yinfa <Wuliuye tiaozheng he zhenxing guihua de tongzhi, & Wuliuye tiaozheng he zhenxing guihua, 10/03/2009]
[idem, Guowuyuan - de tongzhi, & Wuliuye tiaozheng he zhenxing guihua, 10/03/2009]
[Guowuyuan Bangongting guanyu cujin wuliuye jiankang fazhan zhengce cuoshi de yijian, 2/08/2011]
[idem, uanyu cujin wuliuye jiankang fazhan zhengce cuoshi de yijian, 2/08/2011]
[Rural development, Building a new socialist countryside: agriculture, countryside, farmers; policies & guidelines, rural reforms, poverty reduction, migrant workerss, education & medicare; highlights, backgrounder, archives (2011)]
Renfu Luo, Linxiu Zhang, Jikun Huang, Scott Rozelle, Elections, fiscal reform and public goods provision in rural China, December 2006]
[Zhonggong Zhongyang Zhengzhiju zhaokai huiyi yanjiu shenru shishi xibu dakaifa zhanlüe, 28/05/2010]
[Zhonggong Zhongyang Zhengzhiju zhaokai huiyi yanjiu shenru shishi Xibu dakaifa zhanlüe; & related videos]
[Zhonggong Zhongyang guanyu jingji tizhi gaige de jueding, 20/10/1984]
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[Frank N.Pieke, The politics of rural land use planning in China (2002)]
[Australia and China: Supporting reform and development, Aid program strategy 2000-2001]
[Asia Pacific Philanthropy Constortium (APPC): China)]
[Zhongguo Xibu kaifawang]
[Zhongguo cunshewang]
[National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)]
[Guojia Fazhan he Gaige Weiyuanhui]
[Guojia Fazhan he Gaige Weiyuanhui]

China's Agenda 21
[The Administrative Center for China's Agenda 21:institution, stategy research, local agenda 21, global systems for sustainable development, EU-China Environmental management co-operation programme; sustainable development information networking, sustainable communities, the Chinese Society for Sustainable Development, National new Drugs Discovery Project, Modernization of Chinese Materia Medica, 863 Natural resources and Environment]
[Zhongguo 21 shiji Yicheng Guanli Zhongxin]
[Zhongguo 21 shiji Yicheng Guanli Zhongxin: zhineng, zuzhi jigou, zhize]
[China's population and developtment in the 21 century, December 2000]
[Zhongguo 21 shiji renkou yu fazhan, 2000 nian 12 yue]
[Zhongguo 21 shiji renkou yu fazhan, 2000 nian 12 yue]

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VIJFJAREN PLANNEN  [wunian guihua]

overzichten [gaiguan]
[China economic development: five-year plans]
[China's 12th Five Year plan: A preliminary Look, Part II, & Part I, March 2011]  
[The 12th five year plan, The formulation of China's Major plans and Programs 2008-2010 and onwards (copy/paste link in menu bar!)]
[China mapping out the 11th five-year development guidelines & five-year plans: 1st to 10th]
[Zhang Rui, Changes in five-year plans' economic focus, November 9, 2005]
[Lauren Mack, Chinese history: Five Year plan]
[disige - diqige wunian jihua, & audio]
[Dai Gen-you, China's Monetary Policy: Retrospect and Prospect  (2001)]

zevende vijfjarenplan, 1986-1990 [diqige wunian jihua]
[The 7th Five-Year Plan (1986-1990); April 5, 2006]
[diqige wunian jihua]
[diqige wunian jihua (1986-1990)]
[diqige wunian jihua (1986 nian-1990 nian)]
[diqige wunian jihua jianjie]
[Zhonggong Zhongyang guanyu zhiding geuomin jingji he shehui fazhan diqige wunian jihua de jianyi (1), 23/09/1985]
[Zhonggong Zhongyang guanyu zhiding geuomin jingji he shehui fazhan diqige wunian jihua de jianyi (2), 23/09/1985]

achtste vijfjarenplan, 1991-1995 [dibage wunian jihua]
[The 8th Five-Year Plan (1991-1995); April 5, 2006]
[The 8th Five-Year Plan (1991-1995)]
[dibage wunian jihua (1991-1995)]
Guomin jingji - dibage wunian jihua]

negende vijfjarenplan, 1996-2000 [dijiuge wunian jihua]
[Li Peng, Report on the Outline of the Ninth Five-Year plan (1996-2000) for National Economic and Social Development and the Long-range Objectives to the Year 2010 (Excerpts); March 5, 1996]
[Jian Chen, Looking back: A stable economy, July 10, 2000]
[Business in China: What major achievements has China made in attracting foreign investment during the Ninth Five-Year
plan period (1996-2000)?; October 15, 2004]
[Ninth Five-Year Plan in Retrospect: background, achievements, macro-economy, opinions]
[Zhonggong Zhongyang guanyu zhiding dijiuge wunian jihua he 2010 nian yuanjing mubiao di jianyi, 28/09/1995]

tiende vijfjarenplan, 2001-2005 [dishige wunian guihua]
[Zhu Rongji,  Report on the Outline of the Tenth Five-Year plan (1996-2000) for National Economic and Social Development (2001), March 5, 2001]
[Premier Zhu on drafting 10th five-year plan (summary), October 20, 2000]
[Tenth Five-Year plan, Look into the next five years]

[Jinnan Wang, Shunze Wu, Hong Luo, Integrating economic development and environmental protection in China during the 10th five-year plan period (2001-2005), November 2000]
[Tenth Five-Year plan: China to invest 700 billion yuan for improving urban & rural environment; January 31, 2002]
[Chen Zhili attended the opening ceremony of the National Exhibition of Key S&T Achievements in the 10th Five-Year plan; September 8, 2005]

elfde vijfjarenplan, 2006-2010 [dishiyige wunian guihua / shiyiwu guihua]
[Zhonggong Zhongyang guanyu zhiding "shiyi wu" guihua de jianyi, 11/10/2005
[idem, Zhonggong Zhongyang guanyu zhiding "shiyi wu" guihua de jianyi, 11/10/2005
[Zhonggong Zhongyang guanyu zhiding guomin jingji he shehui fazhan dishiyige wunian guihua gangyao, 11/10/2005]
[idem, guomin jingji he shehui fazhan dishiyige wunian guihua gangyao, 11/10/2005
[idem, guomin jingji he shehui fazhan dishiyige wunian guihua gangyao, 11/10/2005; May 26, 2006]
[Guomin jingji he shehui fazhan dishiyige wunian guihua gangyao, gailan, 26/5/2006]
[planning: The National Ninth Five-Year plan for environmental protection and the long-term targets for the year 2010]
[China National Environmental protection plan in the Eleventh Five-Years (2006-2010)]
[Outline of the 11th five-year plan for national economic & social development of the PRC]
[the new 11th Five-Year Guidelines; November 9, 2005]
[CPC sets the 11th Five-Year plan; October 11, 2005]
[NPC endorses economic plan; March 14, 2006]
[China mapping out the 11th five-year development guidelines]
[C.Cindy Fan, China’s Eleventh Five-Year plan (2006 - 2010): From "getting rich first" to "common prosperity", (2006)]
[Barry Naughton, The New Common Economic Program: China's 11th five year plan and what it means (2005)]
[Arthur R.Kroeber, China as employer and consumer, Economic outlook for the 11th five-year plan (2006-2010), December 2005]
[Outline of the eleventh five-year plan for National Economic and Social Development in Shanghai, (bilingiual), January 20, 2006]

twaalfde vijfjarenplan, 2011-2015 [dishi'er wunian guihua]
[Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo guomin jingji he shehui fazhan di shi'er ge wunian guihua guangyao, 16/03/2011]
[idem, Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo guomin jingji he shehui fazhan di shi'er ge wunian guihua guangyao, 16/03/2011]
[idem, Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo guomin jingji he shehui fazhan di shi'er ge wunian guihua guangyao, 16/03/2011]
[idem, shouquan fabu: Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo guomin jingji he shehui fazhan di shi'er ge wunian guihua guangyao, 16/03/2011]
[Report on the Implementation of the 2010 plan for National Economic and Social Development and on the 2011 Draft plan for National Economic and Social Development, submitted March 5 for review at the Fourth Session of the 11th National People's Congress and adopted on March 14, 2011 (full text)]
[Highlights of China's 12th five-year plan; March 5, 2011]
[CPC sets targets for 12th five-year program; October 27, 2010]
[Zhonggong Zhongyang guanyu zhiding guomin jingji he shehui fazhan dishi'er ge wunian guihua de jianyi, 18/10/2010]
[idem, Zhonggong Zhongyang guanyu zhiding guomin jingji he shehui fazhan dishi'er ge wunian guihua de jianyi, 18/10/2010],20101027102171998.html
[idem, Zhonggong Zhongyang guanyu zhiding guomin jingji he shehui fazhan dishi'er ge wunian guihua de jianyi, 18/10/2010]
[Communique of the Fifth Plenum of the 17th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), which was passed on October 18 (full text translation)]
[12th Five-Year plan period crucial stage for China: China's top political advisor; October 19, 2010]
[China's next five-year plan settled; October 19, 2009]
[Foreign media report on five-year plan; October 20, 2010]
[World watches as China moves to further political reform; October 20, 2010]
[China to publicize Party agenda for next 5 years with nationwide campaign; November 30, 2010]
[CPC Central Committee's proposal for 12th 5-year plan; October 27, 2010]
[APCO, China's 12th five-year plan, How it actually works and what's in store for the next five ywars; December 2010]
[The 12th five year plan: introduction, background, solutions put forward by the CPC, the ten measures, closing remarks]
[Joseph Casey and Katherine Koleski (U.S.China Economic & Security Review Commission), Backgrounder, China's 12th Five-Year plan, June 24, 2011]
[Edwar Prasat, China's approach to economic development and industrial policy, June 15, 2011]
[China's 12th Five-Year plan (2011-2015) - KPM Insight Series: China's 12th Five-Year plan: overview; Podcasts; Sector insights - English versions, Sector insights - Chinese version]

jaarverslagen [baogao]
[Report on the implementation of the 2010 plan for national economic and social development and on the 2011 draft plan for national economic and social development, fourth Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress March 5, 2011]
[Report on the implementation of the 2009 plan for national economic and social development and on the 2010 draft plan for national economic and social development, third Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress March 5, 2010]
[Report on the implementation of the 2008 plan for national economic and social development and on the 2009 draft plan for national economic and social development, Second Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress March 5, 2009]
[Report on the implementation of the 2007 plan for national economic and social development and on the 2008 draft plan for national economic and social development, First Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress  March 5, 2008]
[Report on the implementation of the 2006 plan for National Economic and Social Development and on the 2007 draft plan for National Economic and Social Development; March 5, 2007]
[idem, Report on the implementation of the 2006 plan for national economic and social development and on the 2007 draft plan for national economic and social development; March 5, 2007]
[Report on the implementation of the 2005 plan for national economic and social development and on the 2006 draft plan for national economic and social development; March 5, 2006]
[Report on the implementation of the 2004 plan for national economic and social development and on the 2005 draft plan for national economic and social development; March 5, 2005]
[idem, Report on the implementation of the 2004 plan for national economic and social development and on the 2005 draft plan for national economic and social development; March 5, 2005]
[Guojia Fazhan he Gaige Weiyuanhui, Guanyu guomin jingji he shehui fazhan jigua de baogao, 5/3/2005]
[Report on the implementation of the 2003 plan for national economic and social development and on the 2004 draft plan for national economic and social development; March 6, 2004]
[idem, Report on the Implementation of the 2003 plan for national economic and social development and on the 2004 draft plan for national economic and social development; March 6, 2004]
[Report on the Implementation of the 2002 plan for national economic and social development and on the 2003 draft plan for national economic and social development; March 6, 2003]

statistieken [tongji shuju]
[statistical data, special topics, laws & regulations, news, international cooperation, montlhly data update)]
[Chinz: economy statistics amd industry reports. updated: 27 Augustus 2012],33009,2122729,00.html
[Rana Foroohar, Inside China's black box of statistics, September 3, 2012]
[China's macro-economic statistics, July 2011]
[China's macro economics statistics]
[statistics: brief statistics, foreign investment, foreign trade cooperation, import and export statistics, regional trade statistics]
[China Data Center News Update, 2011-2008]
[China Statistical Yearbook Database (CSYD), English VErsion, User Guide, October 20, 2010]
[Statistics,  2009 -  2003]
[China Standing in the World Economy; last updated December 27, 2007]
[Selin Ozyurt, Total factor productivity growth in Chinese industry, 1952-2005 (2007)]
[China Data Center News Update, 2010-2007]
[China Statistical Data, Monthly Statistics, 2007-2000: industry, investment, price, domestic trade, foreign trade,
import & export, finance & budget]
[General Data Dissemination System: China PRC, Index of Tables (2010)]
[statistics, 2006 - 2009]
[Economic Year in Review, 2003 vs 2002]
[statistics in graphics: 1978-2003]
[China Stats, 30 years of change]
[Thomas, G.Rawski, China by the numbers: How reform affected Chinese economic statistics, December 20, 2000]
[General Data Dissemination System (GDDS)]
[Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo Guojia Tongjiju / National Bureau of Statistics of China]
[International Merchandise Trade Statistic, Country pages 2009 - 2005]

statistiekberichten [tongji gongbao]
[Statistical Communiqué of the People's Republic of China on the 2010 National Economic and Social Development; National Bureau of Statistics of China, February 28, 2011]
[Statistical Communiqué of the People's Republic of China on the 2009 National Economic and Social Development; National Bureau of Statistics of China, February 25, 2010]
[Statistical Communiqué of the People's Republic of China on the 2008 National Economic and Social Development; National Bureau of Statistics of China, February 26, 2009]
[Statistical Communiqué of the People's Republic of China on the 2007 National Economic and Social Development; National Bureau of Statistics of China, February 28, 2008]
[Chinese statistical communiqué 2000; April 5, 2003]
[statistical communiqué of the PRC on the 2000 National Economic and Social Development; February 28, 2001]

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ARBEID [laogong]

inleidingen & artikelen [gaiguan & wenzhang]
[Human Rights Watch: China (2010 - 1991)]
[China Labour Bulletin, Research Reports 2010 - 2004 (bilingual)]
[China Labour Bulletin: research reports, resource centre, workers'voices, labour rights lititgations, workers representation and collective contracts, analysis commentary and features, news, CLB's blogs, press centre, CLB in the news, links]
[Reports: industry, brand, year (2011 - 2000)]
[About us, our work, reports, media center, get involved]
[CLB Going it alone, The workers' movement in China (2007-2008), July 2009]
[Christopher Bodeen, China train station hub for forced labour, June 19, 2007]
[Tim Pringle, The informalisation of work in China (2006)]
[Anders Reutersward, Labour protection in China: Challenges facing labour offices and social security, November 7, 2005]
[Human rights for workers: information on China (2002)]
[Chong Kwan Lee, From the specter of Mao to the spirit of the law: Laor insurgency in China, Kuwer 2002]
[Workers' rights lag behind U.N. standards; February 28, 2001]
[Anita Chan, Labor standards and human rights, The case of Chinese workers under market socialism, April 20,1998]
[Anita Chan, China's factories on a war footing, November 1996]
[Business and human rights resource center, tracking the positive and negative impacts of over 4000 companies worldwide, last uodated July 5, 2011]

kinderarbeid [tonggong]
[China's Youth Meet Microsoft: KYE Factory in China Produces for Microsoft and other U.S. Companies; National Labour Committee Report April 2010]
[Child labour remains a widespread and serious problem in China; June 11, 2009]
[Dongguan to reward child labour informants; August 1, 2008]
[Guan Xiaofeng, Wang Qian, Authorities seek greater enforcement of child labor laws, June 12, 2008]
[Authorities attempt to play-down Donggua child labour scandal; May 2, 2008]
[Small Hands: A survey report on child labour in China; September 2007]
[guanyu Zhongguo tonggong xianxiang de shidi kaocha baogao, 2006 nian 5 yue]
[idem, guanyu Zhongguo tonggong xianxiang de shidi kaocha baogao, 2006 nian 5 yue]
[Survey Report on child labour in China; May 30, 2006]
[Ching-Ching Ni, China's use of child labor emerges from the shadows, The deaths of five girls draw attention to the practice, common in struggling rural areas,   May 13, 2005]
[Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, Rising child labour in China, March 7, 2001]
[Child labor in China; last updated December 7, 1999]
[Chan Ka Wai, Child labor in China, June 1996]
[US Department of Labor, Bureau of International Labor Affairs: China (1994)]

vrouwenarbeid [nüzhigong laodong]
[Hai Fang (et al.), Female employment and fertility in rural China, April 2010]
[Hai Fang (et al.) Employment and fertility in rural China Implications for the "One-child" policy, February 6, 2010]
[Liz Hull, Lee Sorrell, The image Microsoft doesn't want you to see: too tired to stay awake, the Chinese workers earning just 34p an hout, last updated om 18th April 2010]
[China's youth meet Microsoft; April 13, 2010]
[Wang Zhuoqiong, Economic slowdown hits China's women workers, May 29, 2009]
[Workplace safety issues concerning female workers call for immediate action, Sudden deaths of migrant women raise great concern; April 27, 2007]
[Women workers in China 1949-2007]
[Falling through the floor: Migrant women workers' quest for decent work in Dongguan, China; September 2006]
[Wang Zhiyong, Women in the workplace: A Great Leap Backward, March 22, 2004]
[Unions to help female migrant workers; Febrary 22, 2006]
[Hillary Crane, review of: Pun Ngai, Made in China: Women Factory Workers in a Global Workplace (2005)]
[Zhang Ye, Hope for China's migrant women workers, April 26, 2002]
[Jessica Fulton, Holding up half of the heavens: The effect of communist rule on China's women (2000)]
[the history of women workers in China]
[Zhongguo funüwang]

personeelsbeleid [renli ziyuan / renli guanli]–-China/Human-Resources.htm?mode=p&s=4
[Business Alert – China > Human Resources; A biweekly newsletter providing up-to-date information]
[Tim Burgess, 9 steps for HR Managers in China, July 21, 2009]
[The development of human resource management in China; February 6, 2009]
[Patrick O. Courtois, No free lunch in China, November 20, 2008]
[Xia Cui, Yang Lu, An innovative research on the cultivation pattern of HRM professionals, May 2008]
[William A. Fischer, Rebecca Chung, Talent challenge in China - II, Building innovation and marketing competencies
for the future
, March 2008]
[William A. Fischer, Rebecca Chung, Talent challenge in China - I , Turning raw talent into seasoned managers, February 2008]
[Geoff Light, Made in America is hot in China - So where is everybody?, January 8, 2008]
[UNI Offshoring-Code für Führungskräfte, Das Prinzip Verantwortung: Ethisches management in offshoring-Prozesson, September 2007]
[Ames Gross, Increase of unionization in China - What foreign managers in China ought to know, August 2007]
[Ames Gross, Managing Chinese employees, October 2007]
[Adrienne Fox, China: land of opportunity and challenge; HR professionals at U.S. companies in China have to work fast to attract, develop and retain employees in this booming economy, September 1, 2007]
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in: Organization Science vol.15/2, pp.133-144, March/April 2004]
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[Bruce D.Henderson, Brinknanship in business, The Boston Consulting Group Inc., 1968]
[Zhonghua Renmi Gongheguo renli ziyuan he Shehui Baozhangbu]
[Zhongguo renli  ziyuan kaifa wang]
[Asian human resource sites]
[human resource management articles]
[human resource videos]
[Harvard Business: The Importance of learning in organizations; & related videos]

2010 witboek [baipishu]
[Zhongguo de renli ziyuan zhuangkuang (2010 nian 9 yue)]
[idem, Zhongguo de renli ziyuan zhuangkuang]
[idem, Zhongguo de renli ziyuan zhuangkuang]
[China's human resources]
[idem, China's human resources]
[La situation des ressources humaines en Chine]

arbeidsmarkt [laodongli shichang]
[Auret van Heerden, China answers global crisis with new labor market policies , May 20, 2009]
[Xiujian Peng, Yinhua Mai, Population ageing, labour market reform and economic growth in China, A dynamic general equilibrium analysis, September 2008]
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[Meyan Wang, Fang Cai, Gender wage differentials in China's urban labour market, November 2006 (pdf)]
[Bill Bonner, What China's changing labour market means for the West, September 14, 2006]
[, China's factories hit an unlikely shortage: labor, May 1,  2006]
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[foreigners feel the pinch of tough job market; February 19, 2004]
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[China: Labour market and income insecurity; July 15, 2001]
[Christne M.Bulger, Fighting gender discrimination in the Chinese workplace (2000)]
[Zhongguo laodongli shichang]

wijsvinger-anim.gif (352 bytes) opmerking: liever lui dan moe? dat moest kunnen!
[Bertrand Russell, In praise of idleness (1932)]
[Paul Lafargue, The right to be lazy (1883)]
[Ein Lob der Faulheit, Vom Segen des Nichtstuns und der zerstörerischen Wirkung falschen Fleißes, von Dirk Maxeiner (2000)]
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[Ma vie est une bande dessinée (2010)]
[Jean Gao, Stretch away the stress while still in office, March 21, 2005]
[anti-stress kit, January 24, 2012]
[Max Dendermonde, De wereld gaat aan vlijt ten onder 1954]

werkgelegenheid [jiuye]
[Q 1/2011, Manpower employmen outlook survey: China]
[Q 2/2011, Manpower employmen outlook survey: China]
[Q 3/2011, Manpower employmen outlook survey: China]
[Luo Chuanyin, Who are most likely to job-hop?, July 6, 2010]
[Jason Tian, Formation of employment contracts in China, September 4, 2009]
[Minister: China's employment situation "grave", counter measures take "initial effects", & video; March 19, 2009]
[Feng Xu, The emergence of temporary staffing Agencies in China, January 13, 2009]
[Wolfgang Däubler, Qian Wang, The new Chinese employment law, January 13, 2009]
[Hong Kong and Chinese Employment Law Update; January 2009]
[Camilla Cheung, Jobs teaching in China, Schools that hire English and ESL teachers, July 3, 2009]
[Rural labor force resources and employments; February 27, 2008]
[Zhang Libin, Globalization and its effects on youth employment i China, March 2006]
[Yan Di, China's employment policies and strategies, s.d.]
[China Employment Forum, Beijing 28 - 30 April 2004, background papers & links]
[Ming Lu, Jianyong Fan, Shejian Liu, Yan Yan, Employment restructuring during China's economic transition, August 2002]
[WTO Entry Impacts China's Employment Market; May 27, 2002]
[Lu Ming, Chen Zhao, La réforme du système d'emploi en Chine, avril 2000]

wijsvinger-anim.gif (352 bytes) extra: werkgelegenheidsprobleem in U.S.A. & EU,9171,1921592,00.html
[Joshua Cooper Ramo, Jobless in America: Is double-digit unemployment here to stay?, September 11, 2009]
[Olivier J. Blanchard & Lawrence H. Summers, Hysteresis and the European Unemployment Problem (1986; pdf)]

witboeken [baipishu]

witboek 2004
[Zhongguo de jiuye zhuangkuang zhengce]
[idem, Zhongguo de jiuye zhuangkuang he zhengce]
[idem, Zhongguo de jiuye zhuangkuang he zhengce]
[China's Employment Situation and Policies]
[idem, China's Employment Situation and Policies]
[L'emploi en Chine: situation et politique]
[idem, L'emploi en Chine: situation et politique]

witboek 2002
[Zhongguo de laodong he shehui baozhang zhuangkuang]
[idem, Zhongguo de laodong he shehui baozhang zhuangkuang]
[Labor and social security in China]
[idem, Labor and social security in China]
[La situation du travail et de la protection sociale en Chine]
[Arbeit und Sozialabsicherung in China]

ontslag [jiegu / jiechu]
[Ames Gross, Termination issues in China, September 2008]

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wijsvinger-anim.gif (352 bytes) extra: internationaal aspect
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vakbonden [gonghui]
[ILO Country Office for China ad Mongolia (CO-Beijing)]
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blkfadeblack.gif (2790 bytes)


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wijsvinger-anim.gif (352 bytes) extra:
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boeren [nongmin]

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[migrant workers in China, & related videos]
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uitbuiting [xinku nuyi/xuehan gongchang]
[Chinese police rescue tortured slave laborers held captive in brick factory; May 31, 2010]
[Slaves at Chinese factory that produces for Microsoft (17 pics); April 19, 2010]
[Paul Morris, March 10, 1910: China abolishes slavery, March 7, 2010]
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["Versehentlich" erschlagen ...Ein Skandal um SklavInnenarbeit erschüttert das aufstrebende China; Juni 2007]
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blkfadeblack.gif (2790 bytes)

MENSENSMOKKEL & SLANGENKOPPEN [fanmai renkou, guaidai funü/ertong, renzousi & shetou]

inleidingen & artikelen [gaiguan & wenzhang]'s_Republic_of_China
[China and Hong Kong: trafficking]
[Maung Too, Human trfficking to China on the rise,  May 6, 2011]
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[Duncan Hewitt, 'Snakehead' boss arrested in China, February 4, 2002]
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wijsvinger-anim.gif (352 bytes) extra: internationaal aspect
[United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and its Protocols]

[Natalia Ollus, Protocol against the smuggling of migrants by land, air and sea, Supplementing the United Nations Convention
against transnational oganized crime (2000)]
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[Bibliography on trafficking in human beings, 2010 - 2001]
[tools and publications]

vrouwenhandel [guaimai funü]
[China National plan of Action on combating trafficking in women and children 2008 - 2012]

[China National Plan of Action on Combating Trafficking in Women and Children (2008-2012), Issued by the State Council
of China, December 13, 2007]
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September/October 1997]

kinderhandel [fanmai ertong]
[2.175 stolen children and the "Child bride" of Putian, Exposing China's masssive traficking problem, June 13, 2011]
[Desperate parents besiege website to find stolen children after father discovers son stolen three years ago living
1,000 miles away; February 10, 2011]
[China news tagged with: Child trafficking, & archives 2009 - 2011]
[Chinese Police rescue trafficked children, June 22, 2009]
[Children go home as China cracks trafficking ring; January 29, 2008],1518,696129,00.html
[Andreas Lorenz, China's child-traficking epidemic, May 21, 2010]
[Child brides and baby trafficking, & related videos]

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ARMEN & ARMOEDE & ARMOEDEBESTRIJDING [pinmin / pinkun renkou & pinku & fupin]

inleidingen & artikelen [gaiguan & wenzhang]'s_Republic_of_China
[Fact Sheet: Table 1 development indicators, Tanle 2 economic indicators 2006-2010]
[poverty & rising living standards]
[Damian Tobin, Inequality in China: Rural poverty persists as urban wealth balloons, June 29, 2011]
[China to stremgthen efforts to alleviate poverty; April 26, 2011]
[Liu Jinsong, Who qualifies as poor in China, January 25, 2011]
[UNDP China, UNDP projects in China (2010)]
[From poor areas to poor people: China’s evolving poverty reduction agenda, An assessment of poverty and inequality in China; March 2009]
[China's war on poverty: Western development, tackling rural poverty, focus on migrant workers, urban issues,
education, disaster prevention & relief, health, ICT for development, international cooperation (2009)]
[Poverty relief: policy & strategy, social security, education, unemployment, women in poverty, urban poverty, famers'
burden, role of NGO's, international cooperation (2009)]
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of China Experience
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study on pathways out of poverty and the effectiveness of poverty targeting
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[fangzhen zhengce]
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[Pinkun yu Fanpinkun]
[Zhongguo Fupin Jijinhui]
[Zhongguo Fupin Jijinhui}
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[Guowuyuan Fupinban]

wijsvinger-anim.gif (352 bytes) extra: armoede-begrip:
[Fu Jing, Call for new definition of poverty, September 29, 2007]
[fighting poverty; April 6, 2011]
[Raising the poverty line; March 14, 2011]

wijsvinger-anim.gif (352 bytes) extra: wereldarmoede-kaarten
[global distribution of poverty]

 wijsvinger-anim.gif (352 bytes) extra: arme meisjes:
[girls in poverty (pictures); February 20, 2003]

plannen voor armoedebestrijding [fupin gongjian jihua]
[China Foundation for poverty alleviation: Do it together]
[The State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Relief and Development]
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fapin gangyao (22011-2020 nian)> - Zhonggong Zhongyang Zongshuji Hu Jintao zhuchi huiyi
, 27/04/2011]
[Wen Jiabao zhuchi zhaokai Guowuyuan Changwu Huiyi - Tingqu <Zhongguo nongcun fupin kaifa gangyao (2001-2010 nian)>
shishi qingkuang huibao
, 2/02/2010]
[Zhongguo nongcun fupin kaifa gangyao (2001-2010 nian)]
[Zhongguo nongcun fupin kaifa gangyao (2001-2010 nian)]
[<Zhongguo nongcun fupin kaifa gangyao (2001-2010 nian)> zhongji pinggu zhengce baogao]
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[idem, yinfa <guojia ba qi fupin gongjian jihua> de tongzhi, 15/4/1994]
[Guojia ba qi fupin gongjian jihua (1994-2000 nian]

2011 witboek [baipishu]
[Zhongguo nongcun fupin kaifa de xin jinzhan, 16/11/2011]
[idem, Zhongguo nongcun fupin kaifa de xin jinzhan, 16/11/2011]
[New progress in development-oriented poverty reduction program for rural China]
[idem, New progress in development-oriented poverty reduction program for rural China]
[Nouveaux progrès de la lutte contre la pauvreté rurale en Chine]
[Fortschritte bei der Armutsbekämpfung auf dem land in China]

2001 witboek [baipishu]
[Zhongguo de nongcun fupin kaifa]
[idem, Zhongguo de nongcun fupin kaifa]
[The development-oriented poverty reduction program for rural China]
[idem, The development-oriented poverty reduction program for rural China]
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zwervers & bedelaars [liulangzhe & qigai]
[China's latest challende: swelling ranks of beggars, September 17, 2010]
[Moon, Professional beggars earn more than policemen, March 13, 2010]
[Clifford Coonan, Handsome Chinese vagrant draws fans of 'homeless chic', Identity of 'Brother Sharp', dubbed China's coolest man, remains a mystery, March 4, 2010]
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[Patrol Team targets nuisance beggars; February 22, 2006]
[online beggar directory a waste?; August 29, 2005]
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[Not welcome at the party: Behind the "clean-up" of the Chinese cities, A report on administrative detention under
"custody and repatriation"; September 1, 1999, pdf]
[Not welcome at the party: Behind the "clean-up" of the Chinese cities, A report on administrative detention under
"custody and repatriation" (download pdf)]
[Xidan girl sings "Angel's Wings"in Beijing Tunnel, & related videos]

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STEDEN [chengshi]

verstedelijking [chengshihua]
[Research, events, press room, resources; English & Zhongwen]
[The joint report by the World Bank and the Development Research Center of China's State Council, <Urban China: Toward
efficient, inclusive, and sustainable urbanization>, March 2014 (download the report in English, Spanish, French, Russian,
or Chinese version); & related information)]
[Jie Chen, Feng Guo, Aiyong Zhu, The housing-led growth hypothesis revisited: Evidence from the Chinese provincial
panel data,
August 2011]
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in China,
June 24, 2011]
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April 2011 (pdf download)]
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October 2006]
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[Urbanization, articles (2004)]
[China's urbanization, articles (2004)]
[China's urbanization; documents, news (2004)]
[Urbanization, energy, and air polution in China, proceedings of a symposium (2004): Jack J.Fritz, Introduction; & search
this book (alle afzonderlijke bijdragen van het symposium blad na blad te lezen]
[Urbanization, energy, and air polution in China, proceedings of a symposium (2004) (free   PDF acces, sign in to download]
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Province, A
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a baseline
, The China Quarterly, No.104, December 1985]
[Urbanization in the People's Republic of China]
[Zhongguo chengshi guihua xiehui]
[Shi-er wu guihua guanzhu minsheng tansuo shebao tixi chengxiang yitihua]
[Zhufang he Chengxiang Jianshebu (Ministry of housing and urban-rural development)]

wijsvinger-anim.gif (352 bytes) extra:
[Interactive map: urban growth, 1955 - 2015]

[Jane Zeng, 'Creative industry clusters' and the 'Entrepreneurial city' of Shanghai, June 22, 2011]
[Dan Steinbock, Shanghai: The rise of the global city, September 5, 2010]
[Virtual Shanghai: Shanghai urban space in time; modified April 21, 2009]
[Xiangming Chen, Shanghai: The world’s most rapidly globalizing City, February 19, 2007)]

[Kalamaros, Shanghai's sustainable new towns: Five new town projects in Shanghai showcase China’s commitment
to sustainable development
, February 2006]
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["Satellite cities" shining in Shanghai's future, Shanghai's urbanisation program being revived; October 11, 2001]
[Modalities for envionmental assessment: urban development and environmental protection in Shanghai, August 8, 2001]

stadsplanning [chengshi jianshe guihua, chengshi guihua, shi guihua]
[Strategic options for urbanization in the People's Republic of China, key findings, Report 2013]
[Douglas Webster, Alain Bertaud, Cai Jianming, Yang Zhenshan, Toward efficient urban form in China, September 2010]
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[Zhang Chuanwen, China's urban disease (2), July 15, 2010]
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[Joey Yap, Complex task of urban planning,  April 23, 2006]
[Edward H.Ziegler, China's cities, globalization and sutainable development: comparative thoughts on urban planning,
energy and environmental policy
[China freezes approval of construction land for 26 cities; March 11, 2004]
[Beijing denies reports on large-scale evictions; March 11, 2004]
[Photos of Sanyuanli, one of the biggest urban villages in Guangzhou (Japanese)]
[Ou Ning, Shadow of times, 5 Mai 2003]
[World urban planners involved in drawing blueprints for Chinese cities; November 4, 2001]
[China: Sustainable Urban Development - Guilin Case (1995)]
[Lianheguo Renjushu qiangdiao jiang jiaqiang tong Zhongguo de hezuo, 4/04/2005]
[Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning]
[Beijing Shi Guihua Weiyuanhui]

infrastructuur [jichu sheshi]
[Tom Scocca, The gritty core of Beijing’s olympic infrastructure, June 3, 2008]
[Steve Schifferes, Can Shanghai turn green and grow?, May 27, 2007]
[Douglas McGray, Pop-Up Cities: China builds a bright green metropolis, April 24, 2007]
[North China city spends more on infrastructure construction; May 9, 2006]
[Infrastructure most important factor for city dynamism; March 24, 2005]
[Urban Spatial Patterns and Infrastructure in Beijing; October 2004]
[Private investment in Beijing infrastructure to be allowed; September 25, 2003]
[China enhances city infrastructure, investment surpasses 700 billion in 10 years; May 19, 2000]
[China Infrastructure Initiative; March 31, 1999]
[Andrea Spear, Chris Nailer, Susan He, China Infrastructure: Sectoral plans, reforms and financing, July 1997]
[infrastructure & real estate:industry, top, region, source, date; industry highlights: features, profiles (2011)]
[Zhongguo jichu jianshe xiangmu xunxi (2010)]

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inleidingen & artikelen

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[Zhongyang yihao wenjian: zhongshe jiejue "san nong" wenti]
[Shenme shi san nong wenti? Ruhe jiejue?]

[La CCPPC discutera la question des « Sannong », Mars 2002]
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Duits 2005-2.pdf
[Marcus Conlé, Wettbewerb, Institutionen und die Entwicklung der ländlichen Industrie in China. Ein Beitrag zur Erklärung des Reformprozesses auf der Basis der evolutorischen Wettsbewerbstheorie (2005)]
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[No.1 central document targets rural-urban development, Topconcerns in 2010 No. 1 document]
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statistieken [tongji]
[Communiqué on major data of the Second National Agricultural Census of China (No.1), February 21, 2008]
[Communiqué on major data of the Second National Agricultural Census of China (No.2): Agricultural basic and production conditions, February 22, 2008]
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[Communiqué on Major Data of the Second National Agricultural Census of China (No.4): Living conditions
of rural households; February 26, 2008]
Communiqué on Major Data of the Second National Agricultural Census of China (No.5): Rural labor force resources and employments, february 27, 2008]
[Communiqué on Major Data of the Second National Agricultural Census of China (No.6): Distribution and classification of cultivated land; February 29, 2008]

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BANKEN & GELDWEZEN [yinhang & jinrong]

inleidingen & artikelen [gaiguan & wenzhang]'s_Republic_of_China
[Mark Kruger, Reform and risk in the Chinese financial system, May 2013]
[Dan Luo, Shujie Yao, World financial crisis and the rise of Chinese commercial banks, China and the World Economy,
Research paper 2009/08]
[Chinese banks not to provide credit card services to students under 18 years old; July 20, 2009]
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[Rural community lenders providing loans to farmers, businesses; June 17, 2007]
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[Satya J. Gabriel, Is banking reform in China still on track?, November 1998]
[Guojia Gongshang Xingzheng Guanli Zongju]
[China Finance Net]
[Zhongguo Jinrong Wang]
[Zhongguo Yinhangye Xiehui]
[National Debt Association of China]
[Zhongguo Guozhai Xiehui]

wijsvinger-anim.gif (352 bytes) extra:
[Murray N.Rothbard, The mystery of banking, 2nd edition 2008]

banken [yinhang]

Volksbank van China [Zhongguo Renmin Yinhang]'s_Bank_of_China
[Bob Davis, Political overlords shackle China's monetary mandarin, April 15, 2011]
[Dong He, Laurent L.Pauwels, What prompts the People' Bank of China to change its monetart policy stance?
Evidence from a discrete choice model
, June 16, 2008]
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[Cao Tinggui, The People's Bank of China and it monetary policy, Oktober 2001]
[The People's Bank of China: news, speeches, monetary policy, statistics, regulations, &c.]
[Zhongguo Renmin Yinhang]

China Construction Bank [Zhongguo Jianshe Yinhang]
[China Construction Bank]
[Zhongguo Jianshe Yinhang]

Bank van China [Zhongguo Yinhang]
[Bank of China organization]
[Bank of China: corporate banking, personal banking, bank card, investor relations, BOC news, Bulletin, &c.]
[Zhongguo Yinhang: gongsi jinrong fuwu, geren jinrong fuwu, yinhang fuwu, dianzi yinhang fuwu, &c.]
[Bank of China (Hong Kong: personal banking, corporate banking, what's new]
[Zhongguo Yinhang (Xianggang): geren yinhang, qiye yinhang, touzi fuwu, shichang zixun, neidi yewu, gongju]
[David Lague, Gobal hunt highlights scale of graft in China, June 18, 2006]
[Bank of China (Hong Kong)]
[Zhongguo Yinhang (Xiang Gang)]|
[Bank of China]
[Zhongguo Yinhang]

Bank voor Industrie en Handel [Zhongguo Gongshang Yinhang]
[Industrial and Commercial Bank of China: personal banking, corporate banking, global service, e-banking, bankcard; mobile banking; financial information, &c.]
[Zhongguo Gongshang Yinhang: geren kehu ban, gongsi jigou ban]
[ICBC Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Ltd.nternatoional.
[ICBC Zhongguo Gongshang Yinhang]
[Zhongguo Gongshang Yinhang Gufen Youxian Gongsi]
[Industrial and Commercial Bank of China]
[Zhongguo Gongshang Yinhang]

Landbouwbank [Zhongguo Nongye Yinhang]
[Agricultural Bank of China: personal banking, credit card, e-banking; corporate banking, agro-related business, wealth management]
[Agricultural Bank of China becomes shareholding company; January 16, 2009]
[David Barboza, China will list the Agricultural Bank of China, once restructured, January 21, 2007]
[Agricultural Bank faces tough restructuring path; May 29, 2006]
[Agricultural Bank of China to support rural economic restructuring; January 13, 2000]
[Suspects of China's largest bank theft go on trial; July 24, 2007]
[Agricultural Bank of China]
[Zhongguo Nongye Yinhang]

Handelsbank van China [Zhaoshang Yinhang]
[China Merchants Bank]
[Zhaoshang Yinhang]
[Zhaoshang Yinhang Xianggang fenhang (China Merchant Bank Hong Kong Branch)]

BOCOM [Jiaotong Yinhang]
[Jiaotong Yinhang]
[Bank of Communications: personal banking, corporate banking, BOCOM news; financial news, stock news, &c.]

schaduwbanken [yingzi yinhang]
[Kaiji ?Chen, Jue Ren, Tao Zha, Unintended consequences of monetary and regulatory policies on bank's risk-taking
behaviour: A closer examination of China's shdow banking, March 24, 2016]
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[Banking Watch - China, China's shadow bank lending: a threat to financial stability?; November 23, 2011]

PRC munten & bankbiljetten & wisselkoers [renminbi: yingbi & chaopiao & huobi huilü]

inkeidingen & artikelen [gaiguan & wenzhang]ährung
[Banknotes of the People's Repblic of China]
[La monnaie chinoise]
[Banknotes of China]
[Chinese currency - renminbi, & online money converter]
[Rise of the Renminbi, the Renminbi has broken into the ranks of the top-five global pyment currencies, 26 Febr.2015]
[Jun Jie Woo and Suvi Dogra, China's big currency strategy,Septembe 23, 2013]
[Shanghai to become a global financiaal center in 2015, January 31, 2012]
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The case for the Chinese renminbi
, September 2010]
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[Henry C.K.Liu, US dollar hegemony has to go, Apri 11, 2002]

wijsvinger-anim.gif (352 bytes) geld tellen [abacus, vingers & webstek]
[the Chinese abacus]
[Abacus Guidebook]
[Nathalie Aymé, Le boulier chinois: histoire, technique, applications pédagogiques, novembre 1997]
[Totton Heffelfinger and Gary Flom, An abacus manual]
[Abacus Guidebook]
[history of the abacus]
* en tellen op je vingers:
[Chinese number gestures]
[Rechnen mit den Fingern auf Chinesisch]
* en omrekenen:
[Universal currency converter]

historische munten en papiergeld [guqian]
[Geschichte der Münzen Chinas]
[Y.K.Leung, Chinese numismatics]
[The history of early Chinese money: Controversies over dates]
[Chinese coin guide: Early Chinese coins]
[Vladimir Belyaev, Chinese coinage website: coinage and relatives]
[Sycee on line, history: coins, bonds and shares, &c.]
[Asia and the China trade currency]
[Hans Ulrich Vogel, Regine Mathias,  Von Geldbäumen und Münzschwertern]
[Ronald Wise, Banknote images of China 1914 - 1949 (2006]
[money and securities, & municipal bonds issued by the Shanghai International Settlement's Municipal Council and the French Connession's administration]
[Oriental coins database]

virtual money [xuni huobi]
[Paul Smalera, Virtual currency in China is a $ 2 billion economy, July 2, 2009]
[Eileen Yu, China outlaws virtual money for trading, July 2, 2009]
[John D.Sutter, China restricts 'virtual' economies, Juli 1, 2009]
[Dabid Barboza, In China, New limits on virtual currency, June 30, 2009]
[Jiaping Xu, Government rubles, Chinese virtual money markets stable for now, March 29, 2007]
[China cracks down on 'virtual money', Concerns online credits might be used for money laundering, illicit trade, March 7, 2007]
[Kent Ewing, China's virtual currency threatens the yuan, December 5, 2006]
[Wang Xing, Wang Shanshan, Virtual money poses a real threat, December 26, 2006]

financiële crisis [jinrong weiji / huanqiu jinrong weiji]–2010ère_de_2007-2010 2007ómica_de_2008-2010ômica_de_2008-2009ímulo_Económico_de_China
[Global financial turmoil: impact on China (2009)]
[Wu Yanfei, Gigantische Staatshilfen sorgen für Wachstum in China, 23. Juli 2009]
[Rana Foroohar, China's big spender: Sales of apartments, automobiles, and lots more are rising, but it's the government,
not consumers, that's paying
, June 27, 2009]
[China's Stimulus Package: A breakdown of spending, March 7, 2009]
[Steven Dunaway, Global imbalances and the financial crisis, March 2009]
[Global Economic Crisis: Impact and Challenges for Emerging East Asia's Financial Systems; December 2008]

effectenbeurs [zhengquan jiaoyisuo]

overzicht [gaiguan]örsengangärenmarkt
[Hong Kong Stock Exchange]
[Xiang Gang Jiaoyisuo]
[Shenzhen Stock Exchange]
[Shenzhen Zhengquan Jiaoyisuo]
[Zhongguo Zhengquan Jiandu Guanli Weiyuanhui]
[China Securities Regulatory Commission]

artikelen [wenzhang]
[Simon Rabinovitch, China's corporate bond market booms, July 12, 2012]
[Fei Lu, Maria Balatbat, Robert Czernkowski, Does consideration matter to China's split share structure
?, June 2012
[Zhou Yan, China stock market starts year on high, February 3, 2009]
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[China's stock market hits record; May 28, 2007],9171,1584789-1,00.html
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[Mu Huaipeng, The development of China's bond market (2006)]
[Stephen Green and He Ming, China's stock market: Out of the valley in 2004?, February 2004 (dowload here)]
[Stephen Green and Alissa Black, A market in control: non-tradable shares deals in companies listed at the
Shenzhen Stock Exchange
, December 2003 (download here)]
[Knut Benjamin Pißler, Ranking der chinesischen Wertpapierhändler im Jahr 2002, November 2003]
[Guy S.Liu, Pei Sun, Identifying ultimate controlling shareholders in Chinese public corporations: an empirical
, February 2003 (download here)]
[Stephen Green, China's stock market: Eight myths and some reasons to be optimistic, February 2003 (download here)]
[China stock market news and information: China Stock market securities index, Stockmarket News, China stock market,
Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Hang Seng Index, China Stock Indexes; resources]
[China's Markets: news, stocks, funds, currencies, commodities, bonds, currencies, listed companies, video, opinion]
[products & services, market operations, rules & regulations, statistics & research, news & consultations, &c.]
[Stock markets in China (2002)]
[China Stock Market Digest Blog]
[Hong Kong's Stocks Report]
[Asion Bonds online]

uitgifte van effecten [zhengquan faxing]

[Christian Geinitz, In China steht der erste Börsengang seit 15 Monaten bevor, 3. Dezember 2013]
[Kennix Chim and Michael Flaherty, China's AgBank prices IPO to be world's largest, July 6, 2007]
[Update -AgBank:  Mkt can handle Shanghai IPO; narrows HK price; July 5, 2010]
[Kosten des Börsengangs, Ein Überblick; Institutional Investment Real Estate Magazin, 3/2007]
[IPO Guide, 7th edition prepared by Steven E.Bochner and Jon C.Avina (2010)]

Shanghai Effectenbeurs [Shanghai Zhengquan Jiaoyisuo]
[Shanghai Mayor says timing not right for exchange's Iinternational board; January 17, 2012]
[Jack Perkowskio, Shanghai's international board, June 17, 2011]
[Gao Changxin, Shanghai exchange prepares for int'l board, June 8, 2011]
[Shanghai Stock Exchange]
[Shanghai Zhengquan Jiaoyisuo]

Shenzhen Effectenbeurs [Shenzhen zhengquan jiaoyisuo]
[Shenzhen Stock Exchange]
[Shenzhen Zhengquan Jiaoyisuo]

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inleidingen &  artikelen [gaiguan & wenzhang]
[Alex Bryson, John Forth, Minghai Zhou, What do we know about China's CEO's? CEP Occasional paper 31, September 2012]
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January 2010
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June 19, 2009]
[China and the global sweatshop lobby; December 18, 2006]
[Wen An Tan, Jing Song Xue, Jin Liang Wang,  A service-oriented virtual enterprise architecture and its applications in
Chinese tobacco industrial sector
, October 2006]
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[Yingyi Qian, Enterprise Reform in China: Agency Problems and Political Control, June 1996]

staatsondernemingen [guoying qiye / guoyou qiye]
[Short history of reforms concerning Chinese state owned enterprises; February 2005]
[Derek Scissors, Chinese state-owned enterprises and U.S.-China economic relations, April 1, 2011]
[Gao Xu, State-owned enterprises in China: how profitable are they?, March 2, 2010]
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13. Oktober 2000]
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[Guowuyuan Guoyou Zichan Jiandu Guanli Weiyuanhui]
(State-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the State Council (SASAC), The People's Republic of China]

privatisering [siyouhua]
[Manager beaten to death in steel privatisation battle; July 28, 2009]
[How China's steel boom turned deadly, July 27, 2009]
[Xin Zhiming, Entrepreneurs' 'original sin' unfounded, February 1, 2007]
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[Hu Ping, Elite privatization and the search for justice (2003)]
[Liu Xiaobo, China s robber barons (2003)]

private ondernemingen [siying qiye]
[China's start-up entrepreneurs: new oppertunities, grassroots entrepreneurs, succes stories]

[Andrew H.Chen, Sumon C.Mazumbar, and Rahul Surana, China's corporate bond market development, Security design
implications of information asymetry
, The Chinese Economy, vol.44 no.5, September-October 2011, pp.6-33]
[China has more than 4.98 million private enterprises; April 25, 2007]
[Cash-starved firms stuck in a financial limbo of illegal funding; February 27, 2007]
[Chinas private Unternehmen arbeiten mit multinationalen Konzernen zusammen; 22. November 2006]
[Professionals, entrepreneurs new pillar of China; July 26, 2006]
[Wu Xiaobo, Reform begins with transgression, May 30, 2006]
[One-year ban on stock sales lifted; China Business, May 11, 2006
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south-China township
, January 1999]
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in the PRC
, Working Paper No.90, January 1999]
[Jonathan Unger, "Bridges": Private business, the Chinese government and the rise of new associations, The China Quarterly No.147, September 1996]
[(Shanghai) Chinese Private Enterprise Pavillon-1, & related videos]

KMO's [zhongxiao qiye]

[Shandong supports development of small loan companies; November 22, 2013]
[NDRC helps small businesses raise funds; August 28, 2013]
[China to expand direct financing channels for small businesses; August 12, 2013]
[Li Kun and Lyu Dong, New tax cuts nurture small business growth, August 1, 2013]
[Vice premier pledges support for China's SMEs; February 23, 2013]
[Corporate banking: Introduction to SMB services, "small giant" brand introduces, financing package, important events,
special branches; July 30, 2011]
[Li Wenfang, SMEs scramble for funds from private lenders, July 29, 2011]
[Kathrin Hille, China's SMEs hurting, July 27, 2011]
[China' small firms must extend value chain to survice, thrive amid tough times; July 20, 2011]
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Enterprise Development within the National Innovation System
, November 2008]
[China aims to ease small and medium enterprises' credit woes; July 22, 2008]
[Support development of China's small and medium enterprises; May 22, 2008]
[Li Xue Cunningham, Chris Rowley, The development of Chinese small and medium enterprises and human resource
management: A review
[Wang Jun, Promoting commercially sustainable MSE finance in China, November 12, 2007]
[Local, foreign small and medium-sized enterprises to meet; May 9, 2007]
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to the West?
[Output of small, medium-sized enterprises makes up half of China's GDP; August 1, 2005]
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[China to allow foreign purchase of small and medium-sized Chinese enterprises; September 10, 2001]
[IBM to arm small, medium Chinese firms with E-business; June 11, 2000]
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in China,
January 8, 1999]
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and bargaining power theories (1997)]
[China property markets scorecard, Conditions for small businesses; December 31, 2011]
[Small Business Resources:Trade regulations of China, EU, Japan, USA, Canada and Australia]
[CISMEF 2009 promotional video]
[Zhongguo zhong-xiao Shangye Qiye Xiehui (China Association for small and medium Commercial Enterprise)]

buitenlandse ondernemingen [waizi qiye]
[WFOE Organization: Wholly foreign owned enterprise (WFOE): WFOE in Shanghai, WFOEin Beijing, WFOE in Hangzhou; last updated March 5, 2011]
[Documents required & Registration procedures of WFOE, last udated July 10, 2011]
[China Briefing releases new wholly foreign owned enterprise guide; June 8, 2011]
[Christian Fleming, Top 10 things to know anout doing business in China, July 29, 2011]
[Busines in China explained: wholly foreign-owned enterpries (2010)]
[Chris Devonshire-Ellis, Wholly foreign-owned enterprises (WFOEs) require some fairly complicated documentation,  March 1, 2007]
[How to establish a wholly foreign owned enterprise in China; April 17, 2006]
[How to set up a wholly foreign owned enterprise in China (2006)]
[Influence of exclusively foreign-owned enterprise tendency and countermeasures, April 21, 2005]
[What are the rules for foreign shipping companies to set up their solely owned companies in China?; October 15, 2004]

buitenlande investeringen in China [waishang touzi /duiwai touzi / waiguo zhijie touzi]
[Foreign investment in China slows on tightening policy, July 15, 2011; & related stories]
[Investment envionment will improve; July 27, 2011]
[FDI inflows into China 1984-2009 (2010)]
[foreign investment in China falls; March 16, 2009]
[invest in China, general data, investment, &c. (2009)]
[China Resources: opportunities and risks]
[Steven R.Weisman, U.S. and China agree to ease foreign investment, June 9, 2008]
[China bans foreign investment in publishing, news organizations; August 5, 2005]
[Epoch Times: Document de référence: Les risques imprévisibles de l’investissement en Chine; 28 Août 2003]
[China's Foreign Trade: Seven obstructive attitudes in the introduction of foreign investment; September 2000]
[Shanghai Shi duiwai touzi fuwu zhongxin]
[Shanghai foreign investment service center]
[China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation (Sinosure)]

Chinese ondernemingen in het buitenland [guowai qiye, duiwai qiye]
[mapping the overseas expansion of China's three oil giants (2009)]

[Frederick Kempe, China Inc.'s ambitions; March 14, 2006]
[Friedrich Wu, China Inc., International: how Chinese companies have discretely internationalized their operations (2005)]

Chinese investeringen in het buitenland [guowai touzi, haiwai touzi]
[Nargiza Salidjanova, Going out: An overview of China's outward foreign direct investment, USCC Staff Research Report, March 30, 2011]
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[Dexin Yang, Foreign Direct investment from developing countries: A case study of China's outward investment, September 2003]
[China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation (Sinosure)]

bankroet [qiye pochan]'s_Republic_of_China
[Wang Biqiang, China's hidden bankruptcy, June 5, 2009]
[Christiane Kühl, Pleiteserie staatlicher Firmen belastet China (2005]
[Thomas H.Bottini, Bankruptcy perils in China: The GITIC tale (2003)]
[Chen Xiaolong, Enterprise bankruptcy law of China: changes based on reform process]
[Jingxia Shi, A summary of the position on cross-border insolvency in China, December 2002]
[Weiguo Wang, The bad-assets of banks and corporate rescue in China, December 2002]
[Chen-yuan Tung, Current problems and reforms of Chinese financial system (2002)]
[Li Yongjun, Reconsideration of the reorganization system in China's banktruptcy law and relevant issues (2000)
[Chinese Insolvency Law Symposium, 17 - 18 November 2000 (papers for download)]

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ADVERTEREN [guanggao],9171,2100134,00.html
[Bill Powell, Aching for the '80s, Companies in China are discovering a new way into 30-somethings' wallets: the past, December 5, 2011]
[Charles Arthur, Microsoft strikes deal with China's biggest search engine Baidu, July 4, 2011]
[China Mobile's seemingly endless growth potential; July 13, 2009]
[Simon Burns, Baidu spanks Google in China's online ad market, August 21, 2007]
[John Liu, Google to sell online ads on China Telecom web sites, April 25, 2007]
[Laura Marriott, Mobile marketing in China, December 28, 2006]
[China’s advertising sector: Reflecting the cultural and social realities of the world’s fastest-growing economy,
December 2006]
[Public place LCD television advertising in China; November 6, 2005]
[Annie Tao, CHINA: Internet advertising booming says research firm, April 6, 2005]
[China bans Nike TV ad as national insult; December 7, 2004]
[China to open its advertising market; September 8, 2004]
[Liu Zequan, Loss and gain of textual meaning in advertising translation: a case study, September 9, 2003]
[Steven W.Lewis, Outdoor commercial advertising in China: Shanghai, 1997-1998, last updated October 25, 1998]
[Steven W.Lewis, Contemporary consumer culture in Chinese cities: Subway ads from Beijing, Kaohsiung, Shanghai, Singapore and Taipei, last updated June 30. 2000]
[Steven W.Lewis, China's public advertising culture: Spiritual civilization, Local development, Privatization and Public service - Beijing, Chengde, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Shaoxing, Three Gorges Dam project, Xian, last updated October 12, 2002]
[Transnational China Project, Original Image Archives]
[China Today: 30 years of reform of the advertising industry]

CONSUMENTEN [xiaofeizhe]
[China consumption & Chinese consumer market]
[Consumption survey of "post-1980s" people; March 27 2007]
[Jos Gamble, Multinational retailers in China: proliferating 'Mc
Jobs' or developing skills?
, November 2006]
[Maryann Bird, Consumption and consumerism, July 14, 2006]
[Wang Zhenghua, Customers want it cheap, workers pay heavy price, June 7, 2006]
[Warum Chinas Konsumenten streiken; 11. Februar 2006]
[twelve facts about the Confucian consumer; January 13, 2006]
[Wiiliam McEwen, Xiaoguang Fang, Chuanping Zhang, and Richard Burkholder, Inside the mind of the Chinese consumer (2006)]
[Chine: la consommation sera le moteur de la croissance économique du 2ème semestre de cette année, selon un économiste, 9 août 2005]
[Chinese land grab reshapes global retail economy; May 18, 2005]
[Claude Aubert, Consommations alimentaires: l'inconnue chinoise, Septembre 2004)]
[S.E.Congdon-Martin, Gucci, Prada, and Fendi, Oh My!, March 3, 2004]

wijsvinger-anim.gif (352 bytes) toetje voor de hollands-zuinigen onder ons:

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BELASTINGEN [shui]'s_Republic_of_China
[Tax system of the PRC, State Administration of taxation: 1. overview of China's current tax system, 22. briefing of major taxes under China's current tax system, 3. tax organmization and division of tax power]
[Justin Yifu Lin, Ran Tao, Mingxing Liu, Rural taxation and local governance reform in China's economic transition: Origins, policy responses and remaining challenges, March 2007]
[Fiscal reform: Disentangling the public purse strings; January 25, 2007]
[sound monetary policy remains key; November 3, 2006]
[Mingxing Liu, Victor Shih, Xueyan Su, The nexus of institutions and unexpected "uninteded consequences" in China's fiscal reform, October 16, 2006]
[Sebastian Dullien, Measuring China's fiscal policy stance, June 2004, corrected version 2006]
[Zhang Jun, Yu Jin, Intergovernmental fiscal reform, financial deepening, and regional disparity in China: A missing link, November 21, 2005]
[Hehui Jin, Yingyi Qian, Barry R.Weingast, Regional decentralizatio and fiscal incentives: federalism Chinese style,
December 2004]
[China returns to prudent fiscal policy after seven-year expansion; November 29, 2004]
[Chu Liming, Wen Qiuliang, Lin Zechang, and Fang Yaming,  China's fiscal poverty alleviation policy and management (2001)]
[Vivek B.Arora, John Norregaard, Intergovernmental fiscal relations: The Chinese system in perspective, October 1997]

geschiedenis [lishi]
[Madeleine Zelin, The Magistrate's Tael: Rationalizing Fiscal Reform in Eighteenth Century Ch'ing China (1984,e-book]
[Illustrated land and poll tax system and the tax submission in the Early China]
[taxation (articles & fotos]

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ENERGIE [neng]

inleidingen &  artikelen [gaiguan & wenzhang]énergétiques_mondialeséticos_a_nivel_mundial
[EIA Country analysis briefs: China; July 2009, last updated November 2010]
[Stephanie Ohshita, Lynn Price, Tian Zhiyu,Target allocation methodology for China's provinces: Energy intensity in the 12th Five-Year Plan, March 2011]
[Nan Zhou, Mark D.Levine, and Lynn Price, Overview of current energy efficiency policies in China, November 2010 (attachment pdf)]
[Zhu Yuezhong, China's energy development status and perspective: 2050 energy scenarios results analysis, June 17, 2010]
[Zhu Yuezhong, China's energy development perspective and energy challenges, October 1, 2009]
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[Beyond the OECD-PRC: statistics, related country and regional information, publications and papers, workshops, related graphs, related technology agreements, related websites]<energy>
[Market Reports in China, August 2011 (download public reports] act=list&type=Programs&subType=4&ssubType=Reports
[Electric utilities, Reports list, 2007 - 2002]
[Zhonghua Dianli Daxue]
[China's Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission]
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[ECI, Research Programs: energy, climate, and innovation]
[bouw je eigen windmolen]
[ECI, Research Programs: energy, climate, and innovation]

2007 witboek [baipishu]
[Zhongguo de nengyuan zhuangkuang yu zhengce]
[idem, Zhongguo de nengyuan zhuangkuang yu zhengce]
[China's energy conditions and policies]
[idem, China's energy conditions and policies]
[idem, China's energy conditions and policies]
[La situation énergétique en Chine et la politique corrélativ
[idem, La situation énergétique en Chine et la politique corrélative]

steenkool [mei, meitan]'s_Republic_of_China
[coal mining in China overview, & map]
[David Fridley, The end of cheap coal, July 14, 2011]
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[coal to liquids; February 11, 2007]
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[China's coal industry arrests global attention; April 20, 2005]
[All-round measures for coal mine safety; March 14, 2005]
[China Coal Information Institute]
[Zhongmei Xinxiwang]
[Anquan Shengchan Xinxiwang]
[Zhongguo Zhongyao Nengyuan Jituan Youxian Gongsi]
[China Coal & Mining Expo 2011]
[Al Gore - Coal to Liquid Technology, & related videos]

aardgas [tianranqi]
[Natural gas production and distribution in China; July 6, 2011]
[Xu Yongfa, Natural gas development in China: status and prospects, February 23, 2011]
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olie [shiyou]
[Joshua Kurlantzick, ASEAN kicks the South China Sea Dispute down the road, August 2, 2011]
[Kevin Voigt, Natalie Robehmed, Explainer: South China Sea - Asia' s most dangerous waters, June 30, 2011]
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[Scott Snyder, The South China Sea Dispute, Prospects for Preventive Diplomacy, August 1996]
[China National Offshore Oil Company]
[Zhongguo Haiyang Shiyou Zonggongsi]

kernenergie [henengyuan, yuanzineng]
[Nuclear power in China; updated July 2011]
[Nuclear power in China, Appendix 1: Government structure and ownership, updated July 2011]
[China's nuclear fuel cycle; updated July 28, 2011]
[Five National Departments Jointly Issued the Measures on Management of Import of Solid Waste; June 29, 2011]
[China suspends approval for nuclear power plants; March16, 2011]
[China ready to reprocess nuclear fuel; January 4,  2011]
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[China diversifies sources of uranium as nuclear power industry grows; November 18, 2010]
[Nuclear overview; updated July 2010]
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[China's nuclear industry]
[Timeline of the Chinese nuclear industry, 1970 to 2020]
[Nuclear power in China; August 3, 2009]
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[China Nuclear Energy Industry Corporation (CNEIC)]
[Zhongguo Hegongye Jituan Gongsi]
[China Atomic Energy Authority: news centre, data centre, important speeches, policies and regulations, white paper]
[Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo Guojia Yuanzineng Jigou]
[China's nuclear energy news (2004-2011)]
[world nuclear news]

[National Nuclear Safety Administration (NNSA), Reports the State Science and Technology Commission (SSTC)]
[nuclear event reports (NER)]

nieuwe en hernieuwbare energie [xin nengyuan yu kezaisheng nengyuan]
[Renewable Energy in China, paper updated  May 27, 2011]
[Integration of renewables, Status and challenges in China, 2011 (download the pdf)]
[Renewable Energy, reports list, 2011-2000]
[learning about renewable energy, last updated August 20, 2009]
[medium and long-termdevelopment plan for renewable energy in China; September 2007]
[Zhongguo xin nengyuan wang (2009)]
[China New Energy: solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, ocean, hydrogen, small hydro (2006)]
[China renewable energy development project]
[China forciert erneuerbare Energiequellen; 10. Juli 2001]
[CREIA, Zhongguo Ziyuan Zonghe Liyong Xiehui Ke Zaisheng Nengyuan Zhuanye Weiyuanhui (CREIA, Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association)]

windkracht [fengneng]
Learning about renewable energy - [wind energy basics]
{PR China: total installed capacity 2000 -2011)]
[Global Wind Energy Council - China]
[Michelle Lanning, Air pollution, fossil fuels and wind power in China   (& video & photo's), February 24, 2011]
[Huaneng Power gets approval for 49.6MW wind project in China February 23, 2011]
[China Wind secures second tranche of $50 million loan, February 24, 2011]
[Dan Martin, China wind farms sprout amid 'green' energy push (&foto's & map), August 11, 2009]
[Infrastructure woes hamper China wind farms' push for profitability; July 27, 2009]
[China windpower 2011, expositie]
[Zhongguo Fengneng Xiehui]
[Xinjiang fengneng you xianzeren gongsi]

zonnekracht [taiyangneng]Énergie_solaire
[Learning about renewable energy - solar energy basics]
[Davoid Zeller, Solar power market emerging as a sleeper in 2011,  the shifting solar landscape, a brighter future, news and related story links (2011)]
[Photovoltaics, Energy efficiency technology to take solar market by storm (2011), & top stories)]
[Jonathan Watts, China's new faith in solar energy projects is hailed by environmentalists as a milestone,
May 26, 2009]
[Susan Myers, LY Yuan, China's solar industry industry, June 2007]
[China's largest solar power station operational in Xinjiang; September 26, 2003]

waterkracht [shuineng]Énergie_hydraulique
[Developing energy to meet development needs: Hydropower water and energy generating, and other forms of water energy generating]

[Chen Lei, Developing the small hydropower actively with a focus on people's well-beeing protection & improvement, May 11, 2009]
[Tong Jiandong, Some features of China’s small hydropower, January 2009]
[Zhang Jinsheng,The WCD Report with respect to China’s dams, February 20, 2002]
[300 million Chinese benefit from small hydropower plants; November 22, 2001]
[Chongqing und der Drei-Schluchten Staudamm]
[Three Gorges Probe]
[articles 2007 - 1995]
[Hydropower Development: The economic impact of hydropower]
[Sinohydro Corporation (Zhongwen, English, Français)]

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LANDBOUW [nongye]'s_Republic_of_China
[China agriculture and farming database / Guo dadian]
[Urbanization shrinking farmland in Henan; October 17, 2013]
[Wang, J., Huang, J., and Rozelle, S., Climate change and China’s agricultural sector: An overview of impacts, adaptation and mitigation, May 2010]
[China's agricultural development: challenges and prospects)
[Ma Tianjie, Wielding the double-edged sword: The Chinese experience wit agricultural genetically modified organisms, August 2008]
[Benjavan Rerkasem, Feeding the dragon with a teaspoon: agricultural changes in the GMS5 and impact of China (2007)]
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[Initial result achieved in "Study and Demonstration of Digital Agricultural Technology"; June 6, 2005]
[Wheat harvest to enhance food security; May 11, 2005]
[Gerhard K.Heilig, Sustainable regional and rural development in China, August 1, 2003]
[Traditional use and availability of aquatic biodiversity in rice-based ecosystems; October 2002]
[China's food and agriculture: Issues for the 21st century; April 2002]
[Hsin-Hui Hsu, Fred Gale,  Agriculturein transition, November 2001]
[China agriculture (2000)]
[Fu Chen, John Davies, Land reform in rural China since the mid-1980s (1998)]
[Harry X.Wu, Reform in China's Agriculture - Trae implications, December 1997]
[Christian Déom, L'agriculture Chinoise: problèmes et perspectives, 19 juin 1995]
[Zhonggong Zhongyang Guowuyuan guanyu jiji fazhan xiandai nongye zhashi tuijin shehuizhuyi xin nongcun jianshe ruogan yijian, 29/1/2007]
[idem, Zhonggong Zhongyang Guowuyuan guanyu jiji fazhan xiandai nongye zhashi tuijin shehuizhuyi xin nongcun jianshe ruogan yijian, 29/1/2007]
[Zhongguo Yangzhiwang]
[Zhongguo Nongye Wangzhi Daquan]
[365 Nongyewang]
[Zhongguo Nongye Shangwuwang]
[Zhongguo Nongye Xinxiwang]
[Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of Agricultural Economics],
]Zhongguo Nongye Kexueyuan, Nongye Jingji yu Fazhan Yanjiusuo (2011)]
[Zhongguo Nongye Daxue]
[Huanan Nongye Daxue]
[events: China Agriculture conference/show]

video [shipin]
[How to grow rice, & related videos]
[Pu-erh Tea cultivation in China, & related videos]
[China 30 years: rural reform, & related videos]
[Chinese farmer sets himself on fire to protest forced eviction]
[Chinese farmers outraged at land grab bullying scandal, & related videos]

VISSERIJ [yuye]'s_Republic_of_China's_Republic_of_China
[IISD, Greening China- s fish and fish products market supply chains; July 2011]
[Chinese poachers now in Puerto jail; March 31, 2011]
[Lyle J. Goldstein, Strategic implications of Chinese fisheries development, China Brief vol.9 issue 16, p.10-13, August 5, 2009]
[Aquaculture and salt production near Bo Hai, China; February 17, 2009]
[Zigong Salt Industry History Museum]
[Status of reservoir fishies in five Asian countries - China, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand]
[David Barboza, In China: farming fish in toxic waters, Dezember 15, 2007]
[Ghana: Chinese fishermen accused of depleting country's territorial waters; August 5, 2007]
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[Nao Nakanishi, Chinese hunger for reef fish emptying Asian seas, March 27, 2007]
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[Ralph Bean, In China fish means prosperity - high prospects for imports, January 2003]
[importance of the fishery industry in China; December 2000]
[China fishery statistics (1978-1992); December 2000]
[Lester R. Brown, Fish farming may soon overtake cattle ranching as a food source, October 3, 2000]
[China issues circular on protecting fishing industry; April 24, 2000]
[Kenneth T. MacKay (ed.), Rice-fish culture in China (1995, e-book))]
[Integrated fish farming in China (1989)]
[Aquaculture development in China; October 1979]
[Fishing Industry]
[caviar's culture]
[Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences: research & research institutes]
[Zhongguo Shuichan Kexue Yanjiusuo]
[English glossary of terms]
[English glossary of fish-related terms]

video [shipin]
[fishing with cormorants, & related videos]

BIOTECHNOLOGIE [zhuanjiyin shengwu]
[Agricultural biotechnology},8599,1714218,00.html
[Krista Mahr, China's genetically altered food boom , February 18, 2008]
[Zhu Chen, Hong-guang Wang, Zhao-jun Wen, Yihuang Wang, Life sciences and biotechnology in China, March 2007]
[Biotechnology in China:  Agriculture and biotechnology (2005)] Agri Biotechnology_Conner_Boucher_Li.pdf
[John D.Connor Jr.,Michael Boucher, Jeffrey Li, China's regulation of agricultural biotechnology, December 2006]
[China intends to push for GM crop studies; February 13, 2006]
[William Lin, Agapi Somwaru, Francis Tuan, Consumers’ willingness to pay for biotech foods in China: A contingent valuation approach (2006)]
[scientific facts on genetically modified crops (2004/2005]
[J.Huang, R.Hu, H.van Meijl, F.W.van Tongeren, Biotechnology boosts to crop productivity in China: trade and welfare implications, October 2002]
[China considers new biotechnology law; April 9, 2002]
[Jikun Huang, Scott Rozelle, Carl Pray, Qinfang Wang,  Plant biotechnology in China, January 2002, full text, & Supplements A-B-C-D ]
[Huang Jikun, Wang Qinfang, Agricultural biotechnology development and policy in China (2002)]
[Chinese hybrid rice; July 3, 2001]
[Agricultural biotechnology and the poor, Section three: Qifa Zhang, Agricultural biotechnology opportunities to meet the challenges of food production, s.d.],2828,344728,00.html
[Wolfgang Hirn, Herausforderung China: Erst Schuhe, nun Raketen, 30. März 2005]

wijsvinger-anim.gif (352 bytes) extra bio:
[issues in biotechnology research: agricultural biotechnology,cloning, genetically modified organisms, medical biotechnology, technology and ethics, students speak out, archives]
[bio-nanotechnologie: mens & gezondheid, industrie & milieu, landbouw & voeding, dossiers]
[biotechnologie nieruws & achtergrond, specials, thema's]
[Sciences du vivant et biotechnologie - Une stratégie pour l'Europe, janvier 2001 (COM (2002) 27 final]
[Joanna Blyth, GM food and a sinister bid to twist public opinion, June 3, 2010]
[Public opinion stopped GM, says campaigner; September 25, 2010]

video [shipin]
[Potato planter demonstration, & related videos]
[Belgian farmers oppose genetically modified potatoes, & related videos]
[EU approves use of BASF's controversial GMO potato, March 4, 2010]
[Belgian Field Liberation Movement]
[video over de strijd tegen GGO's in België/vidéo relative à la lutte contre les OGM en Blegique]
[ontslag omwille van solidariteitsbetuigingen met de activisten die actie voerden tegen een proefveld met GGO's in Wetteren]
[Onze media, getuigenissen en steun aan de actie?nos médias et témoignages des participants à l'action]

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TOERISME [lüyouye]

inleidingen & artikelen [gaiguan & wenzhang]
[China Travel Guide (2010)]
[China Tourism and Travel Related Statistics (2009)]
[Statistics Report on China's Tourism Industry in 2000]
[Laura Moser, The medical tourist, December 6, 2005]
[Kirsten Magasdi, China protects its greatest asset, February 4, 2004]
[Liang Chyi-lyi (Kathleen), Guo Rong, Wang Qingbin, China's international tourism under economic transition: National trends
and regional disparities
, July 2003]
[Jiaolan Bowden, A cross-national analysis of international tourist flows in China (2003)]
[Eva Lynne, Shopping in Mainland China: Twelve steps across the cultural gap: Bargaining, negotiation and self-respect 101 for the traveler to China, June 2002]
[China travel: photo news, focus, news, statistics, policies; travel in China, links; &c.]
[Zhongguo lüyouwang (2007)]
[Europe-China Hotel Management Experts Council]
[Tourism school Sichuan University]
[World Tourism Organization UNWTO]
wijsvinger-anim.gif (352 bytes) extra: goed en goedkoop reizen
[Koning Aap: organisatie van groepsreizen en individuele reizen]
[losse tickets, reisadvies, stedenreizen, &c.]

plan voor toerisme en ontspanning [lüyou xiuxian gangyao]
[Guowuyuan Bangongting guanyu yinfa Guomin lüyou xiuxian gangyao (2012-2020 nian) de tongzhi, Guobanfa (2013) 10 hao, 2/02/2013]

Chinese buitenland reizigers [Zhongguoren jìngwai youren, Zhongguo chujing lüyou]
[Tse Sze-Ming, Forces shaping the trends and patterns of China's outbound international tourist flows, Ph.D. thesis, 2009 (abstract & download)]
[Yao Xu, Chinese outbound tourism soars, November 8, 2008]
[Paul Wiseman, Winnie Cheung, Chinese travelers' bad manners earn a chilly reception, September 7, 2006]
[Chinese tourism, outward bound: The Chinese are starting to travel abroad, but getting them to spend is difficult; June 22, 2006]
[Chinese tourists urged to get rid of bad habits; May 5, 2006)]
[Zhang Guangrui, China's outbound tourism: an overview (2006)]
[Wang Xinjun, Liang Zhi, The current situation and the characteristics of China's outbound tourism market, November 2005 (copy/paste link in editor!)]
[C.Lim, Y.Wang, A time series analysis of Chinese outbound tourism to Australia (2005)]
[Véronique Verhelst, Study of the outbound topurism industryof the People's Republic of China, The probability of a bilateral ADS Agreement between the PRC and the Schengen Area, May 2003]
[Wenbin Guo, Strategies for entering the Chinese outbound travel market, August 2002]
[International Forum on Chinese Outbound Tourism (IFCOT), 2003-2011]
[2011 nian di qi jie Zhongguo chujing lüyou guoji luntan]
[China outbound tourism research Institute (COTRI)]

HORECA [fandian/lüguan-fanguan-kafeiguan]
[Luxury hotels eye China market; June 22, 2007]
[CNTA Releases China Hospitality Industry Development Report May 15, 2007, & Inside China Hospitality news (2009), &c.]
[Hotels uncomfortable with shortage of managers; November 28, 2006]
[China's hospitality industry sales to hit one trillion yuan; November 3, 2006]
[Ding Qingfen, Foreign firms look to hotel sector, May 18, 2006]
[Hotel advisers build on booming industry; April 6, 2005]
[China releases hotel industry study; July 16, 2003]
[Hotel Management Groups in China; February 25, 2003]
[Terms related to accommodation as used in the Hotel Industry]
[China Hotels: price range, star rating]
[China Hospitality news]
[Zhongguo Lüye Cankao]

budget hotels [yusuan lüguan]
[budget hotels in China]
[search hotels in China, &c.]
[China's Home Inns]
[China Hostels]
[hostels, youth hostels, backpackers accomodation, &c.]
[Building brands key in budget hotel race; June 12, 2007]
[Su Min, Booming budget hotel sector calls for readjustment, June 6, 2007]
[China will craft budget hotel regulations; April 30, 2007]
[Zhang Lu, Budget hotels gain popularity, June 24, 2004]
[Tom Carter, China's racist hotel industry]

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PROSTITUTIE, POOIERS & PORNO [maiyin piaochang, lapitiaozhe & seqing]'s_Republic_of_Chinaépublique_populaire_de_Chineón_en_la_República_Popular_China
[4 million Chinese prostitutes, uploaded on February 11, 2011]
[The saddest peep show in the world; April 1, 2008]
[Guangdong police crack down on prostitution in booming town; January 13, 2008]
[Maureen Fan, Oldest profession flourishes in China, August 5, 2007]ärung-Sex-Kurs-Prostituierte/578105.html
[Aids-Aufklärung - Sex-Kurs für Prostituierte; 10. Dezember 2006]
[Elaine Jeffreys, Over my dead body! Media constructions of forced prostitution in the People's Republic of China, July 2006]
[Niklas Dougherty, Prostitution in contemporary China, The case of Shanghai Jiading (2006)]
[Jinghao Zhou, Chinese Prostitution: Consequences and solutions in the Post-Mao Era (2006)]
[Chinese tycoon convicted of running prostitution, gambling ring sentenced to death; January 24, 2005]
[Duncan Hewitt, Teenage prostitution case shocks China, January 22, 2005]
[Patrick Belser, Forced labor and human trafficking: Estimating the profits, March 2005]
[Below-shoulder massage banned to curb prostitution; December 5, 2004]
[Possible punishment for gay pimps; February 4, 2004]
[Gay pimp gets one year in prison; January 12, 2004]
[Japanese orgy in Zhuhai hotel sparks Chinese fury; September 27, 2003]
[Cross-border prostitution ring smashed in Guangdong; September 27, 2003]
[Janice G.Raymond, Dix raisons pour ne pas légaliser la prostitution, octobre 2003]
[Chinese prostitute book sparks ouutrage; August 6, 2001]
[China's prostitution capital stirred, not shaken by vice crackdown; December 18, 2000]
[China arrests prostitution gang; April 28, 2000]
[Historic "Red Light District" deemed off limits as tourist attraction; November 15,2001]
[Zhongguo Hongdengqu Jishi (2000)]
[Xin Ren, Prostitution and employment opportunities for women under China's economic reform]
[Factbook on global sexual exploitation: China and Hong Kong (1999)]
[Wan Yan Hai, Sexual work and its public policies in China, March 1997]
[Shanghai's dark side; February 1994]
[Stephanie Clausen, Die daoistische Sexuallehre und Formen der Prositution in China, April 1992]

wijsvinger-anim.gif (352 bytes) extra:prostitutie [maiyin piaochan, xiaojie]:
[Gonganbu guanyu jianjue zhizhi maiyin huodong de tongzhi (jielu), 10/06/1981]
[Quanguo Renmin Daibiao Dahui Changwu Weiyuanhui guanyu yanjin maiyin piaochang de jueding, 4/09/1991]
[idem, yanjin maiyin piaochang de jueding, 4/09/1991]
[Gonganbu guanyu renzhen guanche zhixing Quanguo Renmin Daibiao Dahui Changwu Weiyuanhui <guanyu yanjin maiyin piaochang de jueding> de tongzhi, 23/11/1991]
[Zuigao Renmin Fayuan, Zuigao Renmin Jianchayuan, guanyu zhixing <quanguo renmin daibiao dahui changwu weiyuanhui guanyu yanjin maiyin piaochang de jueding> ruogan wenti jieda, 11/12/1992]
[Beijingshi guanyu chuli maiyin huodong de zanxing guiding, 19/09/1985]
[idem, Beijingshi guanyu chuli maiyin huodong de zanxing guiding, 19/09/1985]
[Chongqingshi chajin maiyin piaochang tiaoli, 13/9/1997]
[Zuigao Renmin Fayuan, Zuigao Renmin Jianchayuan yinfa <guanyu Renmin Daibiao Dahui Changwu Weiyuanhui guanyu yanjin maiyin piaochang de jueding> fr tongzhi (Fa fa [1992] 42 hao, gaojianhui [1992] 36 hao), 11/12/1992]
[Zuigao Renmin Fayuan?Zuigao Renmin Jianchayuan, Gong'anbu guanyu yi fa kaizhan daji yinhui seqing wangzhan zhuanxiang xingdong youguan gongzuo de tongzhi, 16/07/2004]

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overzichten [gaiguan]
[China' s Import & Exporti and trade]
[China Trade: Business guides, topical issues, upcoming news, useful links; Business startup, Market Environment, Business growth; &c.]
[Market Intelligence: regional news, industry news, HKTDC research & content sources, Non-HKTDC content souerces, Othes]
[Diao Ying, China's trade to reach $2 trillion in 2007, May 18, 2007]
[Invest in China (Zhongwen / English)]
[All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce]
[Zhonghua Quanguo Gongshangye Lianhehui]
[Ministry of Commerce of the PRC]
[Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo Shangwubu]
[China Council for the Promotion of International Trade: About CCCPIT, Biz China, Biz tools, events, news centre, library, &c.]
[Zhongguo Guoji Maoyi Cujin Weiyuanhui]
[Zhongguo Guojia Renzheng Renke Jiancha Guanli Weiyuanhui & Certification and accreditation administration of the PRC (& English version: rules & regulations)]
[Beijing Shi Shangwuju: Zhong-xiao qiye maoyi cujinwang & Trade promotion website of small & medium enterprises]
[Guoji jingjifa]

wijsvinger-anim.gif (352 bytes) extra: handel en mensenrechten & verantwoord ondernemen
[Business & Human Rights Resource Centre]

WTO [Shijie Maoyi Zuzhi]

WTO toetreding [jiaru Shijie Maoyi Zuzhi]
[Protocols of accession for the People's Republic of China ]
[Compilation of legal instruments on China's WTO accession]
[Zhongguo ru shi falü wenjian, Zhongwenban biaozhun banben]
[Zhongguo jiaru Shijie Maoyi Zuzhi falü wenjian / Compilation of the Legal Instruments on China's Accession
to the World Trade Organization]
[Zhongguo jiaru Shijie Maoyi Zuzhi falü wenjian (yingwen ben),  Compilation of the Legal Instruments on China's
Accession to the World Trade Organization]
[Zhongguo jiaru Shijie Maoyi Zuzhi falü wenjian: yingwen ben & Zhongwen cankaowen]
[WTO Zhuanji, 2002-2001]
[WTO shiwu zixun wang (World Trade Organization)]
[WTO China updates]
[Trade policy review, Report by the PRC; March 17, 2006]
[US-China Business Council (USCBC), Analysis of China's WTO Compliance (2007), Testimony, speeches, and submissions; , Archives, China's WTO Accession Documents]
[Donld C.Clarke, China's legal system and the WTO: Prospects for compliance (2002)]

artikelen [wenzhang]
select: Download papers enter, and select: paper n.2:
[Jacques H. J. Bourgeois,
China and the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism, Op. J., Vol. 2/2011, Paper n. 2, December 2011]
[(In)efficient breach of international trade law: The state of the "Free Pass" after China's Rare earths export embargo;
Harvard Law Review vol.125, nr.2, pp. 602-625, December 2011]
[China's Responsibilities; February 15, 2006]
[William R.Hawkins, WTO's talks move in China's direction, January 3, 2006]
[US-China Business Council, China's WTO implementation, An assessment of China's fourth year of WTO membership
written testimony by the USBC; September 14, 2005]

[Christoph Hein, Chinas Griff nach der Industrie des Westens, FAZ.NET-Spezial, 23. Juni 2005]
[Jing Ma, Product-specific safeguard in China's WTO Accession Agreement: An analysis of ots terms and its initial
application in Section 421 Investigations
, Boston University International Law Journal, volume 22 issue 1, Spring 2004]
[Lirun London Rabinowitz, A snapshot of technology transfer in China: A review of the legal regime and its context,
Part 1, September 2003]
[Lirun London Rabinowitz, A snapshot of technology transfer in China: A review of the legal regime and its context,
Part 2, September 2003]
[Howard M.Krawitz, China's Trade Opening: Implications for Regional Stability and U.S.-China Relations, August 2003]
[Ramesh Adhikari and Yongzheng Yang, What will WTO membership mean for China and its partners?, September 2002]
[Mandy Cheung, Cindy Chow and Nellie Chow, WTO and China's responses in the regulation of the
traditional media
[Jiangyu Wang, The application of WTO Law in China]
[Terence P.Stewart, Accession of the People's Republic of China to the World Trade Organization: baseline of commitments,  initial implementation, and implications for US-PRC trade relations and US security interests, April 30, 2002]
[Knut Benjamin Pißler, Auswirkungen des WTO-Beitritts auf das chinesische Bank- und Börsenrecht, Januar 2002]
[WTO successfully concludes negotiations on China's entry, WTO Press Release, September 17, 2001]
[Elena Ianchovichina, Will Martin and Emiko Fukase, Comparative study of trade liberalization regimes: The case of
China's Accession to the WTO
, June 14, 2000] 2000-2.pdf
[Thomas Scharping, Der chinesischen WTO-Beitritt: Thesen zu seinen witschaftlichen, gesellschaftlichen und politischen Folgen (2000)]
[Sebastian Heilmann, Isabella Gras, Kristin Kupfer, Chinas politisches-ökonomisches Schattensystem: Schmuggelnetzwerke
und der Beitritt zur WTO
, August 2000]
[China's Accession to the WTO and Human Rights, February 16, 2000]
[Uwe Böwer, Die Wirtschaftsmacht des 21. Jahrhunderts ? - Chinas Außenwirtschaftspolitik vor dem Hintergrund der Globalisierung (2000)]
[Nicolas Schlotthauer, Einige Reformen in der VR China für eine erfolgreiche Umsetzung des geplanten WTO-Beitritts, Dezember 1999]
[The China Business Review: US-China WTO Agreement: Agriculture]

wijsvinger-anim.gif (352 bytes) info over WTO:ção_Mundial_do_Comércio
[What is the WTO?]
[Marrakesh agreement establishing the World Trade Organization]
[The TRIPS agreement, January 1, 1995]
[documents and resources: documents online, satistics, maps, WTO terminology database, glossary, &c.]
[Everything that's not happening at the WTO]
[Aziz Choudry (vert. Tijn van Beurden), Geopolitiek en de mondiale rooftocht der ondernemingen, 27 maart 2005]

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TRANSPORT [yunshu]

overzichten [gaiguan]'s_Republic_of_China's_Republic_of_China's_Republic_of_China's_Republic_of_China's_Republic_of_China's_Republic_of_China
[Jiaotong Yunshubu]

scheepvaart [shuiyun]
[Mainland China shipping companies and freight agents]
[Shippers Today]
[Chinese shipping: news, freight indices, ship trading, B/L search, freight rate filing]
[Zhonghua Hangjun]
[China Ocean Logistiscs database]
[Shipping schedules from Asia]
[Zhongguo Haiyun Zonggongsi / China Shipping (Group) Company]
[shuilu jiaotong]
[haishi jiulao]

spoorwegen [tielu]
[China starts construction on railway linking special economic zones, January 7, 2008]
[High-speed rail on track for Olympics; December 17, 2007]
[Ron Gluckman, Is it a Bird? A Plane?: Shanghai' s Maglev (2006)]
[High-speed train crash in Zhejiang]
[China now "admits" that high speed trains are not safe; August 11, 2011]
[Larisa Epateo, China's high-speed rail accident struck a nerve, August 10, 2011]
[Sharon LaFRANIERE, Media blackout in China after wreck, July 31, 2011]
[Jasmine Wang and Frederik  Balfour, China high-speed rail crash likely caused by signal flaw, July 28, 2011]
[China's high-speed train crash, July 25, 2011]
[China high-speed train crash kills 35, July 23, 2011]
[32 die in China high-sped train crash, July 23, 2011]
[A beginner's guide to train travel in China]

autowegen & snelwegen [gonglu & gaosu gonglu]
[Mark Roberts a.o., On the road to prosperity? The economic geography of China's national expressway  network, November 1, 2010 (download)]
[National highway target set for year; January 7, 2008]
[China to add and upgrade 270,000 km of rural highway in 2008; January 7, 2008]
[China's passenger car sales rise 23% in Jan-Nov period; December 8, 2007]

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ZAKENDOEN IN CHINA [zuo shengyi zai Zhongguo]

INLEIDINGEN & ARTIKELEN [gaiguan & wenzhang]

[nieuws; sectoren, rubrieken/onderwerpen, landen/locaties, programma's en regelingen, divisies]
[kenmerken van de Chinese markt; 20 juni 2011]
[Ronny Verlet, Marketing met een Chinees accent (2007)]
[De psyche van de Chinezen: of waarom de Chinezen uitblinken in het ondernemen (2006)]
[Steven de Jong, China, niet te stuiten - De muizen van Deng Xiaoping, 15 november 2005]

[Commercer avec la Chine]
[Les 10 entreprises chinoises capables de battre nos entreprises françaises (2008)]
[Entreprise: trouver un nom chinois à sa marque, s.d. (2008)]
[Entreprendre en Chine:contexte politique, management, réalité sociales, Les Études du CERI N°128-129, septembre 2006]
[Luc Fournier, Brian Hobbs, Comment réussir en Chine; percer le mystère des pratiques commerciales chinoises, 30 août 2006]
[Corps des télécoms: La Chine, juillet 2002]
[Chine, Gérer une entreprise; dernières mises à jour en Août 2011]
[L'économie de la Chine d'hier et d'aujour'hui, 1 june 2005]

[Carlos Gustavo López: Una fascinante experiencia laboral en China: comenzando a instalar una fábrica, septiembre 2007]
[Carlos Gustavo López: Una fascinante experiencia laboral en China: comenzando a instalar una fábrica ((Segunda Parte), diciembre 2007]

[Projektentwicklung in China: Themen, Hintergrund, Services, Archiv, Projekte, &c.],2828,druck-565769,00.html
[Yu Zhang, Networking in China: "Zumachen, binden und verbinden", 21. Juli 2008],2828,druck-563863,00.html
[Sylvia Lott, China-Knigge, Kommunizieren mit Konfuzius, 8. Juli 2008]
[Privatisierung in China, Eine Chance für wen?; Privatisierung in China, Chance für deutsche Berater]
[Geschäfte mit China funktionieren anders: Kommunikative und strategische Voraussetzungen; 29. März 2006],2828,346388,00.html
[Sergey Frank, Verhandeln in China - Lächelnde Drachen, 15. März 2005]
[Eberhard J.Trempel, Das Scheitern von Projekten in China, 22. Juni 2000]
[Eberhard J.Trempel, Checkliste für die Vorbereitung von joint ventures und kooperativen Gemeinschaftsprojekten in China, 22. Juni 2000]

[Guide to doing business in China]
[Chinese business guide, 3rd ed., March 2010 (copy/paste link in editor!)]
[Doing Business 2011, China, Making a difference for entrepreneurs (2011) (copy/paste link in editor!)]
[Busines reforms in China 2008-2011]
[Doing business in China 2008; April 22, 2008 (download now)]
[Doing business in China, 2009 Country Commercial Guide for U.S. companies, April 3, 2009]
[HKTDC, SME Centre: general information, information resources, activities, facilities, related links]
[CEPA - Easier access to China through Hong Kong]
[Michael Dunne, The GM story: How business really gets done in China, July 19, 2011]
[China Succes Stories: China expert, business stories, Q & A, China guide, newsletter]
[business strategy,  news, article, links, &c. (2008)]
[China economy & trade; politics & policy; business; finance & markets; regulation & reform; society; blogs, &c.]
[Growing business oportunities in China (video lectures, &c. (2008)]
[Chinese Business World]
[China Profile: facts, figures, and analyses. A website developed by Gerhard K.Heilig: Research & resources]
[Business: economy, companies, markets, industries, opinion, policcy and regelutions, green China]
[Business Forum China: China's industries, economy and business environment; State of Health, Examining China's medical devices sector]
[China Export Products: promotional items, retail products, energy related ; updated every two weeks]
[Market Intelligence - Yangtz River Delta: industry highlights, communities, event calender, reference
[Aric Chen, The next cultural revolution, June 2007]
[Minglu Chen, Contemporary Tiger Girls: Women and enterprise in the People's Republic of China, 2003-2005 (2007)]
[David M.Lenard, Through the Wall, A cross-cultural guide to doing business in China, June 2006]
[Matt Williams, Jerome Cohen, To strengthen ties with China, speak the language first, September 30, 2005]
[Jonathan Kent, Legal issues spook China investors, March 21, 2005]
[international business, trade and investment: China  (2004)]
[Guanxi, an important Chinese business element]
[Paul M.Denlinger, 7 secrets to business success in China (2003)]
[Paul M.Denlinger, Top 10 business pitfalls to avoid in China (2003)]
[Glenn Frost, Secrets to surviving in China, Learning what it takes to make it in China (2003)]
[James Martin, Fifty tips for writing the 21st contract that stays out of court, June 2003]
[Capitalist China, interview, Jonathan Woetzel about China and emerging business opportunities (2003)]
[Nicholas R.Lardy, Integrating China into the global economy, April 29, 2002]
[Dieter Ernst & He Jiacheng, The future of e-commerce in China, October 2000]
[Chinese business culture, Golden hints for doing business in China]
[China business blog]
[Dan Harris, China law for business, & archives]
[English Speakers Club: business, life in China, useful info, places to go, culture & arts, getting oriented, other stuff]
[career development and employment]

CORRUPTIE [fubai / tanwu / shouhui]'s_Republic_of_China
[Michael Bristow, Murky world of corruption in China, March 29, 2010]
[Hongbin Cai, J. Vernon Henderson, Qinghua Zhang, China's land market auctions - evidence of corruption, June 2009]
[Anti-corruption efforts urged to maintain stability; March 10, 2009]
[China vows to intensify anti-corruption efforts in 2009, January 14, 2009]
[Woguo fubaifenzi xiang jingwai zhuanyi zichan ji jiance fangfa yanjiu (zhuanzai), 15/05/2011]
[Neibu ziliao zhuyi baocun: woguo fubaifenzi xiang jingwai zhuanyi zichan de tujinh ji jiance fangfa yanjiu (canping jingjianben), 8/06/2008]
[Jeffrey Hays, Corruption in China (2008)],,1984960,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=1
[Will Hutton, Power, corruption and lies,January 8, 2007]
[Tomas Larsson, Reform, corruption, and growth: Why corruption is more devastating in Russia than in China, May 2006]
[Commercial bribery, special report; April 2006 ]
[James Petras, Economic empire building: The centrality of corruption, November 24, 2006]
[Villains, Villas and Mistresses; Corruption in China; June 23, 2006]
[Minxin Pei, The tide of corruption threatening China's prosperity, September 27, 2006]
[Gregory C. Chow, Corruption and China’s economic reform in the early 21st century, October 2005]
[Elizabeth Sietsema, The upside of corruption:  Economic benefits of bribery In China (2005)(copy/paste link in editor!)]
[Shuntian Yao, Privilege and corruption: The problems of China's socialist market economy, January 2002]
[Charles Stafford, Deception, corruption and the Chinese ritual economy (2000)]
[Michael Johnston & Yufan Hao, China's surge of corrupton (1995)]
[Yufan Hao & Michael Johnston, Reform at the crossroads: An analysis of Chinese corruption, January 1995]
[Mayfair Mei-Hui Yang, The gift economy and state power in China, Comparative studies in society and
history, vol.31 no.1,  pp.25-54, January 1989]
[Michael Johnston, Public officials, private interests, and sustainable democracy: when politics and corruptio meets]
[Patrick Glynn, Steven J.Kobrin, Moisés Naím, The globalization of corruption]
[Yanghang jie tanguan waitao lujing 1.6 Wan ming guanyuan chutao xie kuan 8000 Yi,
[Woguo fubaifenzi xiang jingwai zhuanyi zichan ji jiance fangfa yanjiu (zhuanzai), 15/05/2011]
[Neibu ziliao zhuyi baocun: woguo fubaifenzi xiang jingwai zhuanyi zichan de tujinh ji jiance fangfa yanjiu (canping jingjianben), 8/06/2008]

[colors are deeply symbolic in China]
[Chinese Business Etiquette Instructional Video, & related videos]
[conversation topics, public behaviour, prosperous entertaining, gift giving, business dre, appointment, adressing Chinese]
[China's etiquette]
[Zhang Yuchen, Professionals find appetite for etiquette, January 25, 2014]
[Jade Ng, Portrait of a western layer in China & Do's and don'ts in a Chinese business setting, November 18, 2009]
[Interkulturelle Verhaltensregeln für Deutsche in chinesischsprachigen Ländern, 15. Oktober 2009]
[Understanding Chinese business culture and etiquette; August 13, 2009]
[Joyce Millet, Chinese culture, etiquette & protocol (2008)]
[Cultural etiquette - China]
[Guido Stepken, Was wir von China lernen können, Oktober 2006]
[David M.Lenard, Through the wall, A cross-cultural guide to doing business in China, June 2006]
[Hao Zhuo, Chinese manners: part 1. daily life, part 2. business manners (2007)]
[Bruce W.Stening, Cultural Intelligence: Put it (High) on the Asian HRM Agenda (2006)]
[China: language, culture, customs and etiquette]
[Alan Refkin, The lack of unequivocal answers in China - soft no's and sof yes's, February 21, 2013]
[doing business in China]
[Kimberly A.Crider, Strategic implications of culture, Historic analysis of China's culture and implications for United States policy, September 1999]
[Simon Kiong, Quelques mots sur la politesse chinoise (1906, e-book, 124 p.)
[exploring cross-cultural managerial behaviour]
[cultural awareness quizzes]

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[Zhongguo Duiwai Maoyi Zhongxin / China Foreign Trade Centre]
[Guangdongfair online]
[Guangdong Bolanhui]
[Expo Shanghai online]
[China trade shows in 2009]
[trade shows in China]
[Foire et exposition]
[China Yiwu, International Commodities Fair]
[Bureau of China International SME Fair]|
[Zhongguo Guoji Zhongxiao Qiye Bolanhui Shiwuju]
[events: conference forums, exhibitions, &c.]
[China Sourcing Fairs]
[featured China trade shows]

wijsvinger-anim.gif (352 bytes) extra: België
[Foreign affairs,foreig trade and development cooperation]
[Economische diplomatie: bevoegdheidsverdeling, buitenlandse handel, economische akkoorden, internationaal transport, exportfinanciering, handel en volksgezondheid, handel en duurzame ontwikkeling (Nederlands, Frans, Duits, Engels)]
[Servicies; Policy; Documentation: library, archive, online catgalogue; publications and multimedia (Dutch, French, German, English)]
[Agentschap voor buitenlandse handel (Nederlands, Frans, Duits, Engels)]
[Brussels invest & es Export (Français, Nederlands, English]
[competitiveness and innovation in Wallonia]
[Belgische chocolade bedrijven die actief zijn in China & andere leading sectors]
(Locating your busiiness in Flanders & Quality exports from Flanders]
[Flanders investment and Trade (FIT)]
[Vlaams Agentschap voor internationaal ondernemen / Flanders investment & trade (FIT)]
[Belgian-Chinese Economic and Commercial Council (BCECC)
[Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce]
[FCCC, Flanders-China Chamber of Commerce]

wijsvinger-anim.gif (352 bytes) extra: Benelux
[BENCHAM, Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China]

wijsvinger-anim.gif (352 bytes) extra: Europa
[European Union Chamber of Commerce in China]
[linking business between China and Europe (FIT, Antwerp Management School, BCECC)]

wijsvinger-anim.gif (352 bytes) extra: internationaal
[reeks adressen+namen+email van economische afdelingen van buitenlandse Ambassades in Brussel]
[multilingual, maar zelfde adressen]
[Chambers of Commerce in China]
[Kamers van Koophandel]
[China international business]

wijsvinger-anim.gif (352 bytes) extra: weerrapporten
[China weather rapport, select cities]
Weather arount China, selext areas and cities]
[Zhongguo Tianqi]
[Météo Chine, entrez une ville oud code postal]
[Wetter China Aktuell]
[Wetterkarten: China durchsuchen, Aktuelle Bedingungen für ausgewählte Städte
[Meteoalarm: Weather warnings: Europe, select the relevant country]
[weersverwachtingen & gedetailleerde verwachtingen]
[KMI/RMI voorspellingen voor de volgende uren en verwachtingen voor de volgende dagen (Nederlands, Frans, Engels, Duits]
[Neerslagradar, Waarschuwingen 0 - 48 uur, Verwachtingen; Weer, klimaat, seismologie, achtergrond, kenniscentrum, het weer op ...,
Virtuele rondleiding, webcam]
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