Application Requirements

Students with a degree issued by a higher education institute of the Flemish Community (Direct access)


  • Master degree

Master in Law or a course that includes a legal introduction of no less than 60 hrs.

Students with other Master's degrees shall also be admitted to the Master of Intellectual Property Rights course, provided they follow a special training on Introduction to Law.

Students with another Master's degree obtained abroad may also be admitted, provided that they follow a special training on Introduction to European Law.

Students who have a degree other than those mentioned above, may be admitted upon request. Students must submit a written application including motivation for admission to the Faculty.

Students who do not yet hold a Master's degree that grants access to an advanced Master's degree programme, may be allowed to register for the said advanced Master's degree programme. However, to obtain an advanced Master's degree, the student must also hold the preliminary Master's degree.


Students with a degree NOT issued by a higher education institute of the Flemish Community

Applicants must apply for admission first, following the procedure detailled at

The faculty will then decide on the equivalence of the degree with the above-mentioned degrees.


  • Master degree

See above

  • Language knowledge

Applicants must provide evidence of sufficient proficiency in English. The following certificates are accepted:

Toefl test (minimum 600 "paper based", minimum 250 "computer based" and minimum 100 "internet based"); I.E.L.T.S. test score of minimum 7; or, Cambridge-Proficiency level certificate.
Students who obtained their secondary school diploma or Academic Degree in a country belonging to the Inner Circle (Australia, English speaking Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States of America) can be exempted from this requirement.

Students with a diploma awarded by the Flemish, the French or the German Community of Belgium should not take language tests.


Students opting for Dutch or French courses can be asked by the Faculty to submit proof of sufficient language knowledge.