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Institute of Criminal Law


The Institute of Criminal Law was founded in 1983 as a separate Institute within the Research Unit Criminal Law and Criminology in the Faculty of Law. The specificity of criminal law as a legal branch and its technical-legal idiosyncrasies require specialisation. This does not imply, however, that the staff of the Institute would lock itself up in its own fief. On the contrary: criminal law often sanctions the rule breaking in other areas of the law. Furthermore criminal procedures, intended to result in criminal sanctions, usually function alongside or together with other formal or informal sanctioning mechanisms. That is why criminal law scholars are ideal partners for all kinds of interdisciplinary cooperation. Moreover, at the K.U. Leuven there is an institutional tie to criminology, which has developed into an autonomous multidisciplinary science at the Leuven Institute for Criminology (LINC).

It remains a natural –albeit critical- ally of the better criminal law scholar.

The Institute’s staff provides education in the field of criminal law, both at the basic level in the bachelor and at advanced level in the major or minor of criminal in the master studies.

Without ignoring general knowledge and practice, staff specializes in research on Terrorism and organised crime, White collar crime, Protection Mechanisms in Criminal Procedure, Sentencing and the Execution of Sanctions. Within each area there is continuous concern for the interplay between national and international (particularly European) norms and policies on the one hand and that between substantive law and procedure on the other.


Address: Hooverplein 10, B-3000 Leuven (first floor)
Tel.: (+ 32) (0)16 32 52 11 (secretariate)

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