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Research line 2: Serious and Organised Crime


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Letizia PaoliLetizia Paoli
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The research line “Serious and Organised Crime” is intended to study different forms of crime regarded as serious or organised, their patterns, actors, harms and perceived seriousness and to assess the appropriateness and effectiveness of the policies implemented to control these forms of crime. The overall aim of many research line projects is to improve the empirical knowledge base of (serious and organised) crime phenomena and, on that basis, assess impact and effectiveness of control policies.

In addition to several projects on organised crime patterns and illegal markets dynamics, the research line has recently launched studies on several new topics, such as the harms, perceived seriousness and media representation of crime, gangs and the supply of doping products.

Research topics and projects research line 2

Research Topics

Serious and organised crime, illegal and semi-illegal markets with specific focus on illegal drug markets, mafia, doping, gangs and related control and prevention policies, harms, perceived seriousness and media representation of crime.


Research Projects

Serious and Organised Crime Patterns and Harms and Related Control Policies

Illegal Drugs, Doping Products and Related Control Policies

Perceived Seriousness and Media Representation of Crime