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Jan Ronse Institute for Company and Financial Law

Welcome to the website of the Jan Ronse Institute

The Jan Ronse Institute for Company and Financial Law (‘the Institute’) was established within the Faculty of Law of the KU Leuven in 1988. It focuses on teaching and research in the field of company, association and financial law.

This website provides useful information on the Institute’s research activities (both for company law  and financial law), as well as an overview of its members’ publications. The visitor will also find an overview of all conferences organised by the JRI, on both company law and financial law.

NEWS: Fernand Collin Prize 2016 awarded to Sofie Cools 

The Fernand Collin Prize 2016 is awarded to Sofie Cools for her book "De bevoegdheidsverdeling tussen algemene vergadering en raad van bestuur in de NV" (the division of competences between the general assembly and the board of the directors). The book is the commercial publication of the doctoral thesis which she prepared at the Jan Ronse Institute and which she defended in 2014. Professor Koen Geens was the supervisor of the doctoral thesis. For more info, click here.

NEWS: 21st Ius Commune Conference

On the 24th of November a delegation of the Jan Ronse Institute will participate in the 21st Ius Commune Congres in Maastricht. During the workshop company law, focussing on the future of European Company Law and company groups, Marieke Wyckaert will give a lecture on the recognition of the group interest from a Belgian perspective. For more info, click here.

NEWS: Veerle Colaert is awarded FWO project 

The FWO project request of Veerle Colaert and Wim Decock on "Regulation of the financial sector in a post-sectoral world" was granted. For more info, click here

NEWS: Marieke Wyckaert and Hilde Laga participate in panel discussion "Lean In Leuven Law"

On 23 November 2016 from 18h until 20h, Marieke Wyckaert and Hilde Laga will participate in a panel discussion on "Female role models in the 21st centure: challenges and perspectives on the future", organised by Lean In Leuven Law. For more info, click here

NEWS: Veerle Colaert appointed as member of the FSMA Sanctions Committee

As of 8 October 2016, Veerle Colaert was appointed as a member of the Sanctions Committee of the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA).

NEWS: Latest addition to the Company and Financial law series

The doctoral thesis of Stijn De Dier, titled "Nietigheid van bestuursbesluiten van een vennootschap", is the latest addition to the Company- and Financial law series. For more info, click here.   

NEWS: Veerle Colaert elected as member of ESMA Stakeholder Group

As of 1 July 2016, Veerle Colaert was elected as a member of the ESMA Stakeholder Group, advisory body to the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). For more info, click here.

  • Students who would like to know more about courses, tutorials or seminars are invited to revert to the section on education in the field of and company and financial law.
  • For further information feel free to contact the secretarial office or one of the staff members.

Who was Jan Ronse?


The Institute was named after its founder Prof. Dr. Jan Ronse (†1988) – well-reputed on the Belgian and Dutch company law scene – who taught company law at the KU Leuven for twenty years (from 1967 to 1986). While at that time related fields of law were only emerging, as from the beginning of his academic career Jan Ronse paid due attention to the then existing aspects of financial law and of accounting law, thus laying a solid ground for the future generation of scholars to gain expertise in all of these domains. 

The recent treatise ‘De vennootschap – Algemeen deel’ (The corporation – General part, in Dutch) was dedicated to the memory of his legal talent. More information on Jan Ronse can be found on the company law specific subsite of the Institute.