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Private International Law

The Institute for Private International Law teaches and researches a broad array of aspects with direct relevance to international trade and commercial law, in particular:

Conflict of laws / private  international  law

In  the  context  of  conflict  of  laws  and  more  generally  private  international  law,  the  research  of  the  unit  focuses  inter alia

  • on  the  impact  of   European  harmonisation  of all  stages  of  private  international  law on the law  of  the  Member  States, including  the  tensions  between  common  and  civil  law  approaches  to conflict of laws.
  • on the use of private international law in the context of corporate social responsibility.
  • on the relationship between arbitration and private international law.
  • on private international law in notarial practice.

Elsemiek Apers, Amandine Faucon-AlonsoBarbara Den TandtGeert Van Calster.

Environment, health and safety

The Institute combines a  solid  knowledge  and  know-how  of  core  European  institutional  and economic law, with regulatory law, in particular environmental law and energy law. The regulation of new technologies has been one of the focal points in research.

Thomas de Römph, Diana Bowman, Rowena Cantley-Smith, Leonie ReinsGeert Van Calster, Wim Vandenberghe.

Trade law

The  institute  was  one  of  the  first  to  analyse  the  impact  of  international  trade  law (GATT and WTO Agreements) on regulatory autonomy, including environmental protection. In this area, it has built up specific expertise on the trade /regulation interface, looking especially at the GATT (including border tax adjustments, customs and excise), TBT and SPS Agreements, as well as New Technologies regulation and Food.

Govert Coppens, Irina Kireeva, Agapi Patsa, Geert Van Calster.