Institute for Environmental and Energy Law

In 1990, the Institute for Environmental Law (IEL) was created within the Faculty of Law of the K.U.Leuven. The Institute has its roots in the environmental work of the late Professor Dr Louis Suetens. His work was later expanded upon by Professor Dr Marc Boes, the first Director of the IEL. In 1995, Professor Dr Kurt Deketelaere became the Director of the IEL, later (1998) renamed as the Institute for Environmental and Energy Law (IEEL). In 2004, Professor Dr Geert van Calster became Vice-Director of the IEEL.

Over the past eighteen years, the IEEL has developed a whole range of activities in the field of environmental law and energy law. Numerous initiatives have been taken in the form of teaching, research, counselling, continuing education and publications.
Gradually, the IEEL, has broadened its geographical scope of action. Until 1995, much focus was given to the development of environmental and energy law in Belgium. Since 1995 however, the IEEL has focused actively and primarily on European, international and comparative environmental and energy law.

Since the academic year 2002-2003, the IEEL organises an LLM in Energy and Environmental Law.