Prospective Students

Leuven is an exciting environment that has both deep historical roots and meets the highest contemporary scientific requirements. The KU Leuven is one of the oldest existing universities in the world, as it was founded in 1425. With a research expenditure of € 365 million in 2012, the KU Leuven is a leading research university in Europe. The Faculty of Law has more than 5000 students and a broad-based curriculum, the Faculty of Law is the oldest of the Low Countries and the largest in Belgium, having a long tradition of public service. Many of its alumni hold prominent positions in the Belgian central and regional public administration and in the European and international community in Brussels and elsewhere.  Along with the rest of the university, the Faculty of Law emphasizes an international and comparative approach to education in law and criminology. The Faculty has become strongly involved in the ERASMUS programme.  It also has agreements (to host and send students) with other universities in the United States, Australia, South Africa and Japan.

Leuven is a modern, bustling city of nearly 90.000 inhabitants, that has managed to maintain its traditional style. The city is home to a wonderful collection of historic buildings, from the early Romanesque period to the twentieth century. With 30.000 students comprising over one-third of the local population, Leuven is also a real "student city" with one of the liveliest bar scenes in Belgium. Leuven students profit from both their studies and private life of Leuven’s very central position in Belgium and Europe. The city is only 25 kilometres away from Brussels, Belgium’s capital and home to the European Union central institutions and NATO headquarters. Therefore, a 20 minutes train ride will get students to the capital of the EU, which is also the site of many European and multinational companies and organisations. Moreover, Brussels is at the core of Western Europe: a dense network of roads and railroads provides easy access to cities like Amsterdam, Paris, London, Cologne, etc.