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List of courses 2015-2016

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Please read the information under 'Previous knowledge' carefully before deciding to select a course as part of your programme.  


* International arbitration + Negotiation

Only a limited amount of students will be able to follow these courses

International Arbitration: Only for students who are registered for the full academic year 2015-2016. More information on the speficic registration procedure will be communicated via Toledo

Negotiation: More information on the specific registration procedure wille be communicated via Toledo.




Courses in English


Course ID Course Title Professor semester ECTS
B0B07A Law and Religion Ventura Marco first semester 4
C00C5B The Law of International Organizations Wouters Jan first semester 6
C00C9A European Legal History Lesaffer Randall first semester 4
C00J0A International and European Human Rights Law Lemmens Koen; Lemmens Paul first semester 6
C05B2A International Taxation De Broe Luc first semester 6
C05D2A European family law Verbeke Alain Laurent; Du Mongh Johan first semester 4 
C06B1A Constitutional Law of the European Union Van Nuffel Piet; Lenaerts Koenraad first semester 6 
C06B5A European Financial Regulation Colaert Veerle first semester 4
C06B8A European Criminal Law Verbruggen Frank first semester 6 
C06B9A European Insurance Law Van Schoubroeck Caroline first semester 4
C07B0A European Social Security Law Pieters Danny; Schoukens Paul (substitute) first semester 4 
C08B3A International Business Law Storme Matthias Edward first semester 6 
C08B4A The Law of the World Trade Organization Van Calster Geert; Wouters Jan first semester 4 
C08G7B Discrimination Law Sottiaux Stefan first semester
W0ED1A Philosophy of Law Raymaekers Bart first semester 4
A05E3A European Perspectives on Religion and Meaning

Mayer Anna Maria Cäcilia

first semester 3
C07B3C The Court of Justice and the Emerging Common Law of Europe Devroe Wouter first semester 4
C00J1A Substantive Law of the European Union Devroe Wouter second semester 6
C00J2A Conflict of Laws Van Calster Geert second semester  4
C01C0C Economic Analysis of Law Vananroye Joeri second semester
C03D5A European Contract Law Verbeke Alain second semester 6 
C05B3A European Taxation Cordewener Axel second semester 6
C05D4B European Legal Theory Wintgens Luc second semester 4
C06B4A European Labour Law Engels Christiaan; Hendrickx Frank second semester 4 
C06B7A European Competition Law Devroe Wouter second semester 4 
C06G0A European Company Law Wyckaert Maria second semester 4 
C07B2A Judicial Protection in the European Union De Baere Geert; Lenaerts Koenraad second semester 6 
C07G3A Chinese Law from a European Perspective Wouters Jan second semester 4 
C07G2A European Banking and Investment Services Law Colaert Veerle second semester 4
C08B5A International Arbitration * Van Houtte Johannes second semester 4 
C09B2A Humanitarian and Security Law from a European Perspective Wouters Jan second semester 4 
C09B3A The Law of External Relations of the E.U. De Baere Geert second semester 4 
C09B8A Public International Law Wouters Jan second semester 6 
C09B9A International Criminal Law Verbruggen Frank second semester 4
C03I3A Global Social Law Pieters Danny; Schoukens Paul (substitute) second semester 6
C07I7A Law and Anthropology Foblets Marie-Claire second semester 4


Negotiation * Verbeke Alain Laurent second semester 4
C05I7A Transport Law Huybrechts Marc; Verheyen Wouter second semester


C05D5B Legal History Dusil Stephan second semester 4
C05I8A Global Law N. full year 3



Courses in English


Course ID Course Title Professor semester ECTS
C04C9A Terrorism, Organized and Corporate Crime Paoli Letizia first semester 6
C08C7A Criminological Theories and Models of Law Enforcement Paoli Letizia first semester 6
C09C2A Psychology, Law and Criminal Justice Vervaeke Geert first semester 6
C09C7A Restorative Justice Aertsen Ivo first semester 6
C09C0A International Police and Judicial Cooperation Van Daele Dirk second semester 6
C09C3A Political Crimes and Transitional Justice Parmentier Stephan second semester 6
C09C5A Juvenile Justice and Youth Criminology Pleysier Stefaan second semester