List of courses 2016-2017

Law courses

Criminology courses 


Important remarks


Course choice

Please read the information under 'Previous knowledge' on the course link carefully before deciding to select a course as part of your programme.  For some courses previous knowledge is required and needed. As is e.g. for European Taxation and International Taxation.


  Courses 'International Arbitration' & 'Negotiation'

Only a limited amount of students will be able to follow these courses.

International Arbitration: Only students who are registered for the full academic year 2016-2017 can be considered as candidates as the selection will be done in December 2016 already. More information on the specific registration procedure will be communicated via the Toledo messaging system.

Negotiation: Only students who are registered for the full academic year can be considered as candidates. More information on the specific registration procedure wille be communicated via the Toledo messaging system.

**  Course 'European Civil Procedure'

New course available starting academic year 2017-2018. Further information on semester allocation, class schedule and Professor to follow later




Courses in English


Course ID Course Title Professor semester ECTS
B0B07A Law and Religion Torfs Henri first semester 4
C00C5B The Law of International Organizations Steiger Dominik first semester 6
C00C9A European Legal History Lesaffer Randall first semester 4
C00J0A International and European Human Rights Law Lemmens Koen; Lemmens Paul first semester 6
C05B2A International Taxation De Broe Luc first semester 6
C05D2A European family law Verbeke Alain Laurent; Du Mongh Johan first semester 4 
C06B1A Constitutional Law of the European Union Van Nuffel Piet; Lenaerts Koenraad first semester 6 
C06B5A European Financial Regulation Colaert Veerle first semester 4
C06B8A European Criminal Law Verbruggen Frank first semester 6 
C06B9A European Insurance Law Van Schoubroeck Caroline first semester 4
C07B0A European Social Security Law Pieters Danny; Schoukens Paul (substitute) first semester 4 
C08B3A International Business Law Storme Matthias Edward first semester 6 
C08B4A The Law of the World Trade Organization Van Calster Geert; Wouters Jan first semester 4 
C08G7B Discrimination Law Sottiaux Stefan first semester
A05E3A European Perspectives on Religion and Meaning

Mayer Anna Maria Cäcilia

first semester 3
C07B3C The Court of Justice and the Emerging Common Law of Europe Dyevre Arthur second semester 4
C00J1A Substantive Law of the European Union Devroe Wouter second semester 6
C00J2A Conflict of Laws Van Calster Geert second semester  4
C01C0C Economic Analysis of Law Vananroye Joeri second semester
C03D5A European Contract Law Verbeke Alain second semester 6 
C05B3A European Taxation Cordewener Axel second semester 6
C05D4B European Legal Theory Wintgens Luc second semester 4
C06B4A European Labour Law Engels Christiaan; Hendrickx Frank second semester 4 
C06B7A European Competition Law Devroe Wouter second semester 4 
C06G0A European Company Law Wyckaert Maria second semester 4 
C07B2A Judicial Protection in the European Union De Baere Geert; Lenaerts Koenraad second semester 6 
C07G3A Chinese Law from a European Perspective Wouters Jan second semester 4 
C07G2A European Banking and Investment Services Law Colaert Veerle second semester 4
C08B5A International Arbitration * Van Houtte Johannes second semester 4 
C09B2A Humanitarian and Security Law from a European Perspective Wouters Jan second semester 4 
C09B3A The Law of External Relations of the E.U. De Baere Geert second semester 4 
C09B8A Public International Law Wouters Jan second semester 6 
C09B9A International Criminal Law Verbruggen Frank second semester 4
C03I3A Global Social Law Pieters Danny; Schoukens Paul (substitute) second semester 6


Negotiation * Verbeke Alain Laurent second semester 4
C05I7A Transport Law Huybrechts Marc; Verheyen Wouter second semester


C05D5B Legal History Dusil Stephan second semester 4
C05I3A Cybercrime and Crime Control in a Digitsing World  Panzavolta Michele second semester 3
C0518A Global Law  N. full year 3
C04D7A European Civil Procedure ** tbd tbd tbd



Courses in English


Course ID Course Title Professor semester ECTS
C04C9A Terrorism, Organized and Corporate Crime Paoli Letizia first semester 6
C08C7A Criminological Theories and Models of Law Enforcement Paoli Letizia first semester 6
C09C2A Psychology, Law and Criminal Justice Vervaeke Geert first semester 6
C09C7A Restorative Justice Aertsen Ivo first semester 6
C09C0A International Police and Judicial Cooperation Van Daele Dirk second semester 6
C09C3A Political Crimes and Transitional Justice Parmentier Stephan second semester 6
C09C5A Juvenile Justice and Youth Criminology Pleysier Stefaan second semester


C00K7A Global Criminology N. full year 4