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OVERVIEW - APERÇU - ÜBERSICHT  -  gaiguanölker_Chinas
[Chinese Nationalities]
[Ah Xiang, Ethnicity of Chinese Nation, Melting Pots & Barbarian Invasions]
[Facts and figures: Regional Autonomy for Ethnic Minorities in China; February 28, 2005]
[Ethnic minorities in China: history, what determines an ethnic group, minority names, distribution table]
[Walter Vaerewijck, Han en minderheden (2004, 2007)]


[Zhongguo shaoshu minzu - lan - Zhongguo fazhan menhuwang, 11/3/2007]
[shaoshuminzu shiye "shiyi wu" guihua, 27/2/2007]
[Zhonggong Zhongyang Tongyi Zhanxian Gongzuobu: shaoshu minzu (2000)]
[Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo Guojia Minzu Shiwu Weiyuanhui]
[shaoshu minzu]

[Floris-Jan van Luyn, Wij zijn dom: China's etnische Yi minderheid heeft haar zelfrespect verloren, 31 maart 2001]

[Richard Poulin, La politique des nationalités de la République Populaire de Chine, de Mao Zedong à Hua Guofeng (1984)]
[Déclaration des droits des personnes appartenant à des minorités nationales ou ethniques, religieuses et linguistiques, Adoptée par l'Assemblée générale dans sa résolution 47/135 du 18 décembre 1992]

[Thomas Heberer, China und seine Minderheiten, 26. Mai 2008]
[Bedrohte Minderheiten (2008)]
[Thomas Heberer, Ethnic Entrepreneurs as Agents of Social Change: Entrepreneurs, clans, social obligations and ethnic resources: the case of the Liangshan Yi in Sichuan, January 2004]
[Thomas Heberer, Some Considerations on China's Minorities in the 21st Century: Conflict or Conciliation?, April 2000]
[Sabine Krause, Tibet oder die Frage der Minoritäten in der VR China (2000)]
[Yojana Sharma, Geburtenkontrolle bei ethnischen Minderheiten verschärft - Menschenrechtler warnen vor Mißbrauch, 24. November 1997]

[HRIC report: Minority exclusion, marginalization and rising tensions; May 2007)]
[China's Human Rights: ethnic minorities]
[China publishes white paper on regional autonomy for ethnic minorities; February 19, 2005]
[Thomas Heberer, China's Nationalities policies: Quo vadis?]
[John Chan, Martial law declared as unrest deepens in rural China, November 15, 2004]
[National Minorities Policy and Its Practice in China, May 20, 2004]
[Thomas Heberer, Ethnic entrepreneurs as agents of social change - Entrepreneurs, clans, social obligations and ethnic resources: the case of the liangshan Yi in Sichuan, January 2004]
[Education for ethnic minorities in China: An introduction to China's education for ethnic minorities (2004)]
[Anja D.Senz, Zhu Yi, The depiction of national minorities in Chinese media: a case study on the Yi minority, August 2001]
[Chinese West-Asians: Chinese of Arab and Persian descent (1999)]
[Dru C.Gladney, China's Ethnic Reawakening, January 1995]
[Ferdinand Ossendowski, Beasts, Men and Gods (1922)]


[learn the Manchu language (textbook)]
[The Manchu ethnic minority]
[Shenyang Imperial Palace: the crown of Manchu culture; June 17, 2004]
[Customs of the Manchu; & related videos]]
[Race against time to save Manchu language; May 6, 2006]
[Manchu Alphabet]
[Manchu language song (karaoke version); & related language videos]
[xianbei de manwen zixi]

[Hakka: an important element of Chinese culture: forum, news, history, language, people, houses, resources, &c.]
[Guangdong Hakka Museum opens in Meizhou; April 10, 2008]

[The Yi ethnic minority]
[The Yi Nationality, name: Yi, Lolo, Noso, Nuosu]
[Book Review: Mountain Patterns: The Survival of Nuosu Culture in China]
[[The Yi ethnic group: culture and arts]
[Yizuren wang, Yizu wenhua wang]
[Aimé-François Legendre, Le far-west chinois, Kentchang et Lolotie, Librairie Plon, Paris, 1910, 472 pages]
[Paul Vial, Les Lolos: Histoire, religion, moeurs, langue, écriture, Chang-hai, 1898, 72 pages]

[The Miao ethnic minority]
[Hmong Homepage: general information, resources, organizations, culture and traditions, history, language, news, &c.]
[General introduction to Hmong art]
[Crafting Tradition: Building the traditional Hmong Qeej instrument]
[Traditional Mao Dance; & related videos]
[Threads of Life, Paj Ntaub needle art; & related videos]
[Hmong Cultural Center]
[Kao-Ly Yang, Understanding the new old age among Hmong elderly]
[Gary Yia Lee, Diaspora and the predicament of origins: Interrogating Hmong postcolonial history and identity (2008)]
[Searching the footprints of God in Southwestern China, Shimenkan: the Stone Gateway that leads to the former center
of Hmong Christian culture, Part 1-2-3, September 9, 2006]
[Gary Yia Lee, The shaping of traditions: Agriculture and Hmong society (2005)]
[Zhang Xiao, Common basis and characteristics of the Moao and Hmong Identity (2003]
[Zhang Xiao, Le fondement et les caractéristiques communes de l'identité Miao/Hmong (2003)]
[Kaying Lo, Across the ocean, The impact of immigration on Hmong women, May 2002]
[Zhang Xiao, Le fondement et les caractéristiques communes de l'identité Miao/Hmong (1996)]

[The Mongolian ethnic minority]
[Monasteries and temples in Mongolia]
[The indivual: Hadda, In prison for defending cultural rights and political participation for Mongols (2008)]
[Inner Mongolian People's Party]
[Phil Nelson, Inner Mongolian political parties, December 13, 2008]
[Gardi Borjigin, Inner Mongolian environment threatened, nomads forced to move, February 7, 2005]
[Hyped Mongolian Beijing: Hanggai Band, &c.]
[Robert L. Worden, Andrea Matles Savada, eds, Mongolia: A Country Study, Washington,1989]

Uyghur - Ouïghours - Uigurenïghoursïghoure
[About Uyghurs]
[Etnische Minderheiten in Xinjiang]
[Etnisch geweld in Urumqi; 7 juli 2009]
[Urumqi riot; July 7, 2009 (& videos]
[Chris Buckley, Han Chinese protesters seek Muslim Uighur targets, July 7, 2009 (& foto's]
[Oiwan Lam, Urumqi mass incident and beyond, July 6, 2009 (videos)]
[over 140 killed in ethnic unrest in China; July 6, 2009]
[China says 140 dead in Xinjiang riot, blames separatists; July 6, 2009 (& video, 26 foto's)]
[Zeker 140 doden bij rellen Xinjiang; 6 juli 2009 (& video)]
[Uyghur jailed for alleged separatism; April 15, 2009]
[Edward Wong, The dead tell a tale China doesn’t care to listen to, November 18, 2008]
[Nicolás de Pedro, El conflicto de Xinjiang: la minoría uigur y la política de Pekín (2008; abstract & full text)]
[Menschenrechte für Uiguren]
[Preeti Bhattacharji, Uighurs and China's Xinjiang Region, September 29, 2008]
[Diane Chido, Intel Brief: Chinese repression of Uighurs, August 12, 2008]
[Holly Fletcher, Jayshree Bajoria, The East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), July 31, 2008]
[Artoush Kumul, Le "séparatisme" ouïgour au XXème siècle (2006)]
[Uyghur 0fficials say family llanning, Religious strife behind death of communist official; July 26, 2005]
[Nancy Eranosian, Chinese national unity vs. Uyghur separatism, July 21, 2005]
[Repatriate terrorist suspects; May 11, 2006]
[Human Rights Watch: Devastating blows: Religious repression of Uighurs in Xinjiang; April 11, 2005]
[Nathan Light, Introduction to Uyghur culture and history: links, texts, images, March 30, 2005]
[James A.Millward, Uyghur art music and the ambiguities of Chinese Silk Roadism in Xinjiang]
[Human Rights Watch: Bericht enthüllt vernichtende Kampagne gegen moslems in Xinjiang; 11. April 2005]
[Devastating Blows, Religious repression of Uighurs in Xinjiang (2005)]
[Ost-turkistan: Chinesische Politik, Menschenrechsverletzungen und die Konsequenzen (2005)]
[Colin Mackerras, Ethnicity in China: The case of Xinjiang (2004)]
[Nicolas Becquelin, Criminalizing ethnicity: Political repression in Xinjiang (2004)]
[Igor Rotar, Xinjiang: Religious freedom survey, September 20, 2004]
[David J. Lynch, China's own 'wild West' tale unfolds, June 10, 2004]
[K.Depauw, De Oeigoeren en de staat in Xinjiang. VRC, 9 december 2003]
[In the Name of Counter-Terrorism: Human Rights Abuses Worldwide, Country Studies: The human rights impact of counter-terrorism measures in ten countries: China; March 25, 2003]
[In the spotlight: East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM); December 9, 2002]
[Matthew Moneyhon, Controlling Xinjiang: Autonomy on China's "New Frontier" (2003)]
[Thierry Kellner, Chine: le Xinjiang et les Ouïgours, 20 décembre 2001]
[Human Rights Watch: Human Rights Concerns in Xinjiang; October 2001]
[A.Altuni, Cultural policy in the Xinjiang UIghur Autonomous Region, East Turkestan (2001)]
[Justin Ben-Adam Rudelson, Chinese policies in Xinjiang fuel dissent, February 16, 2000]
[Dru Gladney, China’s indigenous peoples and the politics of internal colonialism:The case of the Uyghur Muslim Minority (1999)]
[Françoise Aubin, L'arrière-plan historique du nationalisme ouïgour: Le Turkestan Oriental des origines au XXe siècle, janvier/juin 1998]
[Karlijn Leentvaer, De Uyguren in Xinjiang, Identiteitsvorming en dagelijks leven van een Turkse minderheid in de Volksrepubliek China (1998)]
[James P.Dorian, Brett H.Wigdortz/Dru C.Gladney, China and Central Asia's volatile mix: Energy, Trade, and Ethnic Relations, May 1997]
[Forced abortion and sterilization on Uyghur women & State-supported mixed marriages, October 1990]
[Uyghur-related research and reports, news, press releases, events, &c.]
[articles, reports, &c.]
[Zhongguo Xinjiang]

2003 white paper - livre blanc - Weißbuch - baipishu
[Xinjiang de lishi yu fazhan]
[idem, Xinjiang de lishi yu fazhan]
[History and development of Xinjiang]
[L'histoire et le développement du Xinjiang]
[Die Geschichte und Entwicklung Xinjiangs]

SEPARATISM - SÉPARATISME - SEPARATISMUS - fenlie guojia's%20Vulnerability%20to%20Minority%20Separatism.pdf
[June Teufel Dreyer, China's vulnerability to minority separatism (2004)]
[John Pomfret, Separatists defy Chinese crackdown: Persistent islamic movement may have help from abroad,
January 26, 2000]
[Paul Charon, La Chine et le séparatisme ouighour]
[Dru C.Gladney, Ethnic Separatism in China: Threat or Smoke?, July 9, 1996]
[Chinese army able to check any separatist act; December 9, 2002]
[Miles Clemans, Insurrection, Not so quiet on the western front, March 5, 2001]
[China seals off Muslim town after deadly riot; February 11, 1997]
[Xinjiang Uyghur Separatism]

[Uyghur Language Under Attack:The myth of “bilingual” education in the People’s Republic of China, July 24, 2007]
[Keely Nelson, Language policies and minority resistance in China, (2005)]
[La politique linguistique à l'égard des minorités nationales, 10 octobre 2005]
[Arienne M.Dwyer, The Xinjiang conflict: Uyghur identity, language policy, and political discourse (2005)]
[China imposes Chinese language on Uyghur schools; March 16, 2004]
[Michael Dillon, Uyghur language and culture under threat in Xingjiang, August 14, 2002]
[Richard Poulin, Langues et questions linguistiques  en Chine Populaire (1984)]
[Chinese Languages and Dialects]

Research Institute - kexueyuan
[Zhongguo Shehui Kexueyuan, Minzu wenxue yanjiu]
[Institute of Ethnic Literature (EL), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)]


[Zhongguo de minzu quyu zizhi]
[idem, Zhongguo de minzu quyu zizhi]
[Regional Autonomy for ethnic minorities in China]
[idem, Regional Autonomy for ethnic minorities in China]
[idem, Regional Autonomy for ethnic minorities in China]

[Zhongguo de shaoshu minzu zhengce ji qi shijian]
[idem, Zhongguo de shaoshu minzu zhengce ji qi shijian]
[National minorities policy and its practice in China]
[idem, National minorities policy and its practice in China]
[La politique chinoise à l'égard des ethnies minorités et son application]
[Nationale Minoritäten-Politik in China und ihre Umsetzung]

[guojia renquan xingdong jihua (2009-2010 nian), 13/04/2009]
[idem, shouge guojia renquan xingdong jihua (2009-2010 nian), 13/04/2009]
[National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2009-2010)]
[idem, National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2009-2010)]
[idem, National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2009-2010)]

[Communist China: ethnolinguistic groups]
[China: ethnolinguistic groups]
[Chinese linguistic groups]

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[Stefan Landsberger's Poster Pages: national minorities]

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